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Nerve pain in lower back

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Hi everyone I am 51 years old and nearly five years ago my health changed dramatically when I developed a bladder condition that in turn has resulted in damaged nerves in my lower back. This nerve pain is vicious in nature and causes me to stay at home, doses up on strong painkillers. It is highly unpredictable and therefore hard to know often what triggers it. Treatment I have tried so far includes acupuncture, steroid injections and denervation. It would be reassuring to hear from others who may have experiences of similar pain as it can be a very isolating thing and causes me to feel very low at times.

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Hi, I have acute lower back pain and the doctors don't really know why. I've been off work for 6 months and the pain goes in waves through each day. You are not alone in feeling isolated and this type of pain does appear to have that effect- maybe others do too but I don't know! I'm doing a bit better recently once a friend advised me to ask for help more . I struggle to do that but am managing better now that I have a bit more company and help with some jobs when needed! Take care, Ro

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Thank you Ro for your reply though I am sorry that you suffer so. I must admit that prior to suffering I never really 'got' how strong an impact back pain could cause. Having to cancel things and being unable to so simple things like housework or going for a walk all contribute to the wave of depression that washes over me. I do try and meditate however which aids a little in trying to have some acceptance. Wishing you well.

Hi u need to get u GP to refer u to a pain specialist they will know the best way of treating u. I know how u feel I have crps I'm am in pain 24/7 some of my meds have stopped working I'm also have mental health problems they are coming to see me next month, so in a way I know how u feel,

Best wishes

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Thank you so much for talking the time to reply and I am sorry that your pain affects you mentally - I do however not know what 'CRPS' is? I have been under pain management at Stoke Mandeville hospital for about four years but recently they have been failing me and I am still waiting for lidocaine patches 13 weeks post my consultation which is unforgiveable. Pain saps energy and mental well-being and I would not wish chronic nerve pain on anyone.

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I too have nerve pain from CRPS I completely agree with you regarding pain killers.I went cold turkey and stopped all painkillers because I wanted to feel and understand the pain.I have now been put on low doses of Pregabalin .Of course you feel low we all do at times.I am trying a new tactic,trying to outsmart the pain,feeling positive,aromatherapy and 'Mindfulness' Stay strong and get into the air,nature and anything that makes you happy!

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I too practice mindfulness though it is quite hard to stay focused when pain is present - I do try however and it does help to some extent. I did a course at the beginning of the year through Healthy Minds and found it incredibly beneficial - I am glad you use mindfulness too to help you cope with your pain days.

Best wishes


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Sorry to hear you're in pain.

I too suffer, at times, with crippling low back pain, constant burning and horrific spasms.

I'm on a prescription of meds from the GP, but they don't touch the sides most of the time.

I listened to my chiropractor and keep mobile, sometimes at a snails pace, but I go for a walk, at least once a day, everyday.

I've mentioned it in another reply, and it may sound silly, but relaxation, however difficult it is, works for me briefly.

With the lighting dimmed, I wrap myself up in a 12 foot maternity pillow, prop myself in a sloped angle on the sofa, and rest a mini tower fan on my shoulder. The fan resonates a gentle vibration through my head, and blows gentle cool air on my face. I focus in on the fan noise, the breeze and the comfort from the pillow. More often than not I get some mild relief, and sometimes even nod off.

(eBay : 12 foot maternity pillow £25 and usb mini tower fan £9).

It may sound silly and even look ridiculous, but it works for me.

I hope you get some relief soon.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply. I agree that relaxation is ultra important and whatever works for an individual is never 'silly'. All the best


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I was put on Pregabalin yesterday as I have severe back pain due to a curvature and old fractures to t11 & 12 and lumber 1 which havent healed correctly . How do you find the Pregabalin Ialso have to take Morphine as a pain control as well.

Also suffer depression and Epilepsy which dont help :/

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Is it nerve pain or is it muscle spasm compressing nerve with pain as the result. A damaged nerve is damaged and so would expect a constant in regard to pain. However, you say the pain is highly unpredictable. This suggests possible muscle behaviour as a factor.

See a McTimony chiropractor and an Alexander teacher. These are both specialists in muscle behaviour albeit working on different aspects of muscle behaviour. The medical profession know very little about how muscle behaviour causes pain and discomfort.

From the experience of saying both a McTimony chiropractor and Alexander teacher you may be better informed about muscle behaviour and pain and discomfort in your situation.

Hope this helps.

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Hi. I hear you. Lower back pain is really tuff to live with.

I have pills, and some are very strong. What I do know is that, the right kind of

Physiotherapy can help. You learn what to do and do it at home - in your

on time and at your own pace. It also helps to have a massage. Maybe every

4 or 5 weeks if you can. It will help you on a deeper level than just Physiotherapy

as it works on a psychological level, and that's vital.

Wishing you well


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I have had low back problems for 40 years, one surgery fixed the L5-S1 disc but the problem just moved up to L5-L4 and over the past year it has become much worse and none of the anti-infamation drugs helped. About 3 months ago I switched to Gabapentin 100mg 3 times a day, and was told to increase the dose if needed to but I have been okay with the 3-100mg. I use an app to remind me to take them. As long as I don't sit too much it has been helpful.

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The most important thing to help with any back pain is physical therapy! I have been the whole route with facets disease. I was on hydro condone 10/325 twice a day for several years until I developed severe constipation! I started cutting back on the amount I was taking until the government limited me to 7 pills a month. At that point I ordered CBD oil and my doctor ordered PT for my back! I have not had to go back for pain control for over a year and now I’m not using the oil only ibuprofen because of the anti-inflammatory aspect. I try not to over load my back and I am fairly pain free now!

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