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Should I claim too?


I have suffered with back and hip pain for over 25 years. GP after GP have only ever given me pain killers. However, since joining my new surgery I have been sent for an MRI. Following this it was discovered that I have 2 prolapsed discs and also degenerating bones in my spine. I was given codiene to cope with the pain and offered physiotherapy. I found the physio too painful to cope with, and it was making life unbearable following physio appointments. So I stopped attending. I am now just barely managing with the codiene, they take the edge off the initial ache, however they do not help at all when I am actively doing things like housework or shopping, which I really struggle with. I am also the only carer for my disabled husband. Therefore I have to do everything for him too, as he is very immobile, and also has severe mental health disorders. We recently had to apply for his PIP, as he was originally getting DLA. They have 'wrongly' decided that he no longer needs his mobility vehicle which he has had for over 7 years. we are currently appealing the decision however we have been told we will lose the car in December. As I don't claim any disability for myself, I was very reliant on the car to get about as I can't walk far unaided. I now don't know whether I should claim for my own disabilities, and if I did, how this might impact on my husbands claim, as I am his carer. I cannot live without access to a car, but cannot afford one, so the mobility car was an absolute godsend. My husband also needed the car but it seems they disagree. Should I claim too, or will it cause even more confusion to an already very complicated process? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I don't know which way to turn, and its making me ill.

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If you don't win appeal appeal again for tribunal hearing .yes you should claim as well when you get hearing take as much medical evidence as you can also seek advice from benefit advisers .

madmel43 in reply to Carol53

thanks for the advice, I will definatly look into it further.

thanks for the advice I will take a look at those.

I would consider joining Benefits and Work. for a private member it is very cheap and you will get access to all their guides to filling out PIP/DLA and ESA forms. They are worth every penny, as my son was originally turned down for DLA, but with the help of the guides he has gone on to not just get DLA but at a higher rate too.

You can claim PIP for yourself, and carers allowance too without it affecting your husband's PIP.

There is some free stuff on their website, but it is worth joining as well to get the full guides. Oh, I don't work for them!

madmel43 in reply to cyberbarn

thank you I will take a look

I work in PIP and yes you should apply. I'm probably not allowed to say much more than that.

thank you, and I understand.

I am so sorry for your suffering with back and hip pain, I have that too, sciatica, bursitis, arthritis and my joints deteorating and still need to work. But at least my husband is in good shape. I have tried everything, different hospitals and doctors for my pain. I hate to take pain killers all the time. Will keep you and your husband in my prayers. But sorry I cannot help you with anything else.

Hi all! just wanted to update on my situation. we heard back from PIP with the mandatory reconsideration notice. they did recognise that my husbands mental health prevents him from leaving the house, however they only awarded him standard mobility rate, with a score of 10 points, (12 points are needed for higher rate and mobility vehicle). It seems we will definitely lose the car. It has hit me so hard, I don't know what to do next. do I appeal or should I make a claim myself? there is no way on earth that I can do everything I need to do for him (eg shopping, getting medication, let alone when I need to take him somewhere), without a car, we live in a little village with limited public transport, I can hardly walk 50 metres without being in excruciating pain. with a car I can sit and rest a while between shops and also drive to them. without it I will not be able to even get to the bus stop which is about 300 metres away and up a steep hill, let alone carry shopping. I'm so down and I'm desperate for help and advice. I'm not sleeping I have no energy and my whole body aches all day long. all my gp will do is offer me physio, anti depressants and codiene, I'm really not coping. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm even in tears writing this. I followed some advice from replies to my last post, however I haven't yet found a solution. how can I make DWP understand our position when the claim form is so black and white, nobodies lives are like that, the forms aren't worth the paper they're written on. the whole system needs to be scrapped and reinstated more fairly and not treat everyone as if they are benefit cheats, which is how they make me feel. there should be a way we can jointly claim as a couple, taking our whole situation into account, both my husbands needs and also my own. if I can't take care of myself how am I meant to be there for him, its such a mess.

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