my son having chest pains

my son is 19 an is getting pains in his chest he's usually fit an healthy don't drink or smoke cigarettes but his does smoke cannabis he is ratty an worried about these pains an he has 2 1/2 joint's to day while he was on a break in work then 1/2 with his g/f after but he's hasn't had a smoke since 5.30pm-6.00pm he dont live with me but was on fone worried about his pains he didn't want 2 go the hospital so he came 2 mine could some 1 give me advice on what 2 do ? i've never smoked the stuff myself so havent any idea what 2 do ???? DO i call a ambulance or have him stay with me an i watch him 4 a while any advice would be appreciated

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  • phone 111 as chest pains can be very serious they will talk you through things and find out if you need to go up to A&E . best to check immediately. love grace xoxoxo

  • thank you very much grace111 he's fell asleep at the moment so should i just leave him sleeping or still call 111 ?

  • i would call as chest pain can be serious. has he been sick or anything. i mean im not a doctor but does he still have the chest pain. if it was me i would be phoning .it cant hurt to phone but it can hurt to leave it if anything did happen. love grace xoxoxo

  • no he's snoring at this moment lol but he was panicking cause an he's cutting down on smoking cannabis but he was on his own in his flat an hasnt had any cannabis since 6pm friday so put it down 2 a panic attack or a anxiety cause unknow 2 my knowledge i thought he's only been smoking it 4 a few months but it's been nearly 2 yrs :o !!!! so i put it down 2 him cutting down on cannabis cause my partner whom isnt his father but been in his life 4 7 yrs an he has got mental health issues threw smoking cannabis but dosnt smoke it now cause of his mental health an explained what the effects an what cannabis does 2 some 1 if they been smoking it for a long period of time so my son decided he was quitting smoking it !!!! love ellen xoxoxo

  • all the very best to you ellen and your son. take good care now. love grace xoxoxo

  • cannabis does give you whats called the munchies and maybe he has been eating to much and has indigestion. iv never heard of cannabis giving anyone chest pains..

  • yes my partner has but the doctor said 2 him it my feel like ur having a heart attack so ur worrying ur self even more an that makes his heart beat fast causing u 2 think he's having a heart attack an my son as always had the munchies from the day he was born lol

  • What about seeing Your own Dr because he is trained to look and paid.

    Bye bye


  • Smack his arse and tell him to grow up.

    Bloody hell he's just stressing you out.... and he's snoring his head off.....??

    Don't call an ambulance drive him there yourself or order a taxi.... don't waste an Ambulance on him.

    It just winds me up.... young people. .. 'errr I've bin ittin mesef ont ed wiv a ammer and it urts'

    Stop smoking crap.

  • Hi there elliex77x, I do believe that you need a very short course in how cannabinoids work on the brain. It was once thought that cannabis helped a person by making them retreat into a very calm place and that cannabis did not cause any mental health problems. Research has proven that cannabis can cause bi-polar episodes in the brain of a person who smokes it. After all cannabis is a toxic chemical and can also cause the person taking it side-effects.

    Chest pains and cannabis. Because cannabis changes other chemicals in the brain it can as I stated before mental health problems. Anxiety and depression is one of the effects that smoking too much cannabis causes.

    Lets take anxiety 1. first. Anxiety is when there is too much adrenaline produced by the adrenal glands that sit on top of the kidneys. I will not go to deep because there are more things happen to make the chain of events into anxiety. Adrenaline is there to help us if and when we have feelings of fear that change the body chemistry instantly. If you were threatened or felt threatened in any way, we have a response called fight or flight.

    In fight or flight the body gets ready to lash out at or run away from the object making us fear for our lives. The chemicals in the body start to fly around in all directions linking up with other chemicals that are normally inactive. When this happens the persons thoughts start to speed up, there are many questions the brain must calculate all at once, Our heart starts to beat faster and we then start breathing much faster to get oxygen and glucose into the circulatory system to send it to the big muscles and organs including the heart itself. At the same time every system in the body starts to maximise it's potential. Arteries and veins dilate, more blood. Pupils dilate, better vision. Bowels peristalsis movement, butterflies in the abdomen. Kidney's get rid of toxins quicker, you want to pee. More tears are made so that you can cry more. Your mouth becomes dry and you have problems talking and swallowing. Then last but not least you start to sweat profusely,

    Anxiety is linked to depression and hypo-mania. Reality changes, how the person sees the world in general, Small insignificant problems become huge deadly serious ideation. People are at risk to themselves and sometimes have suicidal ideation and can take there own lives or self harm by cutting and self-mutilation. Families are sometimes at risk of domestic abuse and child abuse. The person is described as a different person to the one they used to love and care about.

    Anxiety 2.

    Anxiety can manifest itself by causing other physical symptoms such as Headaches, Abdominal pains, Chest pains, Palpitations in the heart. Shaking, Crying, Sweating, Vomiting, Diarrhoea, increased urination, Lack of libido.

