Chronic pain + burning hands and feet?

So I've suffered chronic and severe back pain for around 6 years now... No diagnosis or treatment or help of any kind from doctors, and now, more recently, the past year, especially the past 4/5 months, I have been suffering from extremely bad burning and stabbing pains in my feet and hands. Usually at night it is the worst and it stops me sleeping. It is the worst and nothinh relieves it. My feet feel like they are on fire and being stabbed at the same time. My hands now too. They hurt so much i cannot do things like write properly or clap etc. Does anyone know what this might be? Or what might help at all? I have heard diabetes can cause this but I really have a very healthy diet mostly of veggies and fish and fruits. I really have hardly any sugar and do my best to stay as active as I can despite the pain.

Please help... Desperate. Can't take extra pain on top of the previous agony. Thanks.

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  • Hello there

    I have the same pain syndrome but it affects my feet. I have burning stabbing pain in the soles of my feet that I developed immediately after back surgery 2 years ago. I have tried many medications and other therapies. It would be helpful to know a little more about your pathology. Did you have any surgeries ? Did you have an Mri of your spine ? Please provide some more background. I may be able to share some things that could be helpful. I would also like to know more as it may shed more light on my case and pain syndrome.

    Thanks jerry. Jtal19 Gmail com

  • Thanks for the reply. I would give more info if I had any, but i really get turned away by every doctor i have tried. I have had an mri that showed nothing and that is all I know. I have had no treatment for the pain throughout all of this unfortunately. Thanks and sorry to not be more helpful!

  • I have CFS/ME and get extreme hot spots on feet hands thighs etc, I was told it is nerve pain, my back aches continually despite the MRI being ok for my age (68) so it could be nerve damage or just extra sensitive nerves. If your doctor is not helpful I suggest you change to one who is willing to look at you symptoms with fresh eyes and a willingness to help you. Good wishes. Sally x

  • Thanks for the reply; I have suspected it could be nerves causing the problem. Unfortunately i have tried many doctors and none even try to investigate, I think because i am young. Really feels hopeless having no diagnosis or even attempt at one. Thanks for your imput x

  • Don't you think the MRI is an investigation, or are you going to continually accuse all Dr's of doing nothing.

  • Hi there, reading your post I would suggest looking up crps used to be called rsd.look at the symptoms and criteria for diagnosis then speak to your doctor.

    Hope this is helpful

    Thanks dave.

    Your welcome to get back to me once you've had a look.

  • Thank you, i will certianly look it up! And do my best to get a doc to actually listen! Thanks for your suggestion; much appreciated.

  • Thank you, i will certianly look it up! And do my best to get a doc to actually listen! Thanks for your suggestion; much appreciated.

  • hi there pencil,did you ever injure your back in the past,or did you do some sort of manual work that could of caused your back to ache so much,now as for the burning and stabbing pains have you read up on neuropathy? You have the classic symptoms of this condition and the pain is relentless and intense,it comes in all sorts of guises and the pain can be a different sort of pain on a daily basis,and even scans can't pick this condition up,perhaps when you've had time to read through all the posts on here and you feel strong enough to talk to your GP,and perhaps explain how much pains your in and ask to see a specialist who can move you onto some sort of diagnosis and get some treatment that you so dearly need,I've suffered over five years with this condition and I honestly thought that the human body could keep dishing out pain 24/7,how wrong I was,so I don't know if this little snippet of information has been mentioned in previous posts,so try not to get to fixated on just one subject see which one rings to your condition and if you have any more questions I'll try my best to explain my pains regarding neuropathy,but be prepared its a long list in describing them,but hopefully the more information the better you'll be prepared for your GP,and try not to be pushed around and refused,as even stress makes the condition worse if it ain't bad enough already,good luck fir now

  • Make it clear to your docter how it's effecting you and ask them to refer you to someone that can help. Make it clear that you've had enough of being ignored by every docter you've seen. Sometimes you have to lay it on to be taken seriously.

  • Have you been tested for gout? Also, do you have shoulder complications. One doctor said I had shoulder impingement syndrome of both shoulders. There have been times I felt burning in my fingers lately and more recent a sharp shortlived pain in one forearm

  • Although you are young and eat healthy, that alone does not rule out diabetes for which you need to be thoroughly tested, if you have not done so already. Just my 2 cents worth. Bonnie

  • get checked for pheripheral neuropathy. sorry i think i misspelled it. but its the only way you will find out up to how much nerve damage you have. They do upper part of your body from waste up ..then they do the lower part from waste down its not painful. just uncomfortable. but it will show up to how much nerve tissue is loss. I had that done and unfortunately for disability its not enough to get benefits according to them if u can walk stand sit or lay your able to manage a job. I'm a person with Many issues even use a walker and Im only 43 !! after my stroke I still cant get my benefits but at least i know what i have and how to deal with it. good luck to all!!

    just one thing for sure ..

    careful with the meds given for nerve damage it can bring side affects to worsen the condition.

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