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A ditty ..The Pain In Me

I cannot show you , you cannot see ,

the searing ,burning,pain in me,

I wish you could ,oh how I wish I could.

These hands that throb with each bend and touch,

the throb that vengefully,bites deep and tears

flooding my arms with a shearing stabbing pain,

that knows no relief...yes it hurts .

This back and leg ,that cries with each step and

even no step,just weight. The knife stabbing

in the sole,the twisting tormenting,unrelenting

pain that grabs buttock,shin and thigh, interrupting

sleep,pleasure,day to day chores...yes it hurts .

The colours ? Grey,black,muddy brown,yukky green,

The sound ? Out of tune,grinding on the ears,

The feel ? Unremitting ,twisting,like an over etended

muscle,; burning ,like a hand burnt by oven,

a finger caught in a flame; crushing ,like a bear hug

you'd rather not know .

I cannot show you, you cannot see,

the pain in me ….but yes it hurts .

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Exactly. Thanks for saying it. And I also hope no one gives me a bear hug because those hurt, too.

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Yes, bear hugs hurt. So does someone shaking your hand with pressure.


I am weeping as I read your incredibly moving poem. It captures exactly what those of us who are suffering horrendous constant pain are experiencing and how it impacts on our lives. The description of your pain is so touching and it reflects precisely my own condition. Thanks for sharing and I for one understand exactly what you are going through.


May God bless you and touch you, heal your pain. Only people who suffer in pain can feel the pain of others. I just read this: Hyper-empathetic people feel what they see happen to others... for instance, if you see someone hit their elbow, you feel the pain also. I happen to be one of these people because of my pain and I believe others in pain know exactly what we are talking about.

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It's good we all don't feel more pain. We wouldn't even be able to see films. But a friend of mine happens to have pain where I do every time.

I do like the idea of people being empathetic, however. Wish there was more of that in the world.


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