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Codeine and drowsiness


Hi, so I've been prescribed codeine for a pre existing condition. At the moment I only need to take it about two days a month.

If I take the 1x30mg 2 times a day I'm usually okay; pain is manageable and I can get on with my day. However if I take the upper dose of 1x30mg 4 times a day I get really drowsy, kind of jet lagged feeling like I'm not really there and sluggish, but it kicks the pain - I do office work and travel by bus. I know it's a side effect but I was just wondering if there's any combinations I could try number of tablets vs times a day? I know painkillers aren't cumulative. It actually suggests 2x30mg 4 times a day.

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Hi, I am taking 2x3times a day but have added Tumeric capsules to my daily medication and it has made a huge difference, try them, nothing to lose.

farahziya in reply to Zulia322

ah I shall do thanks :)

Not everyone metabolises codeine in the same way. Some people are ultra fast metabolisers and they get bigger effects faster but they don't last long. Most people are average metabolisers, but some are slow metabolisers, this means that they take longer to metabolise codeine but it also takes longer for it to leave their system. This could be what is happening with you. This could be why you are okay on twice a day, but when you take it four times a day there is a cumulative affect because the last dose isn't cleared from your body before the next dose starts to be metabolised.

It might be a good idea to talk to a pharmacist about this, and then your GP.

farahziya in reply to cyberbarn

thanks for the info :)

I only have them every so often so I shall check back in with my GP before I next need them.

I'm still feeling groggy and I've stopped taking just one days worth of tablets 16 hours ago

I only take one 15mg when I can't sleep and have to be up early the next day. Works a treat but I pay for it with severe constipation. I take over the counter Senna tablets with it. I don't know how I would cope on a higher dose. Besides it is very addictive and I had to fight my case with my GP to get a prescription.

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