Osteoarthritis in lower spine and cervical spondylosis .

I have severe pain in my lower back and been on paracetamol and 30mg codeine sulphate, plus amytriptyine 25mg. at night. The medication does not work well and I am in so much pain I cannot do the smallest tasks in my home. I am a 70 years old widow. Crying with pain. What should I do? Please can anyone help me? I also have prolapse problems which may be contributing to the pain. (prolapse of pelvic floor organs) due to childbirth and nerve damage to my rectum.

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  • I have osteoarthritis from my neck to lower back and walk with a cane now. Some days are better, but some days (like yesterday) the pain in my right lower back/hip area just makes me move so slow. Hoping to get an MRI of full spine once my Medicare Plan F kicks in June 1st. I am turning 65 years old in body next month (19 in heart). Planning to start water aerobics as that is one of the easiest and most helpful exercises. Do you have an indoor heated pool near you, such as at a gym? I joined a gym for use of their heated pool. ~ Don't know how helpful this was, but I read your post, and my heart and prayers go out to you. Hugs, Bonnie

  • Hello there I'm sorry to hear that the pain has got you to the crying stage at the age of 70 I myself am 71 and yes the same has been happening to me

    I have spinal stenosis and a fair bit else going on ie hip and knee replacement kidney transplant I'm in a/f and now this horrible pmr which is making me cry

    I live on my own lost hubby 2years ago which doesn't help but after years in fact since age of 14 I have suffered but have covered it up so now I do my crying behind closed doors as I don't want to upset my children

    So it is nice to talk to someone else that do the crying although I don't wish pain on anyone and I hope they can find something better for you which will help with the pain

    It is sad to get to our age and the water works come on but please try to keep chin up I've started to try to sing through the pain can't sing mind you but will give anything a go lol

    Take care

  • If you have a decent rapport with your children, be open and share with them what is going on. My daughter is actively involved in my life, running me to MD appts and coming along in for support. We are very close, and she wouldn't have it any other way. I appreciate her so much, especially with my sometimes lagging memory these days as she helps clarify to me what physicians say. I raised her to be compassionate and to be of service to others. We spend the better part of our lives as Mothers raising our babies up to adulthood. Now when the tables are turned, we need to allow our children the joy that service to elderly parents brings, just as it was a joy to take care of them when they were little, dirty diapers and all.

  • Yes you are right I was caught by daughter crying last week and I wish now I told her what pain I was in she knew I was in pain but not as much that it would bring tears to eyes and like your daughter she now comes to hospital appointments

    Have a reasonable good day

  • I have osteoarthritis and degenerate disc disease so I know how you feel it can be so painful at times I started Aqua aerobics classes and yoga stretches which seem to be helping, and when I am not so bad I have started walking on a treadmill. I hope you can get your pain under control soon but take it one day at a time and talk to your family, mine have been a great support to me since I was diagnose with breast cancer a couple of years ago but I consider myself lucky it's all gone now but it does make you realise how lucky you are when you hear the stories from other people.

  • The prolapse could be. Because of the the arthritis in yr back it weak therefore not supporting you. They can shave this away depending on where it is and how bad . Iam only 40 and in the same boat. End of month iam have some of the bone shaved away , disc that has completely collapsed is been removed a cage put round then fusion rods at l4/l5. My cousin has had the same op, said it s the best thing she ever did . There are risks involved I suppose the older you are possibly more risky, dosnt mean to say if the right treatment is available you shouldn't take it. Ask to be referred to a neurosurgeon at a private hospital via nhs . I did and so far they have been great best choice I made.

  • so sorry you are going through this I have the same and it is truly agonising I am 2 yrs younger than you but have had this now for about ten yrs and it can get you down my hot water bottle is my best friend :) Gentle hugs xx

  • I really feel badly for you. Are you seeing a pain management doctor or are you relying on a family doctor to manage your pain? You really need to see a pain management doctor because they understand how to prescribe the right type of drugs for this situation better then does a family doctor. Unfortunately I have been told that in parts of the UK it can be up to a year wait to see one. But please get on a waiting list now. Other then medication there are also injections that might help you a lot. I am only 55 and I have arthritis in my back too. And I have generally had epidural injections in my back but in December I had a TIA and had to go on a blood thinner which meant I could not get an epidural injection. (you have to be off of them for 10 days) Anyway the doctor gave me two trigger point injections instead and it did wonders for me. I got better results then I have had from the epidural injections I've had in the past. I know pain management doctors do those but rather than having to wait a year for that, maybe ask your current doctor if he/she can do it or if he/she can refer you to a doctor that can do it. It does not have to be a pain management doctor to do a trigger point injection into your back. An Ortho doctor should be able to do it for example.

    I hope this helps a little bit. Sorry for the length of the post.

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