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Hi all new here so I have always suffered with pain in my back mostly my left side in my ribs for about 3 years ! I have had bone scan and mri about 3 years ago for this complaint nothing showed and tbh i was having a good day I blame that ! Since then my ribs hurt constant and now it feels like it has spread across the top and middle of my back I've been back and forth the doctor and they throw painkillers at me which don't work! Woken up this morning and my god I am in AGONY all at the top and middle of my back and my spine I'm 30 year old and surly can't be expected to live in this pain for the rest of my life? And take co codamol and naproxen I feel like what ever it is is effecting my chest cause I have pain there and the top of my stomach now hurts I feel like I am moaning constantly I work all hours and now I feel like I could go on the sick cause I can't cope in my jobs i really don't know what to do any more or where to turn all I know is in in agony today which has made me write this post any help be welcomed thank you for listening x

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  • Morning Tara123 and welcome.

    We can't do diagnosis here but are you aware of any injury you may have had whe younger? Sometimes this can cause pain later on even nothing shows on scans.

    Just a wee note. I know you are screaming in pain but please don't swear.

    If your pain meds don't work then go back to your GP nd tell hi. Unfortunately without knowing the cause it can often be difficult to prescribe correct meds.

    One thin that did jump out was you are working all hours. Is your job demanding and stressful? This can cause tightness in muscles and pain. Maybe taking a few weeks off work could be beneficial.


  • Hi: I'm sorry but I like Tara123 live in constant pain and to have the pain she is having where she is having any movement at all would bring it on and I didn't see where she swore. Maybe I overlooked it. You said we are not doctors here and can't diagnosis but neither are we her judge and what might have slipped out at the most horrible time of her pain. I don't know about you but I can't and maybe Tara can't afford to take off weeks at a time if she has to jobs it would seem like she can't afford it . I am just trying to be a happy mediator because someone in the pain she is in right now does not want to be criticized very much. Just an opinion from one chronic pain patient to another.

  • sadiegirl63 That's OK but we do have guidelines to follow on this forum for very good reason. Swearing is not acceptable. I put it in quietly rather than make a fuss about it.

    Yes sympathy and support is what we do however advice is very helpful based on many years experience.and knowledge.

    Tara123 did say in her post she felt she could go on the sick and I picked up on this.

    One of the best pieces of advice from all the chronic pain clinics is pace yourself. Hard as it is it is the stress and sheer volume of things we do on a daily basis which just aggravates all the symptoms of pain.

    A lot of information can be gleaned from the internet if you google chronic pain.

  • I understand guidelines this is not the first forum I have been on. But I still have not seem where she swore so it you could point it out to me maybe it was a new swear word that has surfaced after my 63 years or I have had a senior moment and totally missed it I didn't see one and I read her post 4 times. What does go on the sick mean? Is that swearing? OMG!


  • I am not sure if you are being serious now or sarcastic.Do you really not know what going on the sick means?

    This is a new member looking for help support and advice which I have tried to give.. Swearing is not acceptable on these forums and I quietly mentioned it to her. Now you are demanding to know what the word is as you can't find it.. I don't read but listen to every word. It is there

  • Thank you very much for ur comment I agree with ur comment I felt a little taken back when I read the 1st comment as I was expecting help not to be told not to swear maybe I was over sensitive but I was in the guidelines of the group I'm sure as that's been pointed out aswel...iam really sorry to hear that u have the same pain as me I can sympathise with u 100 percent it's just awful I will take all u r advise on board and the swear word was (bloody) I can't only imagine lol xx

  • Hi as a person that has suffered from ankylosing spondylitis for over 14 years I can tell you that living in chronic pain is awful.

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  • I'm not sure when I swore :// I said bloody wasn't aware that this was a big deal so sorry for for the pain it's been constant for 3 years and I know no 1 can diagnose me on hear I was just looking for some.advice of people who maybe going through a similar situation and what their Dr or anyone said tho them and they could pass on some info that I could take to my not aware of any injury as a child it's come where tbh i work as a hcsw in a hospital near me which at times can be demanding yes but if I'm honest I can't afford time of i just want some sort of help more that I got with my own gp really and some sort of diagnosis x

  • That is what just about everyone who is member hopes for. That is what chronic pain does to you.

