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Hi! Does anyone know what a result of Eosinophil count of

0 10*9//L means, apart from being below the normal range of 0.1-610*9/L? My MCV & MCH levels are slightly elevated to & my red blood cell distribution with is lower than should be. My Vit D levels seems to be within normal range, but my serum cholesterol is above normal range, whatever that means. I have Chronic Fatigue, Fybromyalgia, chronic abdo pains & suffer from depression. I read that GP's rarely investigate abnormal MCV & MCH rates as little is understood about it. Helpful, not! Does anyone else have any ideas please??

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have you had a look at this website?

It gives information about different lab tests an what they can mean. The problem is that most blood tests that result in something being out of range aren't tests for specific problems, but indicative of something not being right. Also some people naturally have higher or lower levels of different things, and suffer no ill effects. I had a large dog that lived to age 15 years who had elevated liver levels all her life. Vets were always trying to convince me that she was very ill. She wasn't, and if they had given her the treatment for this the treatment itself would have killed her in two years. Instead she lived another 8 years after the first test.

as to having low levels of Eosinophil, it can mean that you have some inflammation or stress, and it can be caused by taking steroids. So low levels might actually be 'normal' for you under these circumstances.

Have you discussed this with your GP yet? If you are worried you should always talk to your GP.


Thankyou so much for your reply. I understand what you're saying, it makes a lot of sense. The doctors' surgery sent me a letter asking me to make an appointment for the results, but said 'no cause for concern'. However they tried to call this morning, but I couldn't answer it in time. I'll phone them Monday and make an appointment, as I've only seen my results online so far. I guess I just have a touch of Google-itis! Cheers again! :-)


The call this morning might not be anything to be alarmed about. If it is anything like my surgery if the GP wants to see you again, and makes a note of that on the patient record, they can't tell if you have seen that or not so reception will be flagged to give you a ring to make sure you know that your results are in, you have seen them, and to give you the opportunity to make an appointment.

Last time I had a blood test I had seen it online, requested the increased dose, and picked it up all before the receptionist managed to catch me by phone! but they do have to make sure that they talk to you so that they can know that you have seen it and then they can cancel the flag on the system and close it down.

Good luck with the appointment, I hope between you and the GP you can figure out if anything is going on that can be fixed!

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That's all very reassuring, thank you so much! I think if she says all's normal, I may carry on with research...the never ending quest to discover if I do have Fibro/M.E still, or something else, without sounding like a hypochondriac I hope!


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