Unsuccessful Nerve Root Block Injection!

Hello All(I'm half/practically asleep whilst typing this)

2 weeks ago this wednesday(10th) i had a nerve root block injection. I have a prolapsed disc at L5/S1 I had a wait of 17 weeks to have it done, it's failed nothing happened no change!! My G.P. wants to wait 6 weeks for it to work!! I have not worked since Mid-May, I am going/gone mad stuck at home relying on others, struggling to walk, do normal stuff(i've had moans on here before)

Has anyone else had a unsuccessful injection like this?? Please tell me what the likely next steps will be?

I'm 30 oears old, injured back last October, usually so independent now relying on others, can't work, can't drive or do normal stuff like walk around the supermarket or even 1-2 small shops to pop in and get something.

I just don't know what to do anymore, so emotional, in pain and very annoyed it hasn't worked stupid G.P. just continues to sign off month after month he hasn't actualy seen me since last year, just talk on the phone. I have a telephone app with someone from the pain clinic tomorrow so hopefully they will tell me what happens next. My follow up is Mid-Oct again a telephone app??

I attempt a few exercises but so painful, and yes I do need to lose some weight to take pressure off of back.I'm so annoyed over myself for weight creeping back on.Just before i hurt my back i had lost 2st 5lbs now all back on and a bit more pissed off and fed up

sorry for the rant



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18 Replies

  • I'm very sorry Diane, I know you looked forward to help with the injection. I'm in a similar spot, they don't know how to help my pain because I can't take the steroids anymore. Have you discussed burning nerves with your doctor, I almost did but not sure if I want to go that way. I hope you find a solution, I know it hurts.

  • Hello, never heard of burning nerves will mention it to pain clinic, g.p as I'm up for trying anything although it sounds very painful it was bad enough with the injection as I got myself worked up and upset but it was okay. So your left with nothing to help? Do you see pain clinic or other people regularly or they just forget about you? That's what I'm thinking as in beginning specialist said it's not something they would consider for surgery but there's no way I can return to my work( a nursery supervisor) with the way I am something i love the only thing i can think of is a office job where they tolerate me not sitting for long periods being able to walk around and having a decent chair no-one's likely to employ me are they it's so bloody frustrating.

    I need to find out exactly what exercises are good and might help as I find them too painful to do and be really strong with losing weight.

    Talk soon will update later with what pain clinic says-They better phone me I might of callled them30-40 times yesterday, nobody answers the phone I wanted to change time if possible its ridiculous I know NHS short staffed very busy but they return calls etc


  • No not forgotten, seeing pain doctor, and rheumatology Dr regular, they just don't not what to do, day that my l5s1 fusion of 15 years is failing now and herniated t11 and t8, but had an infection from gut that almost took me away. I see my doc later this week and have already told them I'm struggling, so hope to see main Dr. Its called nerve ablation, I was scheduled last year but moved and got other opinions more studies. Yuck it hurts I'm do very sorry about your work. When I worked management did everything for me you mentioned but I have immune problems and found it just too difficult. Take care friend and I pray they can find something to help you.

  • Hi Diane, are you doing any better? I pray you are. i had to get new phone, sorry to not stay in touch but I've been going thru some oersonal stuff, all OK now. I hope you gave good night. Your friend always, Julie

  • Hello Julie

    Anyway Hi lol

    I'm the same, still had no relief from injection. I've been doing Pilates for past 10 days since I spoke to specialist nurse, at times i think afterwards it helps my back a bit. Trying to pace myself aswell. My specialist nurse said if nothing happens within 2-3wks from injection it won't work-he then said that thats all they can do for me! refer bk to gp then onto persistent pain clinic for a 12wk course about how to manage pain and tune out of it-3hrs a wk and not close by so i hope they will get me to that hospital! Then after that ask my gp to refer to surgeon.When i have a review with him wk of 12th I'm going to insist he actually sees me to discuss this (I'm taking my partner and he's had enough and thinks its stupid its gone on for so long) I'm then going to beg him to refer me to surgeon just to see what he says-I will mention the burning of nerves too, although like you said I'm not too sure especially if you're awake during it.

    So yes thats me!

