CML & chest pain

Good morning!

I'm Nancy, I'm 21 years old and new here. I've recently been diagnosed with a chronic myeloid leukaemia, I'm also anemic, vitamin D deficient and my amylase count is high (but not that high that it's worrying).

So I'm here to ask if any of you might have an idea of what I could have on top of this CML. I've been experiencing bad chest pain constantly on the right upper part of the abdomen, one of my organs around there just hurt like hell each time I breathe in deeply (feels like a knife is passing by my lung all the way underneath my ribs) or move the right side of my body. I have back pain as well, where the pain is And in the middle. Sometimes the back pain is constant for a few hours. But the chest pain has been constant for 5 days now.

The emergency doctor sent me home because he saw I could handle the pain but I'm still worried, sometimes it feels like it's burning and most times it's a sharp stabbing pain, I can't stretch, cant laugh/sneeze/cough/yawn/have a hic up without hurting. It started the night before I started my treatment.

I'm seeing my GP (to whom the emergency doctor referred me to so that he could investigate but ATM I'm still in pain and they cover it with pain killer), today, but it happened in the past but they said it was bacterial infections, now my blood is clear so no infections but no scans have been done. Sometimes I'm feverish and nauseous but I don't know whether they're the side effects of imatinib or associated with my chest pain.

Sorry I tried to shorten it lol, i have a lot going on! And apologies if I mispelled anything, I'm from France but I lived in the UK for 5/6 years now :) still not fluent but trying to be!😊

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  • I'm not sure about urgent chest pain but just wanted to say your English is perfect. Hope u get some answers soon

    Bless u

  • Thank you so much 🤗

  • Hi

    How long have you been diagnosed with CML?

    I presume you are seeing an oncologist. The chest pain could be due to some liver swelling dues to the leukaemia. I would talk to haematologist/oncology doctors as it could all very well be related. I was a oncology/haematology nurse and have seen patients with leukaemia have all kinds of symptoms.

    Don't ignore it, but your gp isn't a specialist nor is the emergency doctor, all our patients could ring the unit and we would give advice, or get doctor to call them back or bring them in for assessment.

    Hope you get sorted. Your English is very good 👍🏻

  • Since Monday 13th but I was feeling unwell for over four months, lost a lot of weight, couldn't sleep or eat. I went today and they just sent me home and stopped the treatment for two days, just gave me some anti sickness... even though I was saying my whole body was aching and it's still is at the minute, I'm getting sharp pains all around my chest/abdomen but I've just been discharged...

  • Thank you for your answer, I followed your advice and at least it's on their record now. And my GP's. :)

  • You are way too young to be experiencing all this pain. You need a second opinion. You have a serious issue. Don't be afraid to insist on an answer. Its your life at stake. Not the doctor's. God bless, hon.

  • Do you think so?

  • Yes get a second opinion, you have to know why this is happening.

  • Do you know what, I was in a different hospital today and there's a team of haematologist who just take turns with seeing me and they all tell me to take painkillers and wait until it passes lol

  • So they don't think that it is anything serious?

  • They said the treatment should temper it and my GP says it's the gallbladder so they're just basically dismissing it, they gave me co-codamol and ibuprofen 400mg

  • But my GP told me not to take Ibuprofen because he thinks it's the gallbladder, and they prescribed it to me and no ones has taken an ultrasound, they're just making assumptions and I never got an answer for what it was or where it was coming from, even back in December

  • Can you go to another gp?

  • Yes definitely I'll call tomorrow morning

  • Yes see another gp for that second opinion, hopefully they will sort it out this time.

    Let us know how it goes for you please.

  • I don't know where to get a second opinion, how do I do that?

  • In some gp surgeries there is more than one doctor. If so, you should ask to see a different one.

    Have you started your leukaemia treatment? I think you need to see a doctor or nurse from the hospital. There should be a Macmillan nurse that you can talk to about everything. Can I suggest you find one and talk to them. They are especially trained. Xxx

  • Yes, I do. You won't get through life well by letting others shove you around.

    Mentally, not physically. Well both, actually. I live in the USA. Don't know how the medical system is anywhere else. Learn to be resourceful. Find more than one way to handle things. Don't be afraid to ask questions. I know these doctors want to get in and out fast. But if you're asking questions, they should be listening. Especially with a young woman that has her whole life in front of her.

    I wish I knew these things when I was your age. I am 60 now. It took a long time to figure these things out. Take care.

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