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Cortisone injection


Can anyone tell me if Gp prescribe cortidone injections to have done on your gluteus by a nurse either at the surgery or at home?

In Europe they do. You have a course of cortisone and a nurse of your choice, which you pay, comes to your home and do them.

Not necessarily they need to be epidurals. Lots of people have a course in this way and are well healed from sciatica or other pains problems. Do they do this in UK?

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No. GP or Nurse will not do this at home.

I have had them in my elbow many years ago at GP surgery where he did them.

It might still be possible but they probably look at other treatments now.



No, I've had them in my shoulder, thigh, hand and both knees. Some done by my GP at his surgery and others done in the rheumatology department at the hospital. But never at home.

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I asked for trigger point injections into muscles around the pelvis and was told they don't go below the waist - this was at a pain clinic.


Yesterday Gp said they used to do but Nice stopped them and now they have to find alternatives of pain killers .


In the UK the nurses that do home visits are the Community Nursing Teams. They only do home visits for those that are housebound and can't get to their GP surgery. If you were genuinely housebound then someone would come to your home, but if you you would always be expected to go into the surgery. For housebound they mean someone that can't get out of bed or use transport.


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