Enlarged lymph nodes

Hi everyone going mad with worry at the moment a would appreciate any feedback. so around there months ago I noticed a large moveable lump in left side of neck went to doctors and he said this is something that needs further investigation and sent me to ene were thay done blood test and chest x-ray all ok. Since then the lump has decreased a lot but recently ultrasound scans revealed multiple swollen lymph nodes on both sides . And now I have to wait a month for next appointment. Also I've no other symptoms

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  • I have swollen lymph nodes on the right hand side of my neck, been like that for well over a year, had the blood tests, ultra scan etc and all is ok. Its just sometimes they get clogged up when filtering infections, some of them don't clear up.

  • Hi Mike. With whom do you have to wait one month for an appointment? If it's your GP, I would definitely ask for an emergency appointment and don't be put off. You need reassurance asap. If it's the hospital, speak to the Secretary and explain your concerns. If noone will see you, the only choice you're left with is to go to A & E. You could also ask for a telephone conversation with your GP for further information.

    Hope all goes well.

  • I have numerous swollen lymph nodes in alot if places in my neck and around my jaw. Also have a couple under my armpits. Had them quite a long time. Had numerous tests and all is fine. They do seem to get slightly bigger if I have any infection of some kind. Like you I used to worry myself self sick. Try not to worry too much. Take care xx

  • Thanks for replying just need to stop Googling symptoms I think.

  • Googling symptoms is the worst thing that you can do. You will end up with bad anxiety.

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