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Coccyx orthopaedic cushion for back pain/sciatica

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Hi folks

I have a chronic problem with my lower back with horrible sciatica and am on the usual cocktail of medication, injections etc. Whenever we go anywhere which might involve sitting for any length of time I take a cushion with me. I recently saw someone using one of these coccyx orthopaedic cushions which claim to relieve pressure on the lower back whilst sitting. I'm happy to give anything a go and thought I'd ask my friends here if anyone has found these useful before I spend my money. Many thanks. x

12 Replies
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Answer is yes..they take the pressure off the coccyx.

My husband has one permanently on his riser recliner and a spare to take out.

Do get a good one though. Some are very cheap and flatten quickly. Worth paying bit more.


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Many thanks for your reply. Yes I've noticed some are very cheap but I'm prepared to spend more if they are helpful. Happy New Year to you both - let's hope it's a good one for us all. xx

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a few years ago I fell from the top of the stairs all the way to the bottom (fun!) and even though my mri's didn't show a fracture, I had pain for nearly two years whenever I sat. I bought two cushions, one for home and one for travel. I noticed that I needed to get up say every hour or so, but it helped immeasurably. I would try it! also, cool name... is it after the poet? ...the first bit, not the bear :-)

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Hi BlanketTime, many thanks for your reply. I'll definitely give a cushion a try. There's so many to chose from but I think I've found one - I'll have another look today. Tennyson is my bear (see his picture). That was the name on the label when I bought him. I was having problems sleeping and heard some advice on the radio that we should follow what we did as babies and get a bear. I cuddle him all night long and sleep very well now. Happy New Year! x

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Goodness me. I sleep badly and get up 3/4 times a night. Can't wait to get a teddy, and also tell my forum friends on PMR/GCA, who often also have sleepless nights. Thank you and bless you .

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Good luck and hope it helps you too. x

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Hi, I have bought a variety of cushions over the past few years, some better than others but the 'egg sitter' cushion is very good. It is like a gel honey comb so pressure is evenly distributed and changes every time you move, it is very comfy. I got mine off Amazon.

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OK, thanks. I'll have a look now. Happy New Year! x

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Hi TennysonBear, would it be possible for you to post some links to the cushions you’ve been looking at? I’m really interested but don’t know where to start. On Friday I begin a 3 hr x 6 wk pain management course & am really worried about sitting for so long. Due to anxiety, I’m starting to worry about having to stand up & move about & disrupting things (my head knows that I won’t be the only one!) as I’m not good in groups.

Any thoughts anyone has about how to cope with the course would be very welcome. Thanks & wishing everyone a happy & healthier New Year x

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Hi Mabel, after doing lots of research and taking note of the comments on here, I have ordered a Travel Ease Memory Foam coccyx orthopaedic cushion from It cost £23.99. There are many to chose from on Amazon but if you have a local mobility store, sometimes it's better to go in and try them out before you make a choice. Good luck and Happy New Year! xx

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Yes! I have several cushions and always one in my vehicle. Good luck!

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