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I have just had my 3 monthly cancer check up all good and still in remission phew what a relief. I get so anxious about them I'm sure you would feel the same. Trying to cope with my CRPS is hard enough I really don't need cancer back . Well I'm all moved in to our new home and nearly all sorted out . I've been in so much pain but have had to get on with it . I'm so tired every morning when I wake up .I've registered with a new doctor and feel a bit uneasy about that so fingers crossed that this one is more thorough and understanding than the last . Just so many changes at the moment making me feel very insecure. Still waiting for my assessment results too .

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  • Congrats on your continued remission! That is amazing news. One day at a time.


  • So sweet thankyou x

  • Well done you take it easy baby steps and rest as much as you can take a big breath as you seem to have so much going on at once which can be exhausting in its self. So glad your beating the nasty big Chris. Hope you find your new doc a good one xx

  • C sorry not Chris lol phone has life of its own at times lol x

  • congratulations on your cancer check up being in remission is best news. I know what you mean I get very nervous going for my check up, had good news in Dec as oncologist decided it was time to move me to 6 monthly checks, overjoyed . Wish you all the best and hope you get settled in new home and able to pace yourself to manage your pain. 🍀

  • Thank you so much and good news for you, I still go every 3 months. It's been hard work unpacking but so glad my husband had a week off. I will be visiting the doctor tomorrow as I'm not feeling very well and all my glands are up so not good and as for the pain I'm in agony.

  • Sorry to hear this ,try relax and hopefully pain may ease. Stressful for you, good luck at doctors appointment tomorrow. Take care and keep in touch x

  • Well my glands are swollen and sore to touch my throat is so sore it hurts to swallow so soft foods for me , rice , pasta and soup not all together though lol . I also have an abses so that on top of the constant pain I'm feeling very poorly. It's one fingers after another or in my case all at once 😢 .

  • hope you feel better soon 😊 take care

  • hiya i had a lobectomy two yeas ago thats the top lobe of my right lung removed due to lung cancer , i get worried evry time i go for my four monthly check ,all we can do is hope for the best but its not a comfortable position to be in i fully understand your situation and sympathise with you , hope you soon feel more secure ,and it gos without saying i wish you all the luck in the world

  • Thank you I wish you luck too we will beat it .

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