    Might be better if you could ask GP for a referral to Pain Clinic. Run by an anesthetist they will discuss what drugs you have taken, whether they work, can do scans and Xrays if needed. Offer you pain management which teaches you how to manage your pain. How to pace yourself - very important -, offer alternative, acupuncture and a drugs regime.

    Sadly there are many many who never get a diagnosis.


  • You are right there are many who never get a diagnosis. But this is the 21st century we also don't have to sit around in pain. My god with the technology that is out here and the drugs that are out here no one should ever suffer.

  • No but if you read up about chronic pain you will understand no amount of drugs can stop it. The more you take and the stronger they become the less effective they are.

    Listen to Lorrimer Mosely. Brilliant

  • I have tried physio and all that where I live tbh they were rubbish and don't nothing for me I paid private done the trick for about a week....tbh i would rather not be taking pills all my life I am quite reserved when it comes to.medication I want the root cause of this pain and then go from there x

  • You go Tara, I didn't see that you swore either and as I said you like myself couldn't afford to off many weeks at a time or rather when I was working I couldn't have. If you haven't been to a pain clinic yet that might be the place to go but I will tell you even one better is a pain and sports medicine. I'm not sure the area you live in what it is called but find something or tell you doctor you want to go to a sports medicine clinic instead of pain clinic. The difference is a pain clinic will as Paton said push a lot of pills and injections at you whereas the sports clinic handles so many sports injuries that they see so many more different types of pain and are better equipped to deal with it and can push the pills and injections if needed but from my personal experience over the years and I am 63 I would still at my age (and I do) go to a Spine and Sports Medicine Center for my pain. Good luck to you.

  • Hang on sadiegirl63 - I never said pain clinic push pills and injections at you. Far from it. They offer pain management which is exactly that...managing your pain.

    I suggest you read up a little more about chronic pain - it will certainly help you.

  • Thank you for all ur advice 😊 xx

  • I can't advise you but I also would recommend pain management! They change things around to suit your individual needs. I take just 140mg of zomorph a day plus gabapentin and amitriptyline. I am sat here every day in pain that ranges from 3 out of 10 to 12 out of 10!! I can't understand taking such strength of drugs and still sitting crying in pain!!

    Please go to gp and ask for pain management. At least they listen and understand xx

  • Hi, there are a couple of things in you post that stood out for me. I've had back and neck pain for the last few years from osteoarthritis and spondylitis which is horrible.

    However what I also have, which went undiagnosed to the point I believe I was in real danger, is chronic pancreatitis. I used to have paid in my ribs and radiating up my back. To the left.

    Is there anything in your diet that seems to make the pain worse? Spicy or fatty food? Or alcohol? Not trying to diagnose but when they don't find anything, sometimes it means they are using the wrong scans. It took me going private for one consultation to get a doctor to take me seriously. He agreed to see me on the NHS and scanned my gall bladder and pancreas. Once I was on digestive enzymes to help it along the pain from that went away.

    Just a thought. Wishing you well 😊

  • This post stood out to me as I think it's more than just chronic pain I actually think it's one of my organs making me feel this way sometimes my ribs just under them feels sometimes like maybe my bowel or some organ that is by there aches and hurts but not always and then my left ribs one of them.swells when it's at its worse all down one side basically can vary from just my ribs to all that left side it's awful...then I was thinking cause I have a little curve in my spine which is not enough to be scoliosis maybe that was the cause but now I'm not convinced cause of the organ thing I was on about my thoracic spine has only been looked at with an mri not the organs u know what i mean? for different foods I have just started to take notice that anything with like a little but of spice as I don't like much spicy foods will make my too stomach hurt or some breads but yesterday I ate salad and potatoes and ham and I had the runs some times this happen and I feel all the like watery feeling on the left side ....tbh I don't know what on earth Is wrong with me.i feel like I am.constantly moaning and I would love u see a private doctor to take me serious cause the one I am seeing doesn't care it seems x

