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24/7 headaches and chest pains

Does anyone have 24/7 strange head sensations and pains, could be the top of head back of head. Sometimes its bearable and sometimes its just straight up painful. Its also accompanied with chest pains. Please anyone offer some help.

I have already done blood tests, chest xrays and a CT scan yet the doctors told me nothing showed up.

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I have suffered from headaches for 30 years. I can tell you when the headaches are non stop, it is most likely one or more medications you are taking. Or something is interacting in a negative way. My issues have been with topamax, Crestor, synthroid, and carefate. Also mold infestation will cause constant headaches. Get rid of any meds you don't have to be on. Also too much headache reliever, such as NSAIDS and migraine meds will cause rebound headaches. Good luck and God bless!

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Hi, thanks for the reply. Its just that i rarely take any medication it only take painkillers when it gets really bad. I'm not sure about that mold situation though. My doctors tell me its most likely just some anxiety since i am in Japan for a semester, i'm still a student.

But if its anxiety, i thought the pain would only come when i have some anxious situations or some kind of panic attack, but mine is just there 24 hours a day


Hi I suffer really painful head pains at times which is usually either on the left moving to the front or on the back. Mine comes with back pains and not chest. Have they done an ecg just to rule out anything? I would just keep going back to your doctor and don't be fobbed off until you get to the bottom of it or the pain is managed.

I manage mine by painkillers, tens machine and lots of sleep. Wish I could help, I hope you get it sorted out


I have had an ECG and my heart rate and blood pressure seems fine, my doctors seem to think its anxiety. What do you think, and what was the problem for you. Did you find out.



I can't offer you much but I'll try.

Not sure if you're male or female (sorry) but headaches and chest pains can be caused by birth control if you're on any *or have been recently*.

I generally have constant chest pain caused by costochondritis. Mine gets much worse during stressful/high emotional situations. So you may have a general anxiety where you're slightly anxious subconsciously, and it gets really bad when you're having a super stressful day.

I'd keep going back to your Dr's until they find the cause (as someone else has already suggested) and maybe ask for some short term anti anxiety medicine to see if controlled anxiety levels make a difference.


Hi, i'm a male so birth control is not it, ECG and ct scan of head and chest scan seems fine, my doctor seems to think its anxiety but im having a hard time thinking that is the case, cause it really just hurts alot all the time.


At least you know that if an ecg is clear its not your heart. The doctors are all to quick to throw you into the box of anxiety or depression. For me they saw I had had depression years ago and kept mentioning it. I knew I wasn't as I knew the signs, it can feel insulting. You are the best person to know what your pain is. Do you think its muscular, there are so many in the chest that could go into spasm.

I wouldn't take any crap from the doctor if you know your not suffering from anxiety Or depression then just be persistent. If you already haven't see a different doctor one that is going to listen. Its having such a big affect on your life that they have to get it sorted and even if they get it under control that will be a massive thing for you.

Good luck

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How is your posture? Sometimes this pain is muscular from having head bent forward a lot. I suffer from back, top and side of head pain ranging from pressure, tingling, or electric like pains. I have Occipital Neuralgia, TMD (temporal mandibular disorder), and 3 bulged cervical discs. Try using some moist heat on your neck, ask Dr. to show you some gentle neck stretches, use a NSAIDS , most important, try not having head bent forward a lot. You say you are a student and I am thinking that you spent a lot of hours with head bent reading. I am seeing a neurologist, TMD dentist and wearing a oral splint, and going to physical therapy. Hope I was of some help! Wishing you well!


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