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New pain

My usual posts concern my lumber spine and sacrioilic joint pain but I've now developed something new.

I used to sleep OK and that was my emotional haven but for the last 4/5 weeks I've been having increasing discomfort at night. The pain is pins and needles in my hands and tingling and aching in my upper arms combined with a numbness, burning sensation. It wakes me up and I change sides. The pain goes away then a couple of hours later starts again on the side I'm lying on. And so on. I've tried using pillows to rest my arms on and doing stretching exercises for my hands and arms during the day. Having been one who looked forward to bed as a relief from the back pain I now dread going to sleep. I've always had the waking up with a sense of dread and fear well ever since my back pain became bad but I'd learnt to deal with it. Now I have it several times a night and no joy in going to bed.

What's happening to me ? I was starting to accept and deal with the pain I had ( well mostly) but this is just knocking me back.


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Hi Dee,

So sorry to read it this - it must feel really worrying and affect you greatly. Sleep is so important and makes the pain during the day more manageable.

Wondering what sort of mattress you have and if you have tried a memory foam topper for your mattress? It supports our bodies in a much softer way, the deeper you can get the topper the better and of course if you were investing in a new mattress a solid memory foam one is even better - but beyond my means at the moment!!

I sent you a reply to your Pm a couple of times, I think the first reply got lost when I was away. Let me know if you didn't receive the second please. Have been thinking about you lots.

Hoping today started more comfortably.

Gentle hugs




Hello Shirley my dear. I have the most super duper mattress . Spent a lot of time "visiting" every kind of mattress and ended up spending a lot of money on the best quality sprung mattress. Up till last month it worked a great. Its only 6 months old and we turn it regularly. Well my husband and daughter do. Its very very heavy !

Wish it was a simple as that. I'm suspecting a nerve thing ?




So not the simple answer then - that's a great shame.

Of course you're going to be worried and the disturbed nights won't help that. Have you got a PM or doc appt coming up?

Did you get my PM my Lovely??



I would imagine anyone with a back problem is an expert on matresses and has already sorted out which is the best one and got it. Anyway something that suddenly starts cannot be caused by a matress they have been sleeping on for ages. It is a new thing.

Do you take omega 3 or any other blood thinners?


Do you know the reason for your spine and sacroiliac pain? I'm just asking because if by any chance it is inflammatory back pain from something like ankylosing spondylitis, then it can be treated. If you haven't ever had an assessment by a rheumatologist, then ask if you can be referred to rule out inflammatory back pain. (check out inflammatory back pain on the National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society website)

As far as the arm numbness goes, I have ankylosing spondylitis and as well as lumbar and sacroiliac pain, I also have a lot of problems in my neck, and guess what - that can put pressure on cervical spinal nerves that run down your arms. So waking with numb buzzy arms is a very common occurrence for me too, especially when my spinal disease is flaring. If you want to reduce the chances of it happening, then getting your neck at exactly the right angle in bed is incredibly important - you usually don't need as big a pillow as you might think, and sometimes having one of those squishy microbead travel pillows you can put under the curve of your neck can help a lot.


Fibromyalgia, Pins and needles can be down to B12 Deficiency or Low Thyroid (Hypothyroidism) or both. I have now RECOVERED from the same symptoms as you have, a lot of Fibromyalgia/Cronic Fatigue/ME is down to Doctors not understanding your thyroid or B12 Bloods.

Doctors only see a problem when Thyroid or B12 bloods are out of range, yet many patients presenting with Fibro/CFS/ME have LOW within range Thyroid or B12 bloods which can still be giving the same problems as out of range bloods. These are the 'missed' people.

Check out/Google -

STTM = STOP THE THYROID MADNESS. (An American website whose name says it all. Here in UK we have Thyroid UK) Pop your story up on both Thyroid Uk and the PAS Pernicious Anemia Society for help.

Also ask for a printout of your last bloods done and their ranges too and pop them up on either Thyroid uk or PAS, (many do this now as we have a right to our own bloods,) members on both Thyroid UK and PAS can spot a problem in the bloods where Doctors have 'over looked' you. Several in my Family have been 'missed' (over looked) by Doctors, but I now know which bloods to keep an eye out for and can see at a glance when something is wrong.

Without help from many members on different sites here on Health Unlocked, several of my Family members and I would still be very ill.

Also you might be low in range in iron, Ferritin, (stored iron) follate and vitamin D.

I never realized the power of some of the much higher doses of certain vitamins.

A reminder that Fibromyalgia is a well known symptom of BOTH Low Thyroid (Hypothyroidism) and vitamin B12 deficiency.

I do hope you are NOT on antidepressants or Statins as they can make you worse if you already have a Thyroid problem.


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