Ode to Pain

Why must you awaken after a lovely day?

Can I not just have some time away?

You’re always with me, even if you’re sleeping

And when you stir, you have me weeping.

You set alight to my leg and laugh at my screams

Then crush my knee... And my hopes, and my dreams.

Why must you stab me and linger too long?

Can’t you just fuck off so I can finish my song?

You came out of nowhere, now you live here rent-free

You’re more than a nuisance and you irritate me.

You wind me up so tight inside. Until I explode...

This, dear Pain, is your ode

7 Replies

  • very good. that made me laugh im sorry if i wasnt meant to laugh but its quite funny. not that your in pain just some of the words. so how are you doing now? did you try that exercise i gave you for widening your shoulders.? i hope that you soon feel much better. love grace xoxo

  • It made my boyfriend laugh too :-)

    Yes I did, my back between my shoulders is less tense since I've been doing them

  • Morning sammijs loved your ode had a giggle and I am responding now before it gets taken off by admin cos of the little curse word. I understand how you feel and really there's no word other than that to explain your frustration with the pain.

    Hope you've managed to drop off to sleep now 😴😴😴 if you have - then I wish wonderful dreams of no pain hugsnkisses on their way 😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗

  • No administration. Please , you know the difference between absolute ignorance and some HUMOUR We all need 😀😂

  • Brilliant! Cheered me up after a night of little sleep.

  • I felt quite sassy and that I'd got one up on my pain by writing that :-D

  • That was very well done. You couldn't have uses a more brilliant verb as "Fuck Off" so you can finish your song. Swearing has become a "crazy" coping mechanism sometimes and what I was taught not to say - in the oddest of times it "Speaks the Truth!"

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