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Slipped disc

Hi all just joined wondering if any one else has had slipped disc ?? It's been on going on over four weeks now I'm currently on tramadol and diazepam which helps spasms but still in so much pain .... I have lost sensation all down my left side an get pins and needles in my right hand I've had MRI scans and X-ray to confirm this and I'm seeing a physiotherapist but she can't do any examination as I'm in to much pain . I'm back to my doctors tomorrow but even he is reluctant as what to give me he wants me admitted to hospital but hospital won't which I'm glad don't want to go in either but I have to young children who need me has any one else had this or have any suggestions ...

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Asked to be referred to a pain team,,

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Sorry you are in so much pain Betsy87, I totally understand about not wanting to go into hospital and leave your children - especially at this time of the year but that sounds like neurological symptoms which shouldn't be left.

I've had 6 prolapses at various times over my life and the pain is indescribable so I have every sympathy with you


I went straight to the chiropractor who fixed, it did cost but was worth it. This pain is unbearable, I hope you can get it sorted.


Thank you an I totally agree about pain I rather go thru labour any day as have this I honestly hate not been able to do things have my children who need me it's just aswel I live in same street as my mom she's been my rock..


Pins and needles and loss of sensation needs checked out at hospital imoI was hospitalised last year for nerve root pain and to rule out cauda equina sorry if i spelt the last words wrong .Crps is extremely painful But you need to make sure the pain isnt masking another problem.I hope your mom feels better.Im not wanting to give out medical advise but i was toldby docs to watch out for problems with passing urine as this and pins needles extreme ,pain loss of sensation are all signs of possible root nerve problems and must be treated very urgently.Ps when i was hospitalised they were shocked that i had left it so long to get help.I was so used to intense pain that I thought pain was my everyday norm and it mistaken for an increased intensity of pain of my fibromyalgia M.E.I have very severe pain all day everyday and i have been bedbound 8 regularly taken into hospital for pain control(4 times) in last year alone.I hate the hospital and i have kids so i understand your fears My kids too want a mother whos not bedridden but as time goes on you just find new ways of being together as a family.I hope your mom feels better soon,and i wish u and your family all the best.


Hi there I have been to hospital told thm everything all they do is send me home and refer me bk to my gp I have so many on goin problems ATM


Yeh I can't take any ant inflammotries as I'm coming out in huge unexplained bruising which is been investigated by my hemotoligst dr I've tried both am tripline and gabapentin and had a skin reaction to both and made me feel anxious had tramadol , dehydrcodeine which did help first couple of days but the pain is so unbearable my gp wanted me admitted as I have quite a few things goin on aswel as slipped Disc evn writing this now I've pins an needles in my 2 fingers an thn thy go numb


I can't take ibrufen as have also on goin problems coming out in unexplained bruises currently seeing a hemtoligist who advised me against any antinflamotry had this pain on going from start of November can't take narproxen either I've tried gapipentan found they didn't work certainly don't want to be doped up my Gave me oxycodone to try as I'm due to see physio as haven't been able to do it because of pain I'm bk at my gp on Monday to sort my medication out oxycodone was just a trial ....


If you have lost sensation the you need surgery I'm afraid. I went numb all below the waist in 1995 and had to have emergency surgery. Please think about it.


I seem to have lost sensation down my left leg an it now also at top of my left arm I can feel it going down my arm also my right my 2 middle fingers pins an needles first thn thy go numb been in so much pain went to see a physiotherapist she couldn't do full examination as I was in to much pain been to my gp an he's prescribed me OxyContin if that's how u spell it 1 tablet every 12 hours hope they work as I'm bk at physio on Wednesday ,, still on diazepam : 3 times a day to relax my muscles hope I get sorted as surgery scares me thank u for letting me no


I take Oxycontin too, (15mg twice daily plus Co-Codamol for any breakthrough pain) been on it over a year now and it just about takes the edge off the pain in my arm. Physio will do nothing, in fact it will probably make things worse. Loss of sensation is urgent, especially if it's complete loss and not just tingling. Please, if it's complete numbness, then get yourself to the hospital and accept surgery if that is offered. I was extremely lucky that surgery was done as quickly as it was or I'd be doubly incontinent and in a wheelchair now. You need MRI scans to determine exactly which discs are pressing on nerves and then a decision on what to do from there.

If discs are out in your neck (which it sounds like they are with arm sensation loss) they're reluctant to operate, but, there are things they can do to help like nerve block. I've had it twice and boy does it help pain. Surgery IS scary, but who will look after your children if you're unable to because you're in a wheelchair?


Oxycontin should alleviate the pain sufficiently for a lower painkiller to cover the breakthrough. She has children, not a good idea being doped up really is it? :0/


Sorry it was oxycodone but it was only trial I'm bk at gp on Monday aswel as physio don't want to be doped up either but also don't want to b in. Ths much pain


Because I've been on them over a year and the pharmacist told me that Oxynorm (which I was on) wasn't good if I was getting breakthrough pain, which I was! OxyContin is slow release and tablet form, I take as I said, 15mg. And yes I do know that there are different levels, I started out on 5mg of Oxynorm which did nothing.

Why not "mix and match"? My GP sees no problem with it so long as my pain is under control! Co-Codamol treats any pain I get besides my spinal pain. Not everyone is the same!


HI Angel

I really feel for you, i got mine 2 yrs ago and my back locked, i went to chiropractor who sorted me out.

