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Injections or surgery to reduce knuckle pain?

Hello, I am new here, a 70 year old with back pain since my early twenties that was never given a diagnosis, but is now called osteoarthritis. I have now developed a large lump on my right index finger which is extremely painful, stops me sleeping and prevents finger activity.

Are there any injections or surgery to reduce the pain.

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Have you seen a hand specialist? You should talk to your GP and ask for a referral to the hand specialist in your area, which might be a physio or occupational therapist. Or the GP might think it is bad enough to refer to a surgeon. Yes, there are things that can be done, but it is also important to try to make sure that you do things to make sure that the progression of arthritis is slowed down.

I have several of these lumps now and I have found that they start off painful but then eventually they don't hurt any more. Apparently Keith Richards has found the same and says his hand osteoarthritis doesn't hurt him at all! Here is an article which includes some photos of his lumpy hands.

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Thanks for your helpful observations and advice. I will ask GP about hand specialist, as previously I was just given painkillers, that do not work.


Hi 259scruff, welcome to the group..I'm 68 and know the pain you are in..I have inflammatory arthritis and that started in my index fingers, the fingers are very swollen and I can't make a fist ...I would ask your GP for blood tests to rule out Rheumatoid arthritis and to refer you to a rheumatologist..I was initially given a steroid injection which really helped for a few weeks, by which time the blood tests had come back and showed that inflammatory /rheumatoid arthritis was the problem and was started on a DMARD....2 years on, A lot of the swelling has gone and only marginal (bearable) pain remains..

Soaking hands in Epsom salts and warm water helps.

Kate X


Thanks so much for your helpful reply. Eileen x


A small amount of Steroid Injection may be fine for your painful osteoarthritis in your finger

Do not have any injections in or near or around your Spine - PLEASE


Thanks. I have already had injections in the spine. The first worked well and was pain-free for 6 months. The second was completely useless. I will ask for injection in my finger


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