    How are you, did the Dr say much when you saw him the other wk? and how's your pain atm? Might be a stupid question but whats a rheumatology Dr? are they specific for chronic pain? Hope you having been suffering too much

    Take care,talk soon


  • Hi Diane, I'm sorry it took me so long to reply. Have you gotten to the 12 WK program or surgeon? A rheumatology Dr is an arthritis specialist. I've been going for psoriatic arthritis, now rheumatoid arthritis for 20 yrs. I'm not sure if I mentioned that I had a back fusion in 2001 and neck fusion two yes ago. My case I'm told with the arthritis they cannot fix, but mainly because Degenerative disc disease has caused my whole spine to have spinal stenosis and radiculpothy. The nerves are so irritated my hips and knees hurt where they travel over them. My walking I try to keep doing but is landing me flat on my back each time I do. Its hard for us being like this, I'm praying a surgeon can help you soon. My surgies gave me much of my life back so I know it is worth the fight. Hoping you enjoy your weekend, my prayers are with you. Julie

  • I feel for you. I had a epidural and a nerve block a coule of times only relieve was with the local I had before injection. I was told 3 days to a week for it to work it did not. Then I was told a second one would work as the first did not again no joy . Not to say it will not work for you. Some times the Drs do not know sometimes. I hope you get some relief soon.

  • Steroids are really strong anti inflammatory that reduces inflammation which is usually the cause of pain from inflammation. I had an injection that didn't work and I summed it up to the doc not putting it in the right place... was the injection done under x-ray guidance if not he missed. I'll bet if you took the steroids by mouth it will give you some relief... is your pain in your back or down your leg? sciatica So sorry I know the feeling well and is extremely very depressing as I hurt my back about 10 years ago and having surgery was the biggest mistake I made... I would try to build my immune system back up to help heal my back staring with Fermented foods and Colostrum, this is the clear liquid that comes from a woman breast after birth you can get it from cows, pigs no matter... hope this helps

  • I am so sorry you are in so much pain. I empathise as i too am in terrible pain. I am awake most nights which leads to very long days. The one thing I would say about all the pain relief is that it has now given me cirhossis of the liver. I am not and never have been a drinker so this added to all my pain has given me even more cause for worry. Just please make sure you have regular blood tests please xx

  • Oh no that's awful. What meds are you taking? My lft came back toxic too but since I stopped paracetamol it's reversed thankfully. Take care x

  • Hi, I was taking gaberpentin, naproxen, tramadol and paracetamol. Thats without bp pills and statins and lanzoprazole. I will have just tramadol now but it doesnt do much at all xx

  • Hi Diane you should totally rant that's what we are here for . I have had 3 facet injections and only one relieved my pain for about a week. I am suppose to have my next one on Sept 27 but am having foot surgery on the 28th so not to sure if I can do the injections. I will contact the pain clinic to see what they think. If the next injection does not work then they will try the Rhyzotomi ( bad speller ) that is the burning of the nerves. I can totally understand your frustration with it all. Just seems to take forever for the doctors to decide what they think should be done and even longer to actually get it done. I hope that you are given some relief very soon.


  • I totally understand what you are talking about I had injection physio tens acupuncture too name a few before surgery too the same two discs as you after many diff combinations iam now on set of tabs that keep me pain free just about in that region but now need hip replacement but wont do as say iam too young at 52 so back on the merry round about

  • What tablets do you take then that keeps your pain at bay? I got told last week by specialist pain nurse if nothing happens/gets better in 3 wks time with exercise that i need to do. Thts all they can do, refer bk to gp who could refer me to persistent pain clinic who i thought were them.I would then have a 12 wk course for 3 hrs at a time to talk about managing pain and tuning out! Did you have to do this? I think its silly, not worth it only because i believe if you have bad pain you cannot tune out of it. So when i see my gp in 2 wks i will beg him to refer me to surgeon to at least hear what he has to say. I will ask about burning of the nerves which several have suggested, did you try this?

    Sorry about your bad hip, so how long do they say you have to wait, surely if its that bad they would do it regardless of age?!

    Sorry for late reply


  • I've just had si joint injections under xray last Thurs and actually managed to walk unaided and relatively pain free Fri and sat. Unfortunately I an feel that pain creeping back but it's still a lower level of pain. I expect by Friday it'll have returned with a vengeance. I'd ask for xray injections to male sure they are going in the right place. Good luck and don't give up x

  • I am really sorry, that the injection was total failure. I had a similar injection and only gave me relief for 3 hours and it was extremely painful. I guess in bid of wanting to deal with my pain I was willing to try anything. Now I am awaiting neurostimulation procedure, they say this procedure takes 40% of pain but willing to try anything to manage my pain.

  • the process for the nerves is called an ablation. It could last 3-6 months...

  • So sorry to hear things didn't go as well as expected, nothing worse than getting your hopes up only to have them crushed, I think my neighbor had something similar done and it didn't work instantly but improved over time, so I hope it's the same in your case, I can sympathise with you regarding the weight issue tho as I have the same problem, due to high doses of steroids I've gained 4 stone since Xmas and every time I manage to lose some they increase my steroids again and I end up back were I started, so frustrating and it really isn't helping matters having all that extra weight putting more pressure on my already painful knees,hips and ankles 🙈😢 got to get this weight back of if it kills me, as I'm suffering so much more because of it 😩😡 hope things start to improve for you soon ❤️

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