16 days to go!

I finally got my appointment for injection only 17 weeks wait argh! I cannot wait but getting very nervous about pain, and I'm not optimistic for it to work then I won't be let down so much. I asked the specialist nurse about a steroid for pain she says they don't do it will have to stay longer in hospital and too much bother for only a short amount of time and pain.

Also I have been having a neighbour do 'healing hands' on me had 3 sessions so far, I don't believe but another neighbour said she helped her and worked wonders on her bad knee. Well I've had no positive reaction so far. No heat from hands, etc etc, its quite strange, a lot of heavy breathing , light touches on my body and firmly pressing. Has anyone else had this or something similar? I think i will have the last session this week as I don't feel any benefit of this.

I am still so bored, frustrated that I'm stuck at home, can't get out much, getting emotional as I'm down in the dumps, can't do anything with my daughter over summer.

Sorry for a long moaning post! Hopefully soon I will be happier

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  • Could you afford to have it done privately because if so you would only wait a maximum of two weeks. Google it to see what pain consultants are near you and check their reviews at the same time. The pain injection isn't a big deal regarding pain and it is manageable. Well worth it if it works. Try not to worry as stress alone can make your pain worse. Try to focus on anything other than your pain. You've had children and I can assure you that in comparison the pain injection will be no big deal. X

  • No sadly not if i could afford it I would of had it months back, I don't have any savings. I've waited months did this back in October so another 16 days is fine just so fed up now. With regards to pain and child birth being worse I had a silent labour so had no contractions, therefore no pain although bad stuff afterwards hey ho.

    I am definitely hoping it works so I can go back to work, drive, walk without a crutch, walk in town, go places and get back to living life to the full


  • I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you and I know exactly how your feeling as I've been there myself. Try not to get depressed as it's hard to get out of it. You must try and think positive by looking at what you can do rather than what you can't. There is always someone worse off than yourself so just take it one day at a time,x

  • Yes, thats why I try not to get too down as I really don't want to get so low, I need to get help.And yes i know there are so many people who are so much worse off than me thanks for the good luck x

  • Can I ask what the injection is for? Are they to go into your spine? If so I paid to have mine done quickly cost £1800 so quite a lot of money. I was taken down to theatre and given sedation. The needle goes in with guidance from a camera into your spine. Quite a few staff in theatre.

    If it Is the lumber Epudurals then I wish you well I had 50% success and glad I had it done, I was in horrendous pain.i still have pain in my lumber spine not all the time. The horrible numbness pins and needles and awful leg pain have gone. It took about 3 weeks to work.

    Good luck

    Jen xx

  • Yes I'm having the same as you, my quote for private was 2-3K, my nurse said it takes only 1 week to work!, I suppose everyone is different and individual. Did you manage to get back to 'normal' and life went back to what is what like before the pain started?. I work with young children in a nursery so I'm desperate to go back but it's a very physical and demanding job, I want to be able to drive again and not have to depend on others for things like dog walking, picking up mess in garden, hoovering, not having to use a chair for washing machine getting things out freezer and be able to walk properly again without using a crutch. So is your back much better now? and how long ago did ou have the injection? I have been told its only a temporary fix


    Diane x

  • Hi Diane, I know too much how difficult it can be to wait for treatment and not knowing if it will help can be trying emotionally. I pray you get relief. I'm on a no RA meds for now myself. keeping me in bed most of the time. Do you have any hobbies you are able to do, I'm making string bracelets and staying positive is difficult for me too. I was told by my Dr if he had what I had he'd have anxiety too, I wanted to share that with you because we are right to feel all these feelings we have. I hope your doing better and get more relief soon. Hugs, Julie

  • Hi Julie, thanks for your kind words, I have high and low days, I'm doing my bit of volunteering in local library today for children's summer reading challenge at least I can interact with kids and read books which I love. My hobbies are reading, i love entering competitions so that keeps me busy. Whats your chronic pain then, also I'm not sure what you mean by no RA meds sorry?. Thats good that your gp actually sympathized with you!

    Take care

    Diane x

  • Having "Sedation" before the actual injection seems to be one answer - it sure worked with me; after the sedation was put into me I remember nothing until I was back where I came from some half-hour later than what seemed like a few seconds ago ! You may have to request this as some surgeons might think it unnecessary for a simple back injection procedure.

  • Sorry you're suffering. I had nerve blocks, facet joint injections and pulsed radiofrequency nerve ablation about 10 years ago and it helped tremendously, unfortunately a car crash a few years ago brought the pain back - I am hoping to have similar treatment soon.

    The pulsed radiofrequency nerve ablation was done under sedation and guided by ultrasound as we're the facet joint injections.

    I have been waiting for over a year and can completely understand your frustration.

    Hang in there, roll on your appointment date.


  • Sorry to hear you have chronic pain again, the NHS waiting times are just so ridiculous, too many patients not enough nurses/doctors etc.

    I will get there eventually fingers crossed


  • Hi Diane, I am lucky that I got into the pain clinic nearest me as they are no longer taking new patients due to a shortage of pain management doctors!


  • Ask to go on a cancellation list, I did that & managed to get in a lot sooner. I took about a week for it start working on me, it has reduced my pain a lot however I still get it, just a lot less severe, still can't do sport or anything like that I'm not working much at the moment no way the level I want to be working at. I going to be asked for it be done again, or at least to be put on the list for another injection.

    I also have physical therapy which helps, waiting for hydrotherapy now. Since I have PTSD, some form of ASD & another neurological condition, it will me a lot longer to heal than just someone with a prolapsed disk. It can & does heal, don't have surgery unless it is the only choice. You have to want it to work as well, believe in yourself you will heal.

  • I have been on the cancellation list for quite a while, however due to the clinic not currently taking any new patients I don't hold out a lot of hope. At least my appointment is only a week away, as long as it is not cancelled again! I also suffered from PTSD for over 20 years - it certainly does make dealing with chronic pain issues that much more complicated.

  • Does PTSD ever go away? I have been told I can expect around a 80% recovery, so I guess not complete by still a good outcome.

  • Yes PTSD can go away. I battled with it for over 20 years, but it wasn't until I faced the cause of my trauma head on and accepted what happened and let go of anger, resentment and most importantly fear - that I turned the corner. I believe that you go from victim - survivor - conqueror, eventually it is possible to reach the stage where you are as free from the consequences as possible. This does not mean that you forget, but it does mean that you are free from the effects of what happened.

    Hope this helps.


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