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Hi everyone. Im due to have a lower neck lift under general aneastecic . But my TSH is 0.34 . Normal range is 0.50 to 4.00 . But my t4 is normal . Im waiting to hear if they will still operate , with my thyroid being low in TSH. does anyone know if its risky to go under a general anestecic. (Sorry for spelling ) with my thyroid level ??

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  • Hi Jelli - you might be better asking this on the Thyroid UK forum here on Health Unlocked. They know quite a lot about thyroid issues over there. But I have to ask - is your neck problem connected with a thyroid problem? Swollen neck is often one of the symptoms of hypothyroidism. You might be better getting your thyroid sorted before resorting to such cosmetic surgery if this is the cause. I'd definitely ask on the Thyroid UK forum if I were you.

  • I have a under active Thyroid (Hypothyroidism) and have lived with it for several decades. Your body alters the levels from day to day in a person without hormonal treatment - Thyroxine pills. But your intake will still be there and your low count, could mean you need to consult with the Gp on an increase amount. I would not worry about the level, at least you have TSH Thyroid Secretion Hormone present. A low level means your body has enough to cope and the Thyroxine levels are Ok. Do not forget to tell them you are taking the hormone. It's getting the balance right on the Thyroxine, over my years they have cut it down, but I put on weight. Remember Blood tests : Do not eat or drink (except water) past 9pm on the night before your Blood test, also do not take the hormones or pills until after. I have a fast test everytime and it shows the levels correctly. Back on my old dosage and slowly losing weight again.

  • Hi lm not only any medication for my thyroid

  • Ok, I think they will still go ahead. The thyroid should be ok. I know prior to a strange operation you will fret and over think the whole thing. Stop worrying and try to take your mind off it. I take life has it comes now. Post your experience after and let others know of the event. All the best.

  • Thankyou my thyroid test last week came back normal yeeeaaayyy

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