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23 yo female with hip, back, knee and thigh pain. Desperate for help

Hi there, please let me know if I should be posting this elsewhere- I'm new and not too sure.

I am at my wits' end with the unexplained/undiagnosed pains I've been experiencing daily in my hip, back and knees for the past 2 years. I'm sure you have all heard this before, but the frustration brought me to tears this morning when I woke up in pain.

I damaged my right hip while squatting at the gym in 2015, eventually got an MRI done which showed a labrum tear. Got a block of NHS physio; they told me to stop lifting weights and do strengthening exercises for right leg. I was discharged and things were okay. Still pinching and dull aches/flare ups around hip, but manageable. Then I began powerlifting in Nov 2016 and everything blew up. Almost as if all these issues were bubbling under the guise of low impact exercise, and then the movements of weightlifting brought them to the surface. My right knee gave way during a squat one day and was extremely painful and unstable for about 2 months. My right hip pain flared up again and felt like it was radiating down my right thigh in a dull ache/throb. I was miserable and so went to a private physio in January 2017. He began doing regular back massage and didn't explain a) why he was doing so or b) what was causing my pains. I was totally confused. I ended up with lower back pain on right side, which has steadily gotten worse. I went to another private physio just 3 days ago; she performed dry needling on my lower back in the area of pain. This has, I believe, exacerbated the pain and I now have extended pain into mid-back on right side.

I apologise for making this such a long post. I do not know what to do. I am petrified of having chronic pain for the rest of my life. I just want to be able to function, exercise and sleep with no pain. I am reluctant to go back through NHS again and am considering private treatment even though it's not within my means.

Does anyone have a similar experience or advice they could share? I really am desperate.

Thank you x

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Welcome on board and yes this forum is for any chronic pains.

What did your GP do apart from send you for physio? Any pain meds or referral to pain clinic?

From what you have said it definitely seems the gym, weight lifting etc has caused your injuries. Best you cancel your membership there.



paton is right I'm in pain 24/7


Hi I agree with Paton. It seems all the lifting etc has brought this about. I have similar pain to u in my back . Both sides but the right side is totally chronic . Can barely weight bare on right foot most days. I have lots of pain elsewhere too.

Pain killers don't really do much for me. Been on a few meds . It's trial and error they say but nothing really helps me . I have a tens machine which does help but can't be used constantly. I understand how u feel - I try not to think of the future and try to take each day as it comes. I find that simple things that make me smile really improve my day .

I really hope u find the help u need .

Bless u

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I also had similar problems gp referred me to nhs physio, then I went to private monthly physio for 3 years with nobody explaining what was wrong or making much improvement. Gp just put my on pain killers.

But a couple of weeks ago I went to a chiropractor and had a 1 hour assessment, some even do X Ray's. Everything was explained clearly. My pelvis was rotated pulling on my spine at a weak point where I have a mild scoliosis. The physio hadn't seen this and he just massaged muscles in my back and hip but my pelvis was still rotated so the cause hadn't gone away. I've only had 2 treatments so far, I can only say I feel different at the moment, the pain is different...not worse but I can feel more mobility in the problem areas. I just feel different, I feel taller and more flexible.

Anything can rotate pelvis, shorter ligaments on one side, muscles or one leg shorter than the other, spine problems, being born rotated .that kind of thing

I think even if you don't choose to have treatment you could posdibly just have a first assessment at a new chiropractors and get their opinion, look for one who says a minimum 1 hour minimum assessment appointment.

Hope you find some relief soon

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Thank you, this sounds similar to my experience with physio and lack of clarity. I will definitely consider chiropractor. Am hoping to get GP appt soon and will ask for his suggestions re private services in my area.

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My daughter does weight lifting, and now I am going to have her stop since reading your post. I am a Grandmother in the USA. My advise if for you to stop lifting weights NOW and go to physical therapy. If the last one was not good, try another. I would try some ibuprofen, a heating pad and some OTC pain ointment. And see your primary care Dr. Take this seriously. Back injuries can reoccur throughout life. Good luck!


Thank you for replying. I have been taking Ibuprofen, using heat/cooling rubs and resting from the gym since Christmas time. This has led to no improvement. Weightlifting is safe and beneficial as long as you are using correct posture and form, so it would be good to make your daughter aware of this also. I believe I have issues with alignment and that lifting weights has just exacerbated the problem, not caused it. Thank you for your kind words


See an Alexander Technique teacher. You have injured yourself and the muscles could be replaying injured mode. An Alexander Technique teacher can explain what I mean by this.


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