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Neck/ shoulders and back hurt so much 😢

I am still struggling with neck pain / shoulder and upper back right now my usual med's don't seem to be helping very much. Along with fatigue & blurred vision iam at my wits end. What can I do I have facet joint injections next week but I just can't cope with the pain very well. My neck grinds & a snapping sound when I move it I think it's the bone spurs getting worse & or more disk degeneration. The lidocaine patch isn't helping. What should I do guys.?? My gp are all anti opioids too I had to ask them to keep me on my dihydrocodine.

Thanks for listening.

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So sorry to hear you are in so much pain, it's horrid and very difficult to get on with everyday things. Have you considered getting a second opinion about your pain medication? If there is something out there that would help you, you shouldn't be denied it just because it is an opiod. There may be other reasons why they won't prescribe it (eg interactions with other meds, medical history etc) but they should tell you if this is the case. If the only reason is because they are against them point blank, I would try to get to see another doctor. I hope you get some relief soon x


Thanks for your suggestions. I was thinking about getting another Dr. I think it may be due to my past history & there views about certain medication. I will keep on to my Dr thanks xx


I'm also being referred to a neurologist for my symptoms but that's once I have my facet joint injections & pain management programme is complete so I don't know how long Il be waiting x


So sorry to hear your in so much pain i can see why the doc wont give opiuds ive been on them 6 times a day for 2 years and at 1st i felt a bit of relief but then the pain receptors got so use to it i had to keep upping them.

I felt like a complete zombie and the opiuds werent working after awhile so i cut back.

i have started taking vit B3 magnesium and B12 this seems to be helping im notfree of pain but its manageable i now have stopped the opiuds and cut down on my other meds.

The withdrawal isnt pleasant but i know it will pass .

im sure these vits are helping me.

all the best .

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Thanks I'm going to buy some B vitamins & magnesium iv heard many positive experiences with these vitamins. I know all about opioids I hate the withdrawal symptoms I usually take them for upto a week then stop again in fear of becoming addicted.but sometimes I need them to function. At the moment I also take turmeric capsules, high strength fish oil, & glucosamine along with a multi vitamin. My diet is pretty good & I exercise when I can sometimes 4 x s a week or when pain allows me to.

How much magnesium & b12 & b3 should I take ? I would have to cut out the multi vitamin.

Thanks for your suggestions 😊


Are there any brands of vitamin you would recommend??


I take 1 D3 5000 with K2 1/3 tsp magnesium powder 2x day and B12 1000 i had to order mine from england through Phoenix nutrition as i cant get this dose in new zealand .

i hope this helps


Trouble is all people are different, and certain drugs work better on some people, I know for certain that it is trial and error with all drugs and the management comes from using the tools your pain clinic gives you and I find that relaxation and tension makes the pain worsen quickly in movement, and so any pain meds that aid that is welcome no matter what when the pain is constant in everything you do.

So the pain tells you really what works, and if it works then go for it as long as you use common sense and try and control the drugs and not vice-versa .

But in the neck, nobody knows just how bloody painfull it can be, because it travels up and into the head and face or go down the back as it flares up, and only those that live with it has the right to everything that opioids or anti-inflammatory , or whatever works best because the pain can drive you to do anything after a while or you have to sit in a chair and worsen as your muscles weaken with unused movement ,and it happens very quickly, so although not moving can stop the flame pain, but you can find some way to move that can only help keep it from getting worse, after all you have to have some life ,But I suggest also that you get on to your GP and go back to pain clinic and tell them just how you feel. best Alex

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