Osteoarthritis in knees, feet, spine, hips and shoulder - Turmeric

Morning has anyone tried taking Turmeric and ginger for arthritic pain, if so does it work??

I rub in Flexiseq which I truly believe helps but as I've got it so bad, I can't afford to use it everywhere £18.99 a tube it doesn't last long. GP said to try these but would really like to know they work as in so much pain especially walking.

Thanks for any advise.

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  • I've heard the turmeric powder is good but not the vitamin pills. Makes sense I suppose to take it in its natural powdered state. I keep forgetting to buy some. Will put in on my list for today. Maybe sprinkle it on a soup.

    I couldn't get on with that Flexiseq at all, it made my pain worse.

  • Thank you for that tip Rosepetal. I do find fjexiseq helpful

    But I suppose it works for some people.

  • Didn't have time to get the Turmeric today, got it on top of list for tomorrow. Devils claw is another cream I tried once upon a time for my thumb joint. I wasn't impressed with that either but my mother in law was a fan of that cream.

  • Hi there ☺

    I've also some osteoarthritis but my major severe pain is intractable nueropathic pain. I've heard do much about topicals that are great for inflammation and that's really what it's all about. Whether it be inflammation of any part of our bodies. I, a long time ago, tryed this Devils Claw (the name didn't necessarily jive with me ! but, oh heck, give it a whirl)...it really wasn't much but just a regular old cream. My mom at the time said try some (now here's where I need some help) Tigers...? Eye?...it helped! And now I haven't seen it in more than a few years. Does this ring a bell with anyone else? Tigers....?

    There is much talk about rubbing Pure Coconut Oil (it's thick and white and you can really smell the Coconut) with "Essential Oils"...a few to six drops with the Coconut Oil. The "Essential Oils" you can look up on Amazon and other sites. Lavender, Frankincense and so so many more but the two that I hear of the most. If anything is worth a try and provided - it's a wee bit to pricy for me ,-around $20 per small bottle of "Essential Oils". Some are often putting about 6-8 drops into their bath water and find an all over body soothing effect.

    We'll - ! Get to the bottom line...

    Doesn't all this body pain whether it be severe acute, severe chronic, or severe Intractable Pain JUST BITE THE BIG ONE! IT ALL JUST REALLY SUCKS!

    I Hope and pray for all us broken bodies to be at the minimum of "tolerable pain" today, and everyday ☺ Do the best you can. If you must rest, you must rest. When my body tells me I need to move? I move. Rest? I rest. I think it's wise for us all to listen to what our bodies are telling us. What may work for one may unfortunately not work for others. But we should all never stop suggesting because that's the only way we may ever find out what works! God only knows the countless number of Doctors who really know nothing or know alot, about different pain conditions yet won't take a pen and write out a prescription.... unless we're dying or he/she happens to know my Uncle Johnny! So we really have to advocate for ourselves is my point, and speak up because our Doctors may stay quiet because they quite frankly only want us to come in when we have a sore throat , or a stuubed big toe. This isn't meant to be all so negative sounding - but it's certainly a honest statement from my own personal experiences with Doctors.

    ~~"Pain" go away....or please in the name of God, calm "it" down a wee bit, make it just a little less for all, tolerable for all....so we may sleep with some ease and not alone for God is beside us....I Pray.☺

    There is a good docuseries playing for free and I can't get the link on here !

    It's title is "The Sacredplant" a seven part series. I caught only a few parts of 4 of the 7 Episodes and it's pretty darn informative ! I really hope that many will be able to find it on the Internet. It came via another Group I belong to called Arachnoiditis Canada. Once again, the title is "The Sacred Plant" a seven part Docuseries. A hint: a Patent on a Plant?! A Government Psntent?! Just for that reason alone it's worth watching.

    Happy Fathers Day to ALL Fathers! 💛

  • Tiger Balm, brill stuff, in a little screw topped jar. I've just checked on the auction site and there's a selection of mini tins, jars and patches plus a pos oil one.

  • Thanks Rosepetal60! I do remember it in a small flat sort if tin, and yes with a screw top metal lid. I haven't seen it in any stores for quite some time. Just "Auction Site?" Be great Rosepetal if you could provide a Web page ?

    Hope everyone is doing the best they can, just for today. Tomorrow isn't here yet ! Stress free is helpful for me. So I'm just going to puts around and doodle! By myself - and remember my great funny, compassionate, intelligent, supportive, encouraging, generous, all round Great Dad on this Fathers Day, and I was surely one of the luckiest daughters to have a Dad like him !😃💕

    Happy Fathers Day to every Dad out there today!

