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Worsening pain in between shoulder blades (spine)

I've been experiencing back pain for quite a few moths now. Handed in a self-referral form to an NHS physio in mid-November, with absolutely no information from them regarding my application. I've phoned several times, with it always going to voicemail and no one calling me back. I've been back and forth to my GP, with them suggesting it's stress related and just giving me painkillers (I'm allergic to anti-inflammatories unfortunately so I cannot take them). Nothing has taken the pain away.

However over the past few days I have never experienced this much back pain. It's right in between my shoulder blades where my spine is, sharp and stabbing. Every now and again it gets really intense with radiating pain over my shoulders and down my lower back. I have also been experiencing light headedness and nausea with it, and my fatigue has been worse lately as well. I am in absolute agony right now. I have another GP appointment booked for Fri 13th, but I don't think I can wait that long. I have looked at the NHS website regarding minor injury units and have looked at their examples of what to do, one of them being back pain, that suggests going to the GP. So this makes me think that if I go then they're just going to send me home and tell me to go to my GP. Also if I phone the NHS 111 they're always extremely rude and tell me to go to my GP too. Has anyone else been in this situation before? Any help of pain relief also would help.

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See a chiropractor. They can give you an opinion and possibly remove the pain.

This can be serious or not. The symptoms you may be a tumour pressing against the spine or it may not. It could be a muscle spasm causing pressure on nerve roots.

It could be discitis. Only a GP can do a diagnosis or refer you. Chiropractor second opinion can enable to apply more pressure to the GP to get things done.

Hope this helps


Thanks, I've booked an appointment for a consultation with a chiropractor! It's on the same day as my GP appointment so I'll see what the chiropractor says and feedback to my GP and hopefully be a step closer!

Thanks again for your help.

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I agree with johnsmith

I too had pain between the shoulder blades and couldn't stand the pain whilst waiting to see a nhs physio, I went to see a private physio whilst I was waiting and the physio I saw also did manipulations. It took a few sessions as it kept coming back. When I eventually saw a physio at the nhs all I was given was some exercises to do, she didn't touch me at all which my pain obviously needed some hands on therapy. It did go away after a few sessions but mine does come back every winter, not as severe as the first time but as soon as I feel it I book in to the physio who does some massage and manipulation n keeps it under control

Hope the chiropractor or your gp finds some relief for you soon.



Hi nmartin95,

I am sorry to hear you are in pain. My husband too he has back pain for many years.

Exactely as you say to visit the GP or call 111 just give you the pain killer but get nothing better, if you are lucky your GP might give you an appoitment for XRAY. when you see them ask them if you can see a specialist on spine or you can have an RMI SCAN or maybe like johnsmith said.

Good luck!

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Can you not get to X-ray dept to have one done without a doctors referral? It could be one of many things. If this isn't the case then I'd take myself back to GP maybe not the same one and ask to have an X-ray done. Wish you the best 😁


Hello, My pain is in the same place. Have had it for about 10 years. It is how they found that I needed cervical fusion, then found that it didn't work. But nothing fixed it. Then it is how they found my MS So far most people (Drs) have thought me crazy. Now my Nuro caught me on a really bad day. She touched me and I jumped out of my skin and started to cry. Mind you, this has been my life for 10 years. All the drugs have brought me 0 relief. From nerve meds, to Medical marijuana. All sorts of narcotics. Until now. I was referred to a pain specialist that rejects 95% of all referrals. Well he took my case. Right now he has me on Opana ER 20mg twice daily. It brings my pain down from a 10 to a 6 or 7. That for me is a huge improvement. One bad thing is, it makes my MS symptoms worse. Exhaustion, forgetfulness. Also, I have been on and off narcotics for 25 years, so, i will build a tolerance to this quickly. Next step is Methadone. we will see what happens. I have one dose higher that I can go to, then switch. Also. The Opana helps all my nerve pills like gabapentin work better. The really really bad part of Opana is my dosage per my Dr is like shooting Heroine 2xs a day. That is how strong it is. Not for the people who do not handle narcotics well.

Anyway, i say all of this to say. You are the first I have heard with this same pain. I am so sorry it is happening to you, however. Helps me know I am not crazy!.


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