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Surgery waiting time

Hi everyone, just a quick question. I broke and dislocated my shoulder back in may and am waiting for surgery,so my question is apparently I need physiotherapy before surgery and after (is that normal for a broken shoulder?!?) and it seems that my physiotherapy Dr is the person who will tell the surgeon when I am ready for surgery ( that cant be right surly),I am still waiting on a mra scan and that doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon to assess the type of surgery required but in the meantime still going to physio ( strange but true) I had an xray back in may so really how long must I wait to get this surgery ? Any advice or similar experience with the nhs wales would be good to hear as I cant see a light at the end of the tunnel


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If you broke your shoulder back in May, it would have knitted back together by now? I can understand physio for the dislocation but not really for pre op.

I broke scapular and collarbone a few years ago . Because of other issues, they didn't get around to fixing the shoulder and just left it to heal itself. I now have one shoulder 1inch shorter than the other 😂 and a cute little bump.🙍where the bones overlapped.

I suspect it's your dislocation they are going to operate on- to tie it back in and stabilise.

I'll be very interested in how you get on.

Good luck.

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I think it has knitted but as it still feels loose surely I should have surgery within a short amount of time ? Thanks for your reply


I imagine it's the dislocation is loose- but just don't understand why it wasn't put back in when you were in A/E ?

I'm sure , even in the backwoods/ mountains of Wales , that they will get around to fixing you up 😆😅

Are you in pain?


ust as an update, had physio today and was told I should be having my mra (arturgram?!? In about a months time . Physio is happy with progress I am making with movement in my shoulder but she cant tell me until after arturgram when or if surgery will take place . OH WELL just keep doing the exercises then yeah?!?


Welll done-at least that's progress.

Keep up the exercises.

Good luck.


yes I am they popped it back in A and E but I ts still not right if that makes sense ?!

but thought as it was the socket holding the bone in that was broken mussel physio would be after the op to help strengthen it and not aggravate the area with exercises,but most of all thought I would be out of surgery by now and getting on with my life..guess I need to be with bupa for that. Thanks anyway


I just checked out the NHS website

What they are saying is:

"Surgery is sometimes necessary if the tissues surrounding the joint are badly torn and the joint is not stable. If the tissues are overstretched but not torn, surgery can sometimes be avoided by doing appropriate exercises to strengthen the shoulder."

I guess what is happening in your case is that you have been referred to physio to try and strengthen the shoulder to avoid unnecessary surgery. The physiotherapist will then keep assessing you and advise the surgeon if they think you still need surgery.


thankyou I think your right I vaguely remember them saying words to that effect, but my dislocations are becoming more regular so I would opt for surgery as the physio I am doing at the moment is pushing it really close to the edge .

I just don't want to be at physio and pop it again and knock myself further away from getting a surgery that will stop it happening again with physio as well thanks for replying


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