I could walk out and as long as i ice pack it and see him regularly, im mobile and pain free.

my advice angel is get bag of peas on your back it will smart for first few seconds but bear it as you will get ease straight away, don't put on bare skin, wrap in cloth then against your clothes and only use for 20 mins each hour.

i got ice packs from asda chemist about £5 each, i got 4 as they take while to freeze and got enough to have 1 ready at all times but i have knee trouble aswell.

I hope it helps to give you enough ease to cope with christmas

take care and angel blessings to you and your family xx


Thank you so much means a lot xxx


Hey. See a Neurosurgeon ASAP particularly since you're losing feeling!! I've had this condition for years and it's seriously wrecked my life. I've tried just about every thing including acupuncture for spasms I even used valium for the spasms. That resulted in a benzo additiction from hell. I'd really like to discourage folks using the on a regular basis. Before you know, you've habituated and will need larger dosages. Currently I'm looking to new meds: Palexia SR. All the best!


Thanks I'm gonna get Christmas out of way an I'm gonna demand to get this sorted as not just got slipped disc been diagnosed with thrombocytopenia which they investigating , seein my gp on Monday as well as physio tht day to and bk at hemtoligist on 24 dec


Hi Angel

Hope your coping ok.

I have a special poem i give to people who are in need of comfort and support, and i think you definetly need some devine help!!

When angels sense you need them

And angels always do

They come unseen from everywhere

To help and comfort you

They hover close beside you

Till all your cares are gone

Till they can see you're ready

Once again to carry on

Then some of them fly away

And take their gentle touch

To other hearts that need the love

Of angels very much

But one at least stays with you

As your constant friend and guide

For guardian angels never leave you

They are always by your side!

Print the poem out and put it where you'll get most comfort from it.

When you're up to it get an amethyst stone angel, the angel is carved out of a piece of amethyst.

They start at about £5 depending on the size you get, keep her in your pocket and when you feel the need hold her in your hand and rub her, she will give you the comfort you need, to cope.

I'm always here if you need to vent or a moan!!

I hope you do manage to have a nice christmas.

Take care and angel blessings to you and your family xx

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How lovely this poem is u have brought a tear to my eye what lovely warm hearted person u are I will get this printed of an buy an amethyst angel just reading this has lifted my spirit thank you so much ❤❤


Nice poem thank you for sharing it with us


Your welcome.

If you know anyone who could really make use of it send it to them, tell them to print it out and put it where they'll get most comfort from it, especially at this time of year.

Take care and angel blessings to you all


You're welcome Angel xx

I have a very deep belief in angels and have my living room full off different kinds of them.

My mother in law started collecting them when she was diagnosed with cancer of athsophagus sorry if spelt wrong and they got her through chemo and rad therapy and she saw 5yrs clear.

When she got her own special glittered angel wings she left the angels to me and as you can guess i have added to the collection over the last 6yrs.

They have helped my family through alot of healh problems, especially this yr. My hubby was diagnosed with bowel cancer in jan and had last 10inch of bowel removed, no chemo needed thank the angels!

6wks ago he had stoma bag removed and bowel reconnected and after few rough wks, touch wood now he has worked out a diet that suits him, he's doing brilliantly and back to work in jan.

I found out in may i had womb cancer and had a full hysterectomy wk after my kids birthday, in june no chemo needed thanks again to the angels!!

So we are hoping the new year will bring a better yr so we can write this yr off!!

I hope you have a lovely christmas and new year and i'm sending some of my angels to watch over you, so if you find a white feather anywhere keep it safe it is there pesent to you to let yo know they are with you and you are safe.

Take care, gentle hugs and angel blessings xx0xx0xx

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I use both hot water bottle and a cold pack sat with one now I've had back pain since my early 20s in my late 40's now it's been up and down use to be only a few weeks when I was younger then it's got into months and now it's years I have Lower back degenerative disc at lumber junction ie the lower most mobile level in my lumber spine use to do a lot of sport in my youth on a cocktail of drugs i suspect a lot of people are on too it's living hell Had a mri scan which took forever to get I get spasm in both legs when I stand

This site is a god send for info or even just a quick hello or a rant

We are all in it together and we can relate to others


Your absolutely right I totally agree I can b ok 1 min thn it can just happen at drop of hat spasms are worse for me it just hits me like a ton of bricks been to physio an it's top of my bk where I have slipped disc but the physio couldn't understand y I have lost sensation all down left side seeing a rheumatologist in jan thanks we can al relate glad I came across this site



They will be discussing what is best for you and will be hoping that the pain will calm somewhat before they discuss the best way forward, Sometimes hydrotherapy may be the way forward to strengthen the spine and assist in taking the stresses away from the joint. and disk Pain medications will be given with NSID medications to reduce swelling, the diazepam will reduce pain from trapped nerves and this will help with more movement.

All I can suggest at this time is warm showers with a strong directional shower head directed at the area of the damaged disk. A Dual Tens Machine may be a good idea used as a nerve block, this may help if the pains are starting to transmit to various lower parts of the body. You will need to have training in the machines use from a Pain Clinic or Pysio.

If the problem cannot be cleared there are various operations that can be undertaken such as fusion or support. This is way down the line and I would expect that they will be looking at less radical ways of sorting your problem such as manipulation and exercise swimming and warm water can assist and warm water will give support to the disk and spine The whole idea will be trying to keep movement in the spine and strengthening the effected area



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