High rheumatoid factor normal FBC


Someone please help. Since March 2015, I have been suffering with abdominal pain, bloated stomach, I look 5 months pregnant and severe burning pain under my breasts. My blood results are normal except a slightly raised , ESR and serum Alt but have raised rheumatoid factor of 69. I have had an abdominal and trans vaginal scan they both were normal. I have seen a rheumatologist and am waiting a follow up appointment. My last bloods were done in June my GP is not interested in doing anything else until I have been cleared by rheumatologist but I am in severe pain. My questions are do I have a right to request another FBC and does anyone got an idea of what's going on with me? Thanks. Your help is sincerely appreciated

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  • Hi Maileah

    have you had any other scans ie endoscopy or colonoscopy?i was diagnosed with hiatus hernia following mine along with other conditions. which i had for two years and no treatment or tests by my own gp.good luck.

  • Hie chocolate addict

    Thanks for your response. No I haven't heard any other scans, that is what's frustrating me... My GP said will wait for the rheumatologist to say it's not a rheumatoid disease then see. What were your symptoms? And what tests did you have?

  • Hi I had endoscopy and colonoscopy.revelad diverticulitis duodenitis gastritis and hernia.distended abdomen pain soreness never hungry feel full quickly choki persistent cough.since 2011.

    I would push for 'ocsopies…

  • Thank you. I went to see a different GP, he said he will refer me to a Gastrointestinal doctor

  • Hi Maileah - I'm afraid I can't answer your question about what's going on, but with a raised ESR (this shows inflammation somewhere in the body) and raised rheumatoid factor I suspect they'll be looking at the possibility that you have some kind of rheumatoid/auto-immune condition. The best person to ask this is either your GP or your rheumatologist. Could you ask for the rheumatology appointment to be brought forward? Explain that you are in severe pain and you want to know what they're looking for.

    Or your GP might be more approachable if you simply ask if s/he can tell you what they're looking for. It doesn't seem to me to be sensible for ask for another FBC at this stage. They are clearly investigating *something* so at least you know the doctors are on the case. But do make it clear to them that you are in serious pain and need to know what they're looking for. Doctors are usually OK at explaining things if you ask them to explain it clearly and in terms which us non-medical people can understand!

    Good luck - and I hope you find relief and answers from your doctors soon.

  • Thank you Caroline I will speak to my GP

  • hi Maileah you could try contacting the rheumatologist s secretary ,there should be a number on your referral letter.


  • Hi when I went to the rheumy, I had already had an fbc done which showed a slightly raised rheumatoid factor. the consultant told me that to confirm rheumatism he had to do an ana count ... that's an anti nuclear antibody blood test. thankfully mine came back negative. Perhaps this might help and can be requested by your GP


    Jo x

  • Hie Joanne

    Thank you for your response. The anti nuclear antibody test has been done and come back negative but I was still referred to a rheumatologist since I had a high rheumatoid factor

  • I too had pain under my breasts and some other of your symptoms. After a scan it was discovered I had gallbladder stones. It is just a suggestion but perhaps could run it by your doctor. Hope you get it sorted.

  • I had gallstones but not detected by NHS scans,didnt actually have any pain in that area more on the other side below ribs.having gallbladder removed made no difference to my abdo distension pain etc -in fact it increased after .

  • Im thinking maybe you have more than one problem. Do you have problems with your bowels? If so could be gluten allergy or something your eating causing your stomach to flare up. Maybe try experimenting with food to see if anything imperticular is making it worse. You could do this while waiting for your next appointment. A colonostopy can find out alot of things so maybe this is your GP.s next step. Were you taking medication before your stomach flared up? If yes it could be that. Anyone can get allergies at any time throughout there lives so its worth a thought. X

  • I'm not sure another FBC is going to show anything much. With the raised ESR (inflammatory marker) and raised Rheumatoid Factor (which both might indicate a rheumatology condition), it sounds like getting a rheumatology disorder ruled out first is actually the most appropriate thing to do, and it could just confuse the issue to be jumping around with other tests or other specialists when they haven't fully assessed those slightly abnormal rheumatology results first. Hang in there.

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