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Pain in neck and arms

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Hi everyone I've suffered with pain in and around my neck and shoulders for year but things are changing i'm getting pain in left bicep and forearm and in hand strange sensation now it starting in right arm my gp just keeps giving me more meds at this rate I won't be able to drive what can I say to gp to get proper diagnosis thanks

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Please may I see a Physioterrorist?

Hi Elvis67, I agree with you what do you say to get a correct diagnosis. But try saying you want a diagnosis not just treatment of the symptoms. Ask if there are other options besides pills, like exercise gym, acupuncture, physiotherapy even if you have to pay a small fee. Pills can cause other problems like muscle weakness which could be what's happening too. Some pain benefits from joint injections,or a short course of steroids if you haven't already tried that of course.Be persistent and good luck.

Hello elvis

This sounds like problems with C1-C2 in your neck, this can cause pain transmitting down your arm.

Possibly you may be advised to see a Specialist who may be able to arrange further treatment

One way some people go is after asking your GP is to go for some manipulation in the private sector of discuss treatment options with a pysio in the NHS.

I would not worry regarding your pain killers at this time. You will need to be sensible and not drive if you feel you are a danger.

One thing you can try is a TENS Machine this may be of use and the hospital Specialist should be able to train you in its operation I on occasions use this form of treatment when required and it can assist in a slight reduction in medications

Good Luck


Hi Elvis I never thought I'd be talking to Elvis,he used to be my idle lol.But joking aside from my own experience of GP,I would defiantly ask for a second opinion with a consultant .I really don't see the point of taking tablets for something that you haven't had a proper diagnosis of.You may have to be a bit pushy but he really can't refuse you.Good Luck

Are you diabetic? Could it be peripheral neuropathy? For which there is no treatment

Hey Elvis,

Correct diagnosis is a primary factor when it comes to treatment of any disease or disability.You could check with some other doctor for the treatment, may be he could give advice and treat you in a better way.

I had a pain in my neck and down my right arm with pins and needles like numbness in my hand, I was given Ibuprofen tablets to take, and sent for an Xray of my neck which confirmed Osteoarthritis which was trapping a nerve in my neck. I also looked at my posture for instance my arm hurt more when I was typing on my computer so I bought a new chair and repositioned the mouse, and the pain went away. I still get it a bit now and then but it goes again with care.

Hiya elvis (you've made me smile today thanks)

Some of my problems started like this, and if I'd known then.................

Please go back to your gp with a concise written list of symptoms. It does sound like trapped nerve problems, but even a simple xray may help diagnosis, and wouldn't you rather make sure that you avoid anything continuing to decline. You can politely and freely ask for a second opinion. Please, pleasde do push for more, even if you have got the ubiquitous 'ageing' changes, there are ways and means to avoid the worst.

I speak as someone who heroically struggled for years only to be told the damage to my spine was too extensive and too late for any corrective treatment ergo now disabled. Good luck.

The Gp will not be able to give your a proper diagnosis. Gp's know very little about how the body works as an engineering system.

Diagnosis is not much help when you need to learn to use the body the way the body is designed to be used as an engineering system.

You need to learn about head balance, location of where your centre of gravity should be, and how to get the best use out of the proprioceptors. None of this information is available from the NHS.

Alexander Technique, Yoga, Masssage therapy and T'ai chi are all ways that you can use to begin to use your body the way your body is designed to be used as an engineering system.

Hope this helps

Hi Elvis. I am sorry you are in pain. I would ask your doctor for a diagnosis and tell her or him that you would like a referral to a neurologist if she or he can't put their finger on the problem. Good luck!

I had similar pains. Was Diagnosed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and degeneration of neck. Had surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome last year but still have problem. So I would pressurize the GP for further investigation and treatment. Accupuncture helped a lot.

Insist on being referred for an MRI. scan. The pain is horrendous.

I know the pain you feel. I have a problem with C5. Exercises will help to keep the neck mobile, please don't force movements.

Hope you feel some relief soon.

I too have been recently diagnosed with problems with c5 and 6 discs. I'm in horrendous pain at the moment and waiting for pain management clinic to take over from physio. At the moment I'm on amitriptyline at night which helps me sleep at night, but I'm in loads of pain in the day. Any suggestions as to what might help would be much appreciated. Heat packs and paracetemol just not cutting it :( can't even look after little girl properly at the mo, have to wait for hubby to lift her into bath for me, feeling low.

This was interesting, thank you

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