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I have chronic back pain pain team say stenosis. Also brittle asthma, and brittle bones. I'm a newby hi to all


But now I have severe pain in left side of ribs can't take deep breath or cough or sleep it is so painful I had ct scan dr said all clear so are my lungs imm on steroids dependant and morphine gabbapenton orimorph but it don't help pain in ribs and at back of shoulder blades any out their go any suggestions please.

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Although MRI is the gold standard, sometimes X-ray shows some kinds of bony problems better.

Hi calceolaria I had x ray last week all clear. Also had blood taken all clear they say my chest is clear.

I also have such pain. I'm going to ask if they can remove the top 2 ribs on my right side. I'll let you know

Can they do that and what for

Hi sorry to hear of you back pain, it would appear you are on a lot of meds, for pain I too was on all of the above until I went to pain clinic and from there I now have my pain were it is bearable. Has it been suggested by anyone in the health care profession to be referred for further investigation? Also , what is stenosis? And good luck

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Stenosis is my back pain it is in my lower back with shooting pains in my bottom and legs it is so so painful also some of my discs have slipped and got a chip in one which is rubbing on another I had a second opinion and he said same he can't operate as my health to bad. Also said some people had op are in much more pain, I did not think there could be any worse my bones break easy only have to cough and break a rib just had foot out of big boot today only to be told I have to wear one on other foot now as it has a fracture in toe just happens all time my health gets me so down I feel I only exist I had epidural a few times in my back but no good

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Hi Toormore, I am so sorry to learn of all the pain you are having to endure. Have the health professionals, who are caring for you offered alternative treatment, to ease your pain? I have tried various treatments and found its a case of trial and error. I wish I could suggest something which may help, at present , I have severe pain in back and feet , also had bone grafts, its no fun, especially if you have treatment and or surgery and continue to be in pain. I too have to visit orthotics and have some unfashionable shoes made, recently, orthopaedic surgeon has made a new prescription, and dear knows what I am to have made this time. I wish you all of the best c17

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Many thanks for kind thoughts


Sorry to hear you are suffering, welcome to forum.Dont know whats causing the pain but I know hoe serious brittle asthma is so anything that stops you from taking deep breaths had to be taken very seriously. You need to seek further help if this pain doesn't ease.

I had a ct scan and ex rays but they say I ok, but I'm not the pain in ribs and shoulder blades are like spassioms of shooting pain that last only about a minute at a time but I can't talk or move till it goes I don't no what to do but I can't stick it much longer pain killers not working

Pleurisy, costochondritis, precordial catch syndrome, gallbladder...

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