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Facet joint cortisone injection

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Hi Ladies and Gents,

Trying to decide whether to go ahead with cortisone injection for bone on bone facet joint next week.

Any feed back would be helpful


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I would say it’s worth a try. It didn’t work for me but does for a good percentage of people.

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Shumbah in reply to Sunlover56

Thank you for your reply fingers crossed it does not make it worse.

I had cortisone shots to make sure that I got some relief before they used nerve killing agents in the areas around my facets. I went through two series of the nerve killing compounds before I got any permanent relief. I had PT to build up my muscles that had weakened because I was giving in to the pain. I started off on OxyContin 10/325 twice a day until I was able to become active again for a few years when the federal government crackdown on hard drugs I started cutting back to half a tablet twice a day then to half a tablet in the morning. Finally I started skipping a day and before long I decided to try CBD oil. I got enough relief to permanently drop the oxy and now I get by on ibuprofen on my bad days. You have to tell your self that you can make the change and tough it out until you make your body comply to your decisions. I have built up my pain threshold by mind controls. It is amazing how the body responds to your wishes with God’s help.

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Shumbah in reply to Baca

Thanks Baca ,

I’m currently having an intestine therapy that builds certain muscles very gently and also learning how to walk differently to eliminate the pain, they also dig right into knots I don’t even know I have and under my arm pits.

it’s hard to explain basically I go for 2 hours twice a week for what feels like a an absolute torture session that I look forward to because I leave in less pain or no pain hoping that the pain free time lasts longer and longer.

For pain I have an amazing handmade CBD / essential oils cream I stumbled on in Hawaii the lady who makes it is in Califonia she sells on line in the USA

She is very kind because it’s illegal in Australia and I cannot buy from the website so we do business on messenger or via email her cream is a Miracle all my friends now buy from her for sciatica to bursitis, tennis elbow all muscle and nerve pain.

Interesting today my medieval torture Instructer said that eventually planking will be one of the best exercise for my back but to soon yet

Thank you very much for your response

Hi, I had cortisone injections but unfortunately I had a severe allergic reaction (skin rashes) so they are not for me :( but it does work for some people….. best of luck.

Hi Shumbah, I have osteoarthritis in my knees so I have cortisone injections in them every 6 months. They do not work for everyone, however, for me, it is a thumbs up 👍 I feel like I could run home after having the injection, I won't try it just yet😁

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Shumbah in reply to Bacaloca

Thank you 😊

Hi there, what is it you are worried abou?

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