Lump at back of knee

Hi everyone,been panicking again. Got home.from work ad my legs were aching so much, also had bad knee ache on the left to the point i hd trouble bending it so decided to feel the back of my knee i felt a lump right wjere the crease of. The back of my knee so i went to the doctors who reassured me that it was either a lipoma fatty lump or a ganglion cyst. But iv been reading about bakers cysts . Am i too young to have one of those im 29. I am overweight . Im scared it could be something else , maybe cancer . Lumps terrify me. Any information would be really appreciated thank you x

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  • Please don't worry about cancer. I get lumps at the back of my knees. I have arthritis behind the patella in both knees they are painful and swollen. A simple ultrasound can tell if you have a bakers Cyst.

    Take care and don't worry

    Jen X

  • Thank you jen,. Tryimg so hard not to worry but when im getting achy painful legs alomg with the lump it scares me. I get extreamly anxious and think the worst. But trying to not think bad thought. Thank you for your reply x

  • No problem I also get very painful aching legs .

    Jen X

  • Hi Kylie . If you are over eight that could explain the aches in your legs. I am sure if your GP had any concerns he would have referred you for other tests. Fatty lumps are common, as as ganglions.


  • Hi

    Had one of these a couple of years ago.

    Turned out to be a bakers cyst.

    Not nice but treatable and nothing to worry about.

    See your GP soon and you can get it sorted.

    Take care.



  • The most common cause of a bakers cyst is damage to the knee, where fluid passes through the knee joint and collects at the back to form a cyst. Rather than being a true cyst it is just a collection of synovial fluid. It can happen at any age.

  • My ex had one of these years ago. Can't remember what they called it but I believe it went down of its own accord.

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