The pain clinic in Candelaria has moved to a new part of the hospital. Very swish but more important at this time of year - excellent air conditioning!

David went for his twice yearly procedure expecting the same treatment he has been used to. This time the anesthetist went much lower down his spine. Right down in his coccyx. All done by a machine with barely a human hand in sight. The xray pinpoints the exact spot and then needle discharges its contents. Amazing and so accurate..Not even a dressing to show where it had been.

He got dressed, signed papers and home he came. No monitoring BP nothing. That was to be my job

Yup instructions said I had to monitor his BP and blood sugar levels for the next 24 hours. Slightly taken aback ..I have neither BP machine or kit for testing BS. Why would I ever have needed one? Treatment here is second to none but aftercare needs a little refining. But this is how it works here. Locals have huge extended families who all join in care of the patient.

Fortunately he slept. Awoke long enough to consume bacon sandwich then sleep again.

Definitely a good one this time.

Pat x

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  • Good to know the the treatment part is so thorough. But I am curious to know how you did monitor BP and blood sugar ? Hope it's successful. There can be a huge expectation about these injections and crashing disappointment if they don't work.

    Take care nurse Pat.


  • Thanks friend Dee!

    Fortunately in 20 years of having same procedure they have only failed twice. This time though in slightly different place so even with clever technix there is still that unknown quantity.

    No I didn't manage any instructions.. I may have been able to get BS kit from surgery if I had known beforehand. Guess work played big part. Will investigate for future


  • Simple way to test his blood sugar Pat is to prick his finger with a pin then suck the finger tip. Next suck a sugar cube. If the blood was sweeter then David has a problem 😄


  • Oh Rib my friend - never ever lose your sense of humour! Bit short on pins but guess a BBQ skewer would suffice


  • Do you have Lidl out there Pat? Since Ann was diagnosed with Diabetes we now have one of each of these monitors. My BP monitor is several years old and with occasional change of batteries it still checks out as the same readings as the home nurse's monitor.

    IF there's no Lidl maybe one of your frequent flyers could bring you a pair!

    Rib x

  • Yes we do but never noticed!! They do smashing ice cream.

    I had no idea of what they looked like til I googld one. Still think of the old sort my GP has

    Will investigate and think of you


  • Sorry Pat. They were from Aldi. Picture email following now.

    Rib x

  • Funny cos David seem to think Lidl's do do them!


  • They probably do. I have bought several other medical devices from Lidl. My Nebuliser and Oxometer both came from them. Just that Medion items can be bought straight from their website rather than waiting until a Lidl Special offer comes around.

    Rib x

  • I have a friend coming back from hol in Aberdeen with dog meds.

    Another in Liverpool bringing sandwich toaster!! Yup bread much smaller here and David must have big bread.

    Someone from London coming with bits for his trains.

    And finally....he himself will be at NEC end of November for big railway model show. Has 2 free days and shopping list

    Who thought we had emigrated?


  • Ha, ha, ha!

  • Hi Pat glad all went well for David at hospital/clinic. As for BP and BS they ought to have warned you of this need to monitor it. Maybe they just thought you had the equipment to do so. At least you will know for another time, maybe the local doctor can supply the monitors for home nursing :) or if not most pharmacies even abroad supply these things. I bought my moniters on line but thats UK of course. Good to get your update take care and enjoy your day. Hows your foot going since you last posted ?? I was just wondering.

  • Morning Katie. Yes tell me beforehand would have been helpful. Of course in Scotland they would keep him in 2hrs to check BP. Curly sandwich and coffee always provided too. Just had a look on line at famous site. Not like I remember! I'll investigate at our own pharmacy.

    Toe still painful but then I use it to walk with!! Flop flips rub too so barefoot for the moment. Then of course I walk into discarded shoes and off we go again!! Life in the sun can be soooooo difficult


  • Hi Pat, sounds like you are preparing for next time. Hope your toe gets fully better soon. I walk bare foot but my family tell me off as it is easy to have minor accidents likecuts ect. xx

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