Bumps and bits

David doing very well coming off Oxycontin. Now down to 30 x twice a day. So far there has been no increase in any pain levels and he actually feels quite good. Does go to show that more is not always best.

Pain Consultant did put him on 100 Lyrica at night to help get his sleep pattern into something approaching normality. Up to about 2 weeks ago there wasn't a huge change. I went at my usual early time but getting up at silly o'clock as he was coming to bed. didn't leave much of a day for him.

He had an accident. . Decided he didn't like my 'weed' tree and a few branches snipped off wouldn't be missed. His leg gave way and down he went. Hitting all 9 concrete steps on the way down to smash his face into more concrete in the shape of gate pillar.

Blue flashing ambulance took him to A&E. Nothing broken but managed to sew 10 stitches into his face, strapped up his badly bruised leg and gave him some paracetamol for the pain! Soft tissue damage is more painful than any bone breaks. So.....GP increased his Lyrica to 150 for the immediate future and he sleeps. Or is that cos I have nailed his feet to the bed?!

In just under 2 weeks I am off back to Australia, for 3 weeks, and leaving him here. He can't make the long journey and would be bored anyway! Almost 7 years since I have been back and a much looked forward to trip. Hopefully, and I say that with caution,, he will behave himself. My Haus Frau will be here every day to help anything he needs but sure the piece an watching whatever he wants on telly will keep him quiet!. Oh and 2 Border Collies!!

Quick weather update. 29c in the village this morning nudging up to 36c for the weekend.. Sighs

Pat x

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  • Good to hear this update Pat. I am very interested in how well he is managing his pain meds reduction. When my nec k settles I will give it a go.

    His fall sounds very unpleasant. Soft tissue damage lasts such a long time and can be more painful than a clean break. Was he tempted to up the dose of medication?

    Have fun Down Under



  • Thanks Dee. He got bitten by something yesterday and seem to bother him far more!

    No temptation. He is very good that if GP or other says take so and so he does. But we did smile at hospital suggesting paracetamol!

    Been out on his buggy today - first time since and ended up having lunch out. Him not me! So on the mend.


  • Really sorry to hear the news about David -and he was doing so well! Hope he mends fairly quickly and all be just fine whilst you are away. Have a great time in Aus.

  • It's great to hear that David's making progress with his medication. Not so good about the fall but thank goodness he didn't break anything . Give it a few weeks and he'll be back to normal. Have a great time in Australia and tell us about it when you get back. That's one place I'd love to visit.

  • If I wasn't already almost grey...would be by now! He will be OK and as I won't have any internet whatsoever others here can make decisions!

    Australia is a vast country but I get away from cities and into bush life. People are amazing and real genuine hospitality comes naturally to every one of them. Maybe for the youngsters now but still good to be back.


  • Bananas5 glad your husband is feeling better,have a good time enjoy yourself. susiejo1948

  • Thank you. Just needs lots of TLC like most men!

    I need a battery rechargge!


  • Hi Pat, glad to hear the pain control regime is working, not so good about Davids fall though. Hope you enjoy your trip away should come back really refreshed . Off to the theatre myself this afternoon, the blitz concert it is called it is to raise money for the Poppy appeal. Have a good day xx

  • Thanks Katie. Guess that's why it is called an accident. Entirely preventable with forethought but aren't we all wise after?!


    Sorry pressed wrong button.

    Enjoy this afternoon. Good to support our Military


  • It is always the same Pat, when you are going away, nothing seems to come together till you walk out with the case on travelling day. I'm always pressing the wrong button in my case because of sight I do not take offence at capitals as I can read them better, but some might think you were annoyed . The show was good and all in a good cause. Bye for now xx

  • I am glad to hear that David's reduction is working. Hopefully he will avoid concrete surfing while you are away. Just remember to leave an extra packet of paracetamol for while you are away.

    Love Rib

  • Good advice Rib...put it on my 'to do' list between Panic and Passport!!!!



  • hiya paton great news about david getting down to the very low amount of oxycontin. its a real big thing. i was just looking through some of my messages and saw one from Bananas5 and i thought who on earth is this. i then read the message and realised its you. i was wondering if you'v been driven bananas with all the work you and david have both put in it to reduce his medication.I was wondering how you were getting on and did intend to write you a little message and ask you. I think its a miracle. i really do. im so pleased to hear that he feels quite good. its a great example to other people who may want to reduce there pain meds but are afraid to try. im sorry to hear that he fell and hurt himself. How is your toe? is that getting better now? iv not been on the forum much lately for a few reasons. i still keep in touch with a few friends i made and often wonder about people and how they are getting on. so your off to australia. I hope that you have a great time as you deserve it after all the hard work and sleepless nights. i hope you enjoy yourself. all my love to you. love grace xoxoxoxoxo 💏

  • Thank you Grace...lovely words. Yes toe is fine after second break, Think they are hardened off now as I rarely wear shoes.

    Went for Bananas as they grow here and second most important revenue...after tourists. Plus few people on HU who drive me Bananas!!

    David still has very swollen and bruised leg but without elevating it it will take longer to heal. But...he never listens to me!. Now getting headaches so maybe need a scan to see if any damage.

    Yes off to Australia again. A trip to see dear friends rather than a sight seeing tour.

    Take care my friend



  • at least i know that its not me as i dont drive people bananas i drive them nuts. xoxoxo

  • I thought that you chose Bananas5 as it just happened to be handy, Pat

  • You get worse Rib!!

    I thought as i was tall and slim it seemed apt. That is until someone laughed and said no..I am apple shaped!!


  • Was that Issac Newton?

  • I wish.no it was Curlygirl54!!


  • Not quite so long ago then.

  • Last week on the beautiful Greek Island of Kefalonia!!


  • Globe trotter. 😆

  • Oh that was just the warm up.

    Emirates business class to Melbourne on 24th.

    Minus David, 2 Collies and a melon on a vibe!!


  • Why does the melon have to stay home? Doesn't it like Melbourne?

  • Cos customs wouldn't believe me it is just a melon. They would cut it open and have to taste it to check...I would cry cos I only have the one growing here

    Everyone needs a melon in their lives!!!! Melbourne customs can go find their own!


  • Mmm! Melon. I love melon juice but please Pat what is a melon on a vibe?

  • You comfy??? Then sit back and listen to Percy Onions garden page.....

    Once fruit begins to grow, prune end buds off vines. Your plants may produce fewer melons, but they will be larger and of better quality. Vines produce male and female flowers separately on the same plant.


  • Oh of course. Thank you Pat. I used to do the same thing with courgettes. I would crop most of the plants but one vine I would leave a single fruit to grow into a huge marrow. Rib

  • My first year melon growing and I am the proud parent of....one.

    Somehow the blossom came but went.


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