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managing pain

I am new here and have been reading through the posts, I am a RSD sufferer and have been for many years, I manage my pain usually very well, but have discovered that a simple thing like a injection can make it flare up, I wrote about this in an earlier post, I am thankful I have a very understanding GP and we usually between the 2 of us get some control, anyway over the years I have had to find different ways to cope with my pain, one way is to close your eyes, imagine you are on a beach watching the sea going in and out, with every wave out, that is pain going away, I am not saying this will work for everyone but it may help someone. I have a supportive partner who does most of the housework and cooking, ( I do have other medical problems to cope with) if I want to do something, I break it up into smaller ways, like say I want to do some dusting, instead of going for it and try to do it all at once, I may do the shelves then rest a while, do you get what I mean. I have also learnt to make life easier for myself, I have a table beside my chair, on this I put stuff I may want that day, like the phone, tissues book ect, I then do not have to keep getting up for bits, in the kitchen we brought a hot water gadget, so all you do is fill it with water, press a button and the hot water comes out, no more lifting a kettle. in the wet room, I have a seat so I can sit and shower, I have a high stool in the kitchen, the seat is a it slightly tilted. this means I can wash up, prepare veg and generally help or hinder.

I have learnt to listen to my body, if it says you are tired, then I rest, if it says the pain is getting worse, then I make sure I rest on my bed, and try to distract the pain, if not I do have oramorph as a top up. My greatest distraction, is my workroom, I love to make and create dolls house miniatures and I find that I can distract from the discomfort for a while, so there you are another tip, find a hobby, something you have to think about, hopefully I have been help to some of you, if anyone wants some advice or just to shout at, feel free to contact me.

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Oh reading this sounds like me the first time for a very long time

I've been feeling like a hypocrite having to do the things you are saying you do but now when I need to lie down I will

I'm very depressed at moment as I can't see if things are going to get better

I can't weight bear just eneough to get to loo manage all in pain to do meals

I am trying to fight it but thank you for putting your problem on here and if you get any med that gives you relief I would like to know

I hope I don't loose you on here not sure what you do but take care June


You should never feel guilty about resting, I have been known to stay in bed for a week when I am bad and have not even brushed my teeth for a couple of days!! I am on morphine and have oramorph for break through pain, I was on Gabepentin, this has now been changed to Pregabalin as my pain got out of control, have got to go back to pain clinic for advice. I do have other health problems so it gets a bit complicated when I need other treatment, I have a blood condition, my blood clots for no reason so I have to have regular blood tests and am on warafin.

I try very hard not to get depressed, I try to remain positive, but at times when the pain is really bad, I will sit and cry and would do anything to make it go away, but that is part of me that My family or friends never see, I am my own worse enemy,

do you have family support? or someone you can talk to? I visit here once a day, so |I am happy to chat to you

take care x


Thanks for your reply I am going to stay on the bed today just to get a bit of relief

Do you feel worse if you have company and as soon as they are gone you go to the bed

Sad isint it as its lovely to see them oh stop moaning june lol

On bed with telly lol

You take care it's nice to be able to talk to someone who has similar problems x


Gosh your problems seem like mine morphine warfafarin gabapentin

It's nice to talk to you

Yes I have got family support but I have only just told them how bad it is hid a awfull lot from them but had to give in over the last two weeks so trying to sort things out

Will let you know how I get on

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Have finally got some control over my pain, I can cope with it a lot better, its just like a bad toothache now, been back in my work room, making miniatures, helps to distract me, hope you start to feel better soon x


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