Left in pain in back

I have been suffering more recurring pain my back having more attacks GPS don't know what to do now is saw a specialist who looked at my mri scans from 2015 saying I have L4 and L5 discs damaged but won't redo them again to see if any change, I been told to do more walking, yoga, to help and go back to pain management I am at end of my wits end

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  • What type of specialist did you see? How long have you had pain in spine? Any other symptoms? Walking and yoga or pilates will help with the pain but wont cure you

  • Hi. When you say damaged discs do you mean degeneration due to arthritis ?

    If it is osteoarthritis then nothing will cure it but the suggestions made are good ones. I woukd add Pilates to that list as stregthen ing your core muscles is very important to help your back cope with the damage.

    Doing more xrays won't help with the treatment, as it will be pain medication, exercise and strategies to help you cope even if there has been more degeneration.

    It's hard to accept this kind of diagnosis and prognosis or more change but you can help yourself by following the GP's advice.

    If the damage is for other reasons then their advice still is valid.

    You have my sympathy as I am in the same position but further down the line.


  • I have back problems due to scatica and damaged disc I have L4 and L5 discs that are damaged

  • I think what I was trying to ascertain Tasherking is how your discs got damaged and in what way they are damaged.


  • Keep on pushing for new mri s you know you're own body,its not there back that will be deteriorating.Stand youre ground.Dont back down 😷

  • Thanks for advice I will do.

  • Hi Tasherking

    I have had a similar problem except that mine included l3 to S1. I manage the pain by using very little medication. I use paracetamol and Algesal cream. I find that the mattress and i was pillow play a crucial because I also have severe cervical spondylosis affecting affecting 4 of the 7 neck joints and hip degeneration. I was told there wasn't much doctors can do. I pace myself on tasks, don't sit for more than 25 minutes without getting up yo move joints and revive still muscles and do joint movement and gentle stretching exercises. Its tough I tell you but life goes on. I can either be miserable or try to enjoy life the best I can. I chose the latter despite all the challenges associated with daily activities. Hope this helps you


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