  • Sent you a pm with name of auction site

  • Hi Maggie,

    has your doctor not given you any other pain medication? I have Osteoarthritis in all of my joints due to an accident in the army which broke my back in three places and since then the Osteoarthritis has slowly got worse as the years have passed the accident was back in 1976 so over 40 years now.

    hope you find something that works for you,

    Regards Poppy Ann

  • Hi Poppy Ann, I am struggling with osteoarthritis, have pain meds for back issues but wandering if any alternatives for the arthritis. Mostly in spine, hips, knees and fingers, many thanks

  • What is working for you Poppy_Ann? I've "Severe Arthritis" in my Lumbar / Sacral as per last MRI just this past May. I'm sometimes so "not with the program" for no other reason than just Da! My Doctor did not tell me "where" as in L1- L5 or S1- S-4 (is S-4 correct? and I didn't ask him...see! I think I'm having alot of "Senior Moments" and shoulda' had a V-8! It darn well hurts to sit! Need a Toilet seat!😉 Finding the "Donuts" in Home Health are way to big and way to thick!

  • Good morning to you,

    I do not have trouble sitting down unless I try to sit in one position for any length of time, I have breaks at L2,L3 and L4 also when the accident happened most of my joints were compressed quite bad at the time I just had a couple of weeks off work and that was it except for when I tried to run on hard standing ( tarmac of concrete) but on grass it was not to bad but as the years have passed I slowly got worse until 16 years ago when I had to stop work (my doctor had been telling me I should have stopped for the last 7 years) at the time I tried to claim housing benefit to try and pay the interest on the mortgage but my local council said I was not entitled to it so I sold off the house and went to live on my sail boat in the Caribbean where due to the heat my back was not as bad and I could manage a little better but in 2012 I had to return as getting on and off was getting a little dangerous as my back had spasmed several times and I ended up in the water each time so I returned to UK and moved into a council bungalow which is fitted with hand rails and a seat in the shower and for most of the time I can manage but trying to go out can be difficult and I only manage it 2 or 3 times a month, you say "you are not with the program" which is the same as me I think most people who are on strong pain medication for any length of time are the same I have been out driving and it has suddenly come to me I have no idea why I am there or where I was going even though I was completely awake most of the time I can work it out due to where I am at the time.

    I will try to attach a diagram showing the parts of the spine,

    good luck finding something that works for you

    Regards Poppy Ann

    could not attach diagram so here is the web address of it:-


  • Is it breaks or bulges you have in L1-5 or S1-S4?? I have problems sitting and standing. If I don't get to sit properly when I stand I can hardly walk with the pain.

    I'm sure you can ask your dr or go for a full explanation on the finds. Take care x

  • Hi Rackets57,

    You sound like you are as bad as i am I take 5 different pain med's nothing works completely but they take toe edge off for most of the time, I get 2 or 3 days a month where I consider myself on a good day and can get out to the shops for 1/2 a hour if I take it easy and use a trolley to support my upper body weight but without one I am lucky if I can walk more than 20 meters without excessive pain which causes my back to spasm at which point I normally end up on the floor, if there are no parking places available that are very close to the shop I just give up and have a short drive around and then go home without the shopping and then just order it on line.

    The medication I consider to be the best long term is Dihydrocodeine I have been on just about everything over the years and take 5 different ones full time with others when I am bad.

    good luck finding something that works for you.

    Regards Poppy Ann

  • Good morning Maggie... I have osteoarthritis, amongst other things and have been trying all sorts of remedies.. natural ones. So far nothing has worked that effectively, although unlike pharmaceutical meds, herbal ones do take longer ( so I'm told) . You could try making your own turmeric and ginger paste from the fresh roots.. it's messy though and is an acquired taste... I spread it on my sandwiches and crackers etc... but also added a layer of english mustard, that seemed to make it more palatable!. Then I tried curcumin which is the active ingredient found in turmeric ... curcumin needs black pepper to activate it.. again so I'm told. I'm taking devils claw ( found info on arthritis .org )and boswellia and have just added curcumin... Has it made any difference??? to be honest.. slightly. I do wonder sometimes if certain foods do aggravate it... as some people find the night shades group of foods do... a friend of mine can't eat tomatoes or limes and egg whites - says they increase their pain??? .I've even looked at low magnesium levels versus too much protein, tried the apple cider vinegar and pure honey. Magnesium oil , but found it made me itch, DMSO both the liquid and cream... thought the cream helped a bit.. the list is endless. I'm seriously thinking about doing an allergy test to see if there is something that's adding to it. So really, is it worth trying these different things? Yes, if you can afford to. Some people say it works for them.

    There's also a train of thought which is to take absolutely nothing, especially if you take meds for various complaints.... then re-introduce them one by one - in the same way you would for food intolerance.

    Don't know if that's helped you in any way.... you take care x

  • Thank you Stellacattan I've tried apple cider vinegar too that played havoc on stomach. I never thought of tomatoes which I do eat a lot of I've just researched and they can cause gout. I'm going to cut down. I never knew about cummin but anything is worth a try. Thanks for your advise. Good luck to you too. X

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