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New - any help much appreciated..

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Hi there,

Sorry to start my first post by looking for help but am getting increasingly desperate.

I'm a married man of 43, I was in quite a physical job when I had an attack of sciatica 7 years ago. To cut a long story short - I had to give up working. I've been in pretty much constant pain in back, hips, left leg since. Pain and mobility got worse over last 2 years, went back to go as cant do physio exercises - these days I can't stand for more than a minute or two before back locks up and shake violently and have to sit or lay down. When I went back to gp on top of the tablets I take - they put me on bu trans patches with a view to putting them up every couple of weeks until they did something. Got up to 15mcg then other gp sent me back to pain clinic. They said due to my ruptured discs, surgery not an option. Injections too risky due to infection and didn't have anything good to say about morphine products.

I am on 400 tramadol

. 8 x 30/500 co codamol

. 3 ibuprofen 400

Bu trans 10 mcg & 5 mcg

The patches do nothing, the tablets don't do much, but if I forget them it is worse so they must do something. I can't do anything these days which involves moving my back or torso without increased pain and cramps. I spend most of the time on the bed to try and ease the pain. I get out about once a month if I have to and my poor wife is having to do everything.

When the letter comes through from the pain clinic in going back to gp and would really appreciate any advice on the way to go on the painkiller front. I understand we are all different and shouldn't prescribe but general experience/knowledge based advice would be greatly appreciated as I'm struggling to find anything that helps make this pain bearable.

Thanks very much and sorry to bend your ears


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Hi and to start really sorry that things are really tough for you at the moment.

It maybe that certain treatments are not going to help you but the medical professionals involved with you should have an action plan of what will help and be telling you that at the same time.Put that too them and say you don't want negatives and to be parked in the NHS system and that you want to know what could or will be tried.

I was on the doseage of cocodamol you are on for two years by which my body had got so used to it it was giving no relief and was given oxycodone and oramorph for break through pain.These have helped over the last few years and although opiate based drugs can be addictive and have side effects when in constant pain the positives do outway the negatives.

Have you tried or been told of tens machines? Again everybody is different and what helps some doesn't help others.

The pain clinic and gp have to agree to give you long term suggestions and help but you may have to be firm about your request.

I am sure others may be along soon with other advice as you aren't alone and we know how awful it can be.

Hope you get some help and relief soon

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Scott-G in reply to littleeffie

Hi Littleeffie and thankyou so much for your reply. It sounds like you are doing better now and I totally agree that when you've been in constant pain for some years and are facing the prospect of years ahead the same or worse then to know your pain killers are addictive comes second to having more of a life. I can get around the flat but can't really go out. Tried tens - no good unfortunately. Anyway I have heard oxycodone mentioned before and would like to try it with oromorph for when it's really bad.

Thanks again and take care

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littleeffie in reply to Scott-G

Forgot to mention if you get oxycodone try to get the brand name Targinact .It is expensive but is prescribable on nhs if you get a supportive professional .It contains naloxene which helps your gastric side from the unwanted side effect of opiates which in genarel constipation. Yep , the things you end up discussing when in the chronic pain circle 8(.Seriously you dont need to add to your probs so if you get oxycodone or oramoprph do ask for something to take regularly for the above mentioned.

Good luck

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Scott-G in reply to littleeffie

I will bear that in mind - thanks again

Maybe a pain clinc can help that's a lot of co codomal have you tired amitriptyline ? Tamadol did nothing for my Lower back pain tens works well too for sciatic worth getting one.

Any scans or X-rays MRI is a must you can also try Alexander technique.

I've been ill since 2013 with lower back DDD si joint pain PN in feet toes hands I know what your going on in your life it'd bloody awful living in pain day in day out your lucky to have a understand wife who helps you

Back pain won't kill you it will torture you

Good luck Scott

Hi Electric

After 3 years I found a g.p. who was willing to get an mri done - it showed 2 ruptured discs (lower back) pain clinic have been no help and tens doesn't do anything either. Sorry to hear of your problems and hope you have good pain management in place. Thanks for the suggestions - take care

A strong letter to your local MP telling them the failed treatment you have had and lack of on going care towards your illness maybe even a email to the local paper too you have to be very firm and pushy with the NHS it took me a year and 7 gps before I got a MRI scan and something happening with my illness

Wish you well

I'm going to see what my surgery is willing to do now I have waited another 14 weeks to see pain clinic - but I'm prepared to fight my corner now. Thanks for your input and take care

Hi have you been offered Gabapentin? That's specific to nerve induced pain. Good luck

Hi Lizziebets

I've heard of it but never tried it. A physio was saying he doesn't think its anything to do with nerves - I have to disagree for a few reasons, one being that a nap will kind of switch the pain off. And it's like my nerves wake up after a couple of minutes.

I will definitely ask about it - thanks

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Lizziebets in reply to Scott-G

It's the only drug that works for me and the physio is clearly not up to date and is not qualified to advise on drugs, it's other name is neurontin...neur. = nerve!

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Cat197 in reply to Scott-G

Hi, Scott.

I was given Gabapentin for severe nerve damage to my leg and I suspect my lower back (I've been having issues since my surgery). It is very good and despite the addictive side (apparently, the withdrawals are worst than opiates), it really does help.

Definitely something worth looking into, particularly as I imagine those nerves are taking a beating from your ruptured discs.

Hope you get this sorted and so sorry for everything you're going through. Don't give up and keep pressuring your GP/Doctor.

Cat xxxx

Hi Scott. I sympathise so much. I dont have any physical trauma in my back like you clearly do buti have nerve damage -- possibly through fybromyalgia. I worked in a coffee shop - mad busy all the time, a lot of running around, learing up, cleaning etc.

I had pains suddenly in my feet, then lower legs, arms, then into my back. It started like sharp little pains, then clusters of pain which I could only explain as fireworks exploding on both sides of my lower back. This later developed into an excruciating spasm that, like you, would leave me shaking and unable to stand up. I felt like one of those toy soldiers who have no moveable parts from the waist down! By this stage i could no longer work, walk any distance and spent most of my days lying down because even filling the dishwasher put me into spasm.

However my neurologist gave me a head snd full body scan to check for injury. There was none. He prescribed Gabapentin. I take 2 × 300mg 3 times per day and it changed my life. It gave me my mobility and my independence back. Strangely, it didnt relieve the leg or hand pain but, once the back is eased, life can be a lot better. Maybe this might be of some help to you? I really hope so.

Hi Peggys1

Thanks for getting in touch - that's very helpful, as I said to Lizziebets I think it does have a lot to do with the nerves, otherwise the pain would be the same upon waking I would have thought. So thanks again and it is something I will definitely be exploring. So glad you've found something that works so well for you! Take care

Cannot advise on the pain killer front as I do not take pain killers.

There are things you can do that can help to investigate how your muscles and posture have an influence on the problem. Physio exercises tend to be one size fits all and they tend to totally ignore the function of propioceptors and the spinal reflexes.

McTimony Chiropractic can help with muscle spasm induced pain and discomfort. Alexander Technique can help with posture induced pain and discomfort. Meditation and mindfulness can help with pain and discomfort.

Hope this helps

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Scott-G in reply to johnsmith

Thanks John

A few things I've not heard of - will do some research. Cheers Scott

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