  • Hi Tara... Just read your post and the message from lifeisapain... strangely enough when I read your symptoms I was going to ask the same thing about greasy food and alcohol... re pancreas and gall bladder. Don't forget co-codamol can become addictive( codeine) and there's some horrible side effects of narproxen. Pain across your shoulders could be due to incorrect sitting position...tensing up the shoulders instead of relaxing them. Do you work in front of a computer screen much is your seating/ screen height right for you. Maybe your job involves lifting? again straining the muscles around your stomach if your core muscles are weak.There's so many different factors , including the wrong diet, which could cause inflammation. Perhaps trying a more alkaline diet, that is supposed to help? As you are only 30 I'm surprised ( or am I) that your g.p. hasn't sent you for tests of any kind and is giving you pain killers like that. Is there another g.p. in the same health centre you could see? With regards to salads... certain types can upset your stomach... it does mine! so I stick with a mixed rocket, spinach and watercress... even 'ready washed' gets washed does all fruit and veg. Mainly because I don't know what it's grown in or sprayed with or handled it!!

  • Pain in the abdomen is very hard to diagnose as we don't always feel the pain exactly where the problem is. Maybe you could do a food diary to see what impact different foods have. Then go to the gp armed with as much information as possible. However, if you do have acute pancreatitis a simple blood test can pick it up.

    I have had very painful arthritis since I was about 30 and was given a variety of strong pain medication up to the point where I have a Butrans (opiate) patch. I do believe that the medication caused damage to my whole digestive system. I have reflux disease, a hiatus hernia, pancreatitis to name but a few of my problems. I was told that the pain radiating up my back was from IBS (which I do probably have as well but was a clear symptom pf my pancreas being very unhappy).

    The only scan that picked it up was an gastroscopy. I had several ultrasound scans and CT/MRI before we got there.

    Good luck

  • Sorry to say this but stress makes it worse. Have you tried a tens machine? Not permanent but can give you a good couple of hours of relief. I have had back issues for nearly 30 years, and been ready to go in front of a bus many times. If you can find someone really good locally go for a deep tissue massage. Hurts like hell and you will bruise but they can help undo some of the muscle spasm caused by the way we try to compensate stance due to pain. I learned more from the girl I used than I did from the pain clinic at the hospital. Try changing the naproxen to one of the other anti inflammatories that come with a stomach protector. If co-codamol not working how about asking for something stronger. Also try asking physio at the hospital for a back stretcher. The stress knots cause more issues than the actual problem itself. Good luck.

  • Hey I have had a deep therapeutic massage couple of weeks ago she said that I was very tense and that she would work all the knots out sure I felt a little better after that but it's my ribs and my body that hurts me and I feel out of shape :// ...i have had co codamol and I don't really tend to take naproxen unless i am.super in pain and then I eat b4 taking cause as u mentioned stomach protector I hate taking tablets and thunk.of my stomach everytime...ive had a range of tablets but they don't very well I have a tense machine maybe I will give that a go thanks for ur advice x

  • Hi Tara what a start u have had ???😬 some people eh!!! Okay I would ask for another scan I had 2 nothing showed on first one second one came back with 2 slipped disc one worn one tilted pelvic sciatica and a constant spasm so please ask for another as u need to get help xx hoping u get all the help u need I totally feel u I am 37 been like this since 34 I am hoping my doctor will maybe allow surgery on Thursday as I literally can't take this! I work go to gym (light exercise) just to loosen myself up and eat well and healthy not over weight do everything right from what doctors advice and still in agony in solpadol, naproxen, and more muscle relaxers not too strong but nothing takes pain away. Chiropractors are ok ?!! But short fix I am going to look into sports one that was mentioned this is interesting and very good advice hope u get the answers u need xx take care xx

  • I know tell me about it lol....aww hun thanks for the advice I will deffo ask for another scan as soon as I can get in my.doctors it been 5days and I still can't get in their usless mun...hope u can have it surgery lv keep me posted as to what happens...i have been to a chiropractor he was ok but it didn't seem to work very well for me personally I have had a sports massage quite a while.back that felt amazing I would recommend that 😊thanks for ur advice again and take care xx

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