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PIP: Assessments.

I have another PIP Assessment coming up.

I lost my DLA car, the first time I was assessed for PIP and my car was taken away in January 2017. Things have changed for me dramatically since losing my car, I am falling a lot, I have lost all concept of Balance due to my Diabetic Neuropathy and I only really go out when it's absolutely necessary. I am trying to seek advice as to what they are really looking for when it comes to mobility issues. I am a danger to myself on foot

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Sadly the whole point of DWP changing from DLA to PIP was to save money.

You were one of the victims that lost the car you needed.

These are the descriptors that would apply to you...have a listen and see where you would fit in. I haven't included the other category of planning a journey as not really applicable to you.


PIP - Mobility Activities

Page 7 of 7




a. Can stand and then move more than 200 metres,

either aided or unaided.


b. Can stand and then move more than 50 metres

but no more than 200 metres, either aided or



c. Can stand and then move unaided more than 20

metres but no more than 50 metres.


d. Can stand and then move using an aid or

appliance more than 20 metr

es but no more than 50



e. Can stand and then move more than 1 metre but

no more than 20 metres, either aided or unaided.


2. Moving


f. Cannot, either aided or unaided, –

(i) stand; or

(ii) move more t


Thank you


Is this what you wanted?



alan contact your local citizens advice the will help you last year i had my esa withdrawn still get my pip . after an ongoing battle with leukeamia /arthritis in spine,kneck, ankles, immune problems ect icontacted my local citizen advice they sorted all the paperwork out for my appeal, took around 6 months of grief from the dwp had my appeal 13 december last years was in there less than 10 mins won the appeal at the time the judge sitting said it was a disgrace i was forced to this possition and would inform the dwp not to contact me for at least two years with recomendation not to contact me again. the cotizen advice are a great help go contact your local one and appeal

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Also, if you can't mobilise a particular distance *reliably*, then you can't do it.

Reliably means:

1. Repeatedly: As many times as is reasonably necessary. So if you can cook 1 meal, but then are in so much pain and so fatigued that you can't cook another later in the day, you can't prepare and cook a meal.

2. In a reasonable time: Up to twice as long as it takes a non-disabled person to do it. So if it takes you 2.5 hours to wash/bathe because of your condition, that's not reasonable

3. To a reasonable standard: If you can dress yourself, but you don't pick appropriate clothing for the weather (say, shorts and a T-shirt to walk to the shop when it's snowing outside) or for the occasion (a military uniform to go to your non-military office job), that's not a good enough standard.

4. Safely: This one is complicated and vague. Basically, without causing harm or danger to yourself or others. Tricky, though. If the harm/danger is severe, the chance of it happening can be pretty low (e.g. you have epilepsy and have 3-4 grand mal seizures a month, with no warning. If you have a fit in the bath with nobody there, you could easily drown. NOT SAFE. You need to have supervision while bathing.) If the danger is not so bad, then the chance of it happening has to be higher (e.g. You get distracted easily, so you cut yourself when chopping veggies and burn yourself on the hob. Not so much danger, so there has to be a much higher chance of it happening for it to be judged unsafe.).

If you can't do an activity repeatedly, in a reasonable time, to a reasonable standard, and safely, then you should get points for that activity.

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Hi the best advice I can give you is to seek help from an expert when filling in your forms. The CAB are very good and also local disability groups in your area. x

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Alan, please join the fightback group, they are on FB. You can access their documents to prepare or fill out your assessment papers ( also great advise for your medical assessment day do's/don't's) or you can get in contact with them and they will advise you or go with you to your assessment, i used them and went from 5 points to a full award on PIP on both mobility and care award. Highly recommend them.


In most PIP assessment centres they deliberately make the distance between the waiting room and the interview room 20 metres so they can already start assessing how you walk between these two places! You are watched from the minute you go into the centre with cameras over the outside entrance doors so they can watch you how you are standing and walking before you even get in there. I wish you good luck and you really deserve to get the PIP. How awful that you lost your car because you didnt get the mobility part last time.

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I'm just about to ask for my form, haven't slept since the letter arrived last week. I can't get over a feeling of doom. I know theirs people far worse off than I that have lost everything, including their lives in many cases.

Pip feels more like a punishment for those in need than a cost cutting exercise. The figures back that up as they contiue to spend over twice as much taking money and services away from the disabled.

I can't give you any advise but do wish you well. Keep fighting


It's remembering, on your worst day, what you can't do, when you can't get out of bed, in my case, severe pain, getting doped up.

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Dear Alan,

I had the same issue in November 2017, but got the decision overturned on appeal.

Having had 6 assessments & appeals between ESA & PIP the following is the best I can offer.

Request the assessment be done in your home & have a family member or trusted friend with you.

Describe your worst day, they will ask you what you can do on good days, just always describe your worst day. This will be accurate, as good days, if any, will be very, very few.

If you have aids around the house make sure they are all listed.

If you have someone who helps you with any aspect of daily living, make sure that is listed.

I know what it's like to only get out when necessary, that has a serious impact on your mental health, depression, being withdrawn. If possible get supporting letters from all & any doctors or specialists you see.

I did a more comprehensive post on this a couple of years ago. I will check back & send it on.

Best of luck. Catherine.


Hi Alan,

It wasn't a post I wrote but a response to a similar question. I don't want to bombard you with too much. If you have specific questions from the form post them or send me a private message, I will do my best to help.

Cheers, Catherine.


Hi when you got car it was up to 50 metres .it is now 20 metres rule change.stick to 10 to 15 metres to be safe

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