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Arthritis in hand or after a cat bite

Arthritis in hand or after a cat bite

Stiffness, pain in hand. Arthritis or affect of cat bite 2 years ago.

I was bitten by my neighbours lovely cat! I should never have stroked it?!! I had antibiotics as the swelling was huge and the pain intense.

This settled after 3 weeks but for the last 6 months or so I have had stiffness in my knuckles, like electric shocks in my finger tips and general awkwardness (like getting change from my purse).

My knuckles are increasing in size and also my joints in my hand seem bonier?

I'm 44! Could this be arthritis?

My fingers are mishapen. ( I naturally have big knuckles and long fingers). Oh and I was a hair dresser for 28 yrs.

Pain is worse after ironing, gripping things.

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Really, never heard of it.

I should book in but I'm always reluctant! Nightmare to get an appointment.




I wa given antibiotics but the wound wasn't cleaned.

My hand was huge! I was bitten just below the knuckle of my middle finger which is still noticeable. I was in a lot of pain for 5 days and a niggle continued on.

I've cut the grass this eve and that hurt! Anything that involves grip basically.


2 years ago.

No, I had to wait 24 hours to get an appointment and could only see the gp nurse.

It was a puncture wound so didn't need stitches.

I was told to watch for tracking and visit aau if that happened. It didn't....

Thanks for your reply.


Hi crystal - looking at your knuckles I'd suggest it's probably arthritis. Mine are like that and I have it. Have trouble gripping things too. I would think 2 years after the cat bite it's unlikely to be anything to do with that. But I'm not a doctor, just a fellow arthritis sufferer (among other things!), so I think the best thing would be to speak to your doctor. You could try gentle stretching exercises for your fingers and hands too - for example, "walk" them up a wall in front of you, or simply flex them by gently making a fist then releasing again.


Someone else said this to me today, I'd never heard of such an exercise.

I was thinking of asking the doc for a splint to try and straighten my hand up! My knuckles are always like this. My son has them too!

My hand has never been right since the cat bite.

Have you taken supplements like Glucosamine?


Hi - yes, I take glucosamine but I'm afraid it hasn't helped as far as I can see. Or maybe it has and I'd be even worse if I hadn't taken it! I just don't know.

A physio suggested that rosehip capsules were good for arthritis too - but I'm afraid they didn't help me either. What I do is various gentle stretching exercises like the ones I mentioned above. I go to a pilates class every week. Run by a physio it's specifically for people with pain problems (I've got other joints affected too). I think I'd be a lot stiffer and in more pain if I didn't do that.

A splint might not be a good idea as this will restrict your movement - you need to keep it moving or it will just seize up and be more painful.

I hope you can find some relief soon.

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Antibiotics do not always reach inside tendons or joints unfortunately, and if the cat bite was deep enough, doctors normally must flush the bacteria away through a surgical procedure as quickly as possible. If this is not done, then occasionally a person can develop long term damage such as arthritis or tenosynovitis . If it is the problem then an orthopaedic surgeon is the best person for you to see as there are things they can do to help. I would speak to your GP and ask to be referred just in case

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Thank you, this is lovely advice. It was a nasty bite.


Hi I have pain in my right hand. Just had blood test so waiting on result. The doctor told me to keep taking naproxen as I have also back pain and sciatica. I wake up in the mornings mostly with pain and terrible stiffness and like u cant do much during the day! So its just taking tablets and waiting on test. I do hope u find some help from your doctor. Money 678

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I don't think mine is nearly as bad as yours xxx

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This is a lovely cat, you say....Are you sure? I think if a cat, nice or not, bit ME that bad it might have an accident! Oh dear, how on earth did THAT happen.

I mean cats DO fall of things, don't they!

NOT that I'm suggesting you hurt the b.....d, of course!



He was on my shed so I just put my hand up to fuss him, I had to prize him off. He visits daily now! Must like the taste of blood 😉


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