    Having a relative with a habit can destroy a family network. Talking to a GP, social services or an organisation like ADAC who deals on a daily basis with people who have different habits.

    If a person has sharp pains in the chest it does not follow the signs and symptoms of a heart attack. The pain in a heart attack is a severe dull aching in the chest, into the shoulder and neck. down the left or right arm. The chest pain goes straight through down to the spine and feels as if there is a baby grand piano sitting on the chest. Skin pale and cold and sweaty with a blue tint around the extremities. Sharp pains sound much like anxiety. Do however contact your doctor if any of the symptoms I have mentioned have raised their ugly head, Best regards Oldman1952.

  • you can have a heart attack with no symptoms at all.

    A heart attack does not always have obvious symptoms, such as pain in your chest, shortness of breath and cold sweats. In fact, a heart attack can actually happen without a person knowing it. It is called a silent heart attack, or medically referred to as silent ischemia (lack of oxygen) to the heart muscle.

  • Yes grace111 I do know this being an advanced life support instructor with The British Heart Foundation and having 2 separate careers both in medicine since 1970. I do not believe that elliex77x has the knowledge and understanding to help her cope with the problems that her son is having at the present time. Also how long do you want me to post a comment for?

    The last post I wrote was to a 21 year old man who also had sharp pains in his chest. During that post about having a heart attack I did mention the silent heart attack. My friend has suffered from 3 heart attacks and the only symptoms he has is a tingling in his toes and runny nose.

    Don't get me wrong but to get a person to save the life of a casualty that is having a heart attack must have the basic information first. You can confuse a trainee if you mention a silent heart attack! You also have to differentiate between a heart attack and indigestion which is a acute sharp pain in the chest and around the abdomen. The other main point is that when you ask a person to get and use an AED, some people have no problems setting it up and working with it but when it comes to the part where the AED say's start CPR they just stand around and look at each other. Can you tell me how many heart attacks have you seen that have severe acute sharp pains. because they are for all intense and purposes Severe but dull chest crushing pains that feel like a heavy object is placed on the chest and the pain radiates around the upper body into the throat and jaw. Regards Oldman1952.

  • it was only meant as information nothing else.

  • I've have only seen one heart attack with severe acute sharp pain. It was my 42 year old partner. The pain started and then the sweating, 5 minutes later he was dead on the living room floor. Not all heart attacks are the same

  • Hi joanne70, I am sorry to hear that your partner suffered an MI and passed. Every heart attack or MI are totally different, because the heart muscle is deprived of oxygen for a short time and it dies. Heart muscle are the strongest in the human body and when damaged they leave normal every day muscle. A cardiac arrest is instantaneous, no signs and no symptoms, the heart just stops. Quite often over a period of hours to many weeks a person that has a heart attack has had signs and symptoms. Mainly breathlessness and pain around the chest where the arteries have started to clog up and restricts the flow of oxygen to the main coronary artery or some of the minor vesicles. Even walking up stairs is a chore as most people take it as a pulled muscle when they are working or training in the gym. Best regards Oldman1952.

  • That's was what I thought but I had to be sure grace111. I think we both health care professionals and care about our clients in the same way. I must say grace you have a very good knowledge base but you cannot be 111 years old. If you are tell me your secret, Oldman1952

  • no im not a health care professional but my boyfriend had a heart attack at 39 and he had the symptoms you described and was sick. when he was in hosptal we met a woman who had no symptoms of a heart attack at all and it was found on a blood test and she told us about the silent heart attack. that was 20 years ago. my boyfriend is now my x boyfriend but we are still 66.😀

  • Thanks for replying grace and I am sorry for being tetchy but I have so many health problems including fibro, pain makes you have off days. Like you I try to help other people with similar problems take notice of their bodies when the body is trying to tell them something is not quite right.Oldman1952.

  • oh no its fine. im so sorry to hear of your pain, I have read some of your posts in the past and i have seen how much you do know. Fibro is a terrible condition my daughter has it. Pain can throw us off and certainly does give us off days. please forget all about this. its not the first time iv had off days and wont be the last. all my love.grace xoxoxo 🌺

  • Cannabis is not going to give you chest pains. Especially no more than he's saying he's smoking. However anxiety can give you chest pains and that may very well be what he's experiencing is anxiety attacks. But we always want to err on the side of caution so I would certainly have him see his doctor. And he needs to be upfront and honest with his doctor about his cannabis use

  • Sorry to disappoint you, but cannabis can give you chest pain

  • He needs to go get it seen to asap, chest pains are not to be taken lightly.

    Is he afraid about the authorities finding out that he smokes weed?

    Tell him he has to get his priorities right and sort his chest out.

  • Hi Amkoffee, I am sorry to disappoint you but cannabis can cause chest pains. If you are one of the thousands of people that think cannabis does not cause mental health problems, I suggest that you do what I did back in the early 1980's become a psychiatric nurse. Then I might listen to some of your incomplete theories that do not at the moment hold water. Sorry but I have been trained to be up front and tell it as it is.

  • Call a ambo

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