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trapped femeral nerve


hi I've been suffering from a trapped femeral nerve for 3 years constant burning pain in the thigh numbness and tingling pain made worse by standing I've had medication that asnt worked I've also just recently had a nerve block and asnt made no difference at all if owt it worse I've been told I have to live with it ,they said their is an operation so why carnt I have it done surely it's my choice how can they expect you to live with something that your life so miserable am I able to demand that I can have it done

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Well, you first have to ask why you aren't being offered the op. Did they give a reason?


Hope you get this ok using my phone.

If you live in UK. Go to see a pheripheral nerve specialist privately. I suggest Prof Carstedt who has retired from NHS but is very experienced for advice.

One consultation and at least you will know if surgery is a possibility.


Totally symphathise with you, I have something totally different, actually saw a Vascular Surgeon to have my feet amputated as the pain is so intense, they refused to do it. That was four years ago, so still living with my pain.

lowlife in reply to AmyPS

Hi Amyps, that is awful for you. Your pain must be so bad to want to take the drastic step of amputation. I so want them to find a total pain relief cure within my lifetime. Sooner rather than later.

AmyPS in reply to lowlife

Ooooo I can but dream of a pain relief that helps... Have a lovely day. :)

I think you need to tell them that you really can't take the pain any longer and that you will do anything to get rid of it so if that means an op then thats what you want. Ask your docter to refer you to the appropriate specialist. You have a right to choose what specialist you see and your entitled to a second opinion. Find out the reason why you weren't offered an op before. Sometimes they tell you to live with it for them to see how much pain your really in. When you don't take no for an answer its only then that they realise how much pain your in. My thighs are tight and burning day and night but im trying to cope for now. I dont know for how much longer though.


There is always the possibility that the surgery only produces minimal relief, or is works for only a few people, when that is the case the surgeon and his team have to justify it before a panel of their peers, this is done to make sure all the other avenues have been explored and you will not be left in a worse condition. Sounds simple doesn't it, it does not however take into account the individuals suffering and the effect it has on their life,you can demand if you want but as a rule it won't help you, you need to go back to your G.P and tell him how things are for you, if he can't help you ask him to refer you to the pain clinic, if you have already been there you can go back and tell them all the problems this is causing you, and ask them if you can be considered for surgery, if not why not? Be polite but firm and take someone with you if you can for support, preferably someone who see's the struggles you have in everyday life. I wish you success, living with constant pain is no fun.

Have they found where it is trapped? Or is it case you have the symptoms of a trapped femeral nerve?

I am puzzled as to why you have been left for three years.

Cannot suggest anything as I have no idea what the health system you are part of is doing. Can you enlighten us?

thankyou all for your advice , I had a duplex scan a few month ago to make sure wasn't vascular thankfully wasn't . I can only think of 2 things that may of caused it ,I had a prolapsed bowel opperation and it stared a couple of month after they said it can be caused by scar tissue and I also had a MRI to rule out siatica they sed not that, and my back was ok , also get really bad back pain aswell yet the guy at pain clinic sed I had 3 worn discs in my back witch could be causing the trapped femeral nerve so god knows all I can say is I wouldn't wish it on anybody and it's made worse when standing looks like I'll be sitting down for the unforseable future that the only time it doesn't hurt it feels exact same as wen you go to dentice and get numbed except I get burning ang like prickley feeling :(

It sounds like you certainly have nerve pain. The nerve is irritated and causing pain. You had a block which didn't work but this could be down to doctor not getting it right or the right spinal level.....second opinion sounds the way to go. Back to GP like others have said and be firm about wanting a second opinion and you can't take the pain any more. Best wishes..

thankyou guys I'm off to docs tomorrow.

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