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Ever heard or tried Nefopam?

Hi everyone

I suffer from chronic pain in my back and haven’t find any relief from the following





Co codamol



And I am desperate to find some slight relief from pain as u know it won’t go but even if I could bend or move a little bit without wincing

I’ve taken a couple and not sure, the doctor says to keep taking the co codamol 30/500mg with them - although I really wanted not to continue with the codiene as didn’t want to get addicted as I felt they worked same as paracetamol which = minimal relief!

What everyone’s experience of Nefopam? How many per day do u take? How long have u been on them? What’s the benefit and are they addictive?

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Hi I don't know about Nefopam but notice you haven't mentioned diazapam. This is a muscle relaxant as well as for anxiety and this might well help. x

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Which is highly addictive.


Many drugs are but if they help.....


I take 8 Paracetamol a day, and 5 Nefopam, have done for a long time, this is for Osteoarthritis, I do not suffer from any side effects , but we are all different, what is good for me, is not always good for someone else. I think trial and error is the only way to find a mix that suits you.


Sorry you are in so much pain. Some of the pain killers you listed work differently. Codeine works differently from paracetamol and most of the co - pain medication have paracetamol so be careful you do not take more than the maximum dose. Some of ones you listed are anti-inflammatories and work differently. I have come across nefopam so many years ago - I can’t remember exactly what it is and how effective it was. Our bodies are also clever at getting used to pain meds that they don’t work well. So managing pain consists of so many things not just medication. Ask to be referred to a good pain clinic or consultant who can help bring everything together, educate you and suggest other things that can help. Hope you feel better soon. Let’s know how you are doing. Am awake at this time because of pain have not slept the whole night.


Am sooo sorry just realised I had not submitted my reply. Pain and lack of sleep.


Thanks for your reply - yes either take the co codamol or the paracetamol and no more than 2 three times a day so should be ok.

Can u recall it affecting your sleeping?? Have had terrible insomnia since I started Nefopam but it has helped slightly with the pain and just wondering if it has increased the toxicity of the codeine ?

Really a struggle to be pain free/relief together with knowing they are affecting my liver as my GGT level is 139 and should be under 50 - and I don’t drink - although sometimes think maybe I should ha ha !


Hi Imoran,

I advise you to keep away from Nefopam. I took it after an accident and it has robbed me of my memory. Perhaps it affects people differently but it's very strong and toxic. Also I don't think it's as good as the otc pain meds.

Wish you good health this new year.


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I have never used nefopam. Sorry

Are you doing any form of exercising and/ or stretching. Yoga ? Pilates ?

Nearly every back problem benefits from stregthening the muscles around the spine, maintaining the flexibility of the spine and the body in general.


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Yes. Started a few weeks ago but due to work commitments and total loss of energy/pain I managed 3 x a week then went to once for two weeks - Xmas week had a miss and back on it this week as much as possible - however with only 2-3 hours sleep in the last week - totally exhausted!

Think need to get my sleeping/relaxation routine in order b4 expelling more energy. And then hats why I thought it was the Nefopam but also under a lot of stress also x


I was told about it by a locum GP but was about to try talentadol (an opiate) so didn’t explore the option. I asked about in a pain clinic and the nurse claimed nefopam was also an opiate, but I can’t see this is the case from my own research. I have had mixed success with baclofen, a muscle relaxant. I also take nortriptyline for sleep - like amitriltyline but less woozy feeling in the morning, doesn’t help pain just sleep. I have found going to the gym helpful - cardio and weights, but nothing with impact so no running. There’s a specialist trainer who helps disabled people and I’ve been told not to go to the classes - in the past I’ve flared up with Pilates classes - but I do some advised stretches at the end of the workout. I really recommend this and have reduced some aspects of pain and increased mobility. My pain is higher due to not getting to the gym over Christmas due to lack of childcare.

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My pain specialist calls them sugar pills with a tremendous placebo effect


Maybe tramadol, tapentadol or dihydrochodine for pain relief. Dicloflenac for anti inflammatory. Also nortrityline for neurogenic pain

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I did ask to trial tramadol as a last resort and said he couldn’t prescribe them anymore - this I know not to be true and after hearing the above maybe the Nefopam are sugar pills and he’s has fobbed me off :(


I didn’t find Tramadol effective if that’s any consolation. Tapentadol was good but not long term, no opiates are really but I get on well with codeine and take as needed, separately to paracetamol which is helpful, especially as NSAIDS are a no go due to stomach problems.


If you need sleep ask your GP for "trazadon" it's very strong and you will have a pain free sleep.

For my pain I take a combination of Naproxin




Oxynorm or Tramadol

It took me years to get my combination right, I'm not 100% free of pain as to be totally pain free I'd end up a zombie.

Look to see if your local MS society has a pressure chamber for hypabaric oxygen therapy. If they have see if you could try it, you may have to join the ms club but honestly if there was still one locally to me I'd be going twice a week.

It's their best kept therapy and it works!

Good luck.



Im in Australia we dont get half of the medications i read about on this site.What is nefopam? What family if drugs does it come from,were way behind over here.


Yes I take 8 paracetamol and 5 nefapam a day for arthritis. At the moment this dose is doing alright, I found this heatwave of great benefit, which of course may not help you.


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