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ode to ATOS by me

hello, I believe there are some people

who work for ESA

and when you've had too much of your pain

they take it all away!

they send you for a Med eekle

and after you have been

they send you a letter to confirm

"you're the fittest one we've seen!"

now go out and find a job

because you have no pain.

you'll be well forever

we won't see you again.

you'll work a full 8 hour day

no more "Ouch!" not even a peep

you'll forget 'cos for you're so cured now -

it even hurt to sleep!

now your days are longer,

and you just dance around

not the "old" 2 step -

move one foot.... hit the ground!

look at all the money they've saved

and we can all relax.

no more funding the sick or hospitals

they'll knock it off their tax!

So don't worry if you are sick,

anxiety, pain, depression.

We'll fix it all and cancer too -

the parliament's in session!

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My feeling is yes its bad luck to have pain but you csn have a life if you want it badly enough.

You can work as a volunteer, choose your hours and get paid expenses. If you are clever about it, you could make as much in expenses as a part tine wage. And it doesn't affect your benefits.

If you can go out shopping, get your hair done , have coffee with friends, then theres no reason why you can't work for a couple of hours a week. If you sit at your computer all day surfing and playing games, then you can get an admin job doing data entry which most probably can be done from home.

Nobody is expecting you to go and do a 60 hour week, you have to take it slowly. With volunteering you can try loads of different jobs, get all the training you need and build up your skill base so that when you are able to work you have sonething to offer.

Its far too easy to sit back and blame the gov, health service, social services or who ever for your condition that causes pain. Afterall, the alternative is to find a way of living with the pain, a way of controlling it so it doesn't control you, and part of that is feeling useful in society by working. That's much too hard isn't it?

or you can do what I did - set up your own business and again choose the terms of your employment.

We are not the only people who suffer pain. Athletes, sports people, dancers, armed forces all suffer pain on a daily basis - do you ever hear them say - sorry, not going to rub the next race as it kills my calves? No, they get on with it because pain is part of their life. Difference is they choose to be in pain to reach their goals, we are given pain for whatever reason, and have to find a way to live with it.

What you do, you can't give up and blame anyone who is passing. Its your life, you only get one go at it so make it the best. Who knows, work might just be the diversion you need to forget about your pain for an hour or so. And you might even like it.


thanks zanna, it's a well thought out reply.

my "ode " is an attempt at irony and humour.

I would love to do some voluntary work but unfortunately I have a serious condition that rules that out.

I don't blame anyone and I certainly won;t give up.

I do appreciate your response.




hey you work for;

a) Tory Party

b) Daily mail

c) DWP




i agree i think zanna is a tory plant,


He he he, I only work for myself, and sandra, I'm sorry you are unable to do any. Work - although you have a great way with words and humour. I'm sorry, if I've come over too strong, or spoken out of turn, but there are peeps out there who just sit back and wait for life to happen.

Unfortunately the medium of blogging doesn't allow for intonation and verbal expression, and everything is open to personal interpretation. I don't know you well enough to know you were being ironic. Perhaps I should have been less wordy.

Do you write much poetry? Thats a wee talent you have there


zanna, you're entitled to your opinion and I knew that was what you meant, there was no malice in your post only helpful suggestion.

how we read posts depends on the kind of day/week we're having

you are right, blogs are a cold medium and, if I knew how, I'd add those smiley or grumpy "balls".

thankyou for your comment on my poem. They sort of pop into my head and I freewrite [just writing, not checking] before I forget it. I've not written a lot, but like to do them. I use the on-screen keyboard and there are letters missing everywhere when I've done.




I agree, Sandra's poem is great and I'd love to see more in the future. Zanna, yes I can see your point too, a lot of people feel some pain (and I'm not dismissing anyone's pain at all) and give up work to sit on their bums and expect the taxpayer to keep them - unfortunately I know and live near people who have done this.

I've been on the lovely ssp for about 30 weeks and am waiting to find out if I can get esa, or another benefit but have to say I hate being home all the time as I was bought up that if you can work then you do! I know some people can't work and am not slagging them off in the least. I want to go back to my job, but the boss won't let me due to issues with my working conditions, and have been told that if I leave for any rreason, I'll have no benefits/money for a minimum of 6 months so can't do that and he won't make me redundant on medical issues in case I sue him! Now I know how my gerbils and hamster feel when they're on their excercise wheels - going on and on but going nowhere!


oh, I hope you get off that wheel sometime, being trapped like that is not good.


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