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Lower back pain!!!


I'm 24 years old and have already suffered from lower back pain several times in my life.

It lasts for 2 weeks now and is very bad, I mean I can't move and cry because of pain!

I've already had an appointment with my GP, who told me I had a muscle spasm and just had to wait until it recovered. He prescribed me some painkillers as well. Yesterday I had a consultation with physiotherapist, who confimed that it's a muscular pain.

I must add I'm a musician, which is very bad for back, so I think I just overdid my practise. But now I'm not playing my instrument for almost 2 weeks, stay at home and it's not getting much better!

I'm very depressed and annoyed, cause I don't know what to do. Every time I wake up I'm afraid of my pain. I use lots of painkillers and a heating patches. I do lots of exercises to stretch my muscles. I don't know why it takes so long!

Can anyone suggest me anything? Is it normal that it lasts so long? Do you know any other methods for muscle spasm?I look forward to your replies!


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Diazepam is good for muscle spasm as heat/ or tens machine x


Hi,is your doctor certain this is muscle pain ? Has he done any other tests ? Ask him to do a blood test to look for Ankylosing Spondylitis.Have a look at the symptoms for AS on the web.It sounds very much to me like you may well have this You are the right age to be showing symptoms for this disease.If the blood tests show you do have AS, it's important to start treatment straight away to avoid the damage this disease can do.If you do get a positve blood test, I've lived with thisvfor the last 30 years and can give you some good advice Get in touch if you think I can help



Many younger people have back troubles in early life, they normally get less at around twenty six. You are in an occupation that bad posture will anger muscular pain, so posture will be a problem.

I know little of your occupation you will need to try and take any strain of your neck. the neck can cause problems, as stress is formed on neck, spine. the head is heavy.

Personally the doctor thinks that you have overdone it, under those circumstances try different positions when sitting and playing. possibly take some paracetamol for pain and one of the propriaty brufen type NSIDs for a short period of time until you get better, follow this with reading a book on posture and lifting to help in your problems.

A Tens may be useful set at low frequencies, like what an EMS does athletes use EMS to strengthen muscular groups. Go to the gym for upper torso exercises to strengthen neck and shoulders As this in later life could be a problem.

At the early twenties the doctors say posture you do not need any meds unless really necessary. Give time to recover if it gets worse then look at other medications, you are still very young..

Yours in pain



"I must add I'm a musician, which is very bad for back, so I think I just overdid my practise." Musicians are known to have problems with pain due to bad muscular usage.

However my understanding of this is that the problems due not occur until their 40's. At 24 you are quite young. However it could be advisable to contact one of the music schools and ask they may be able to provide some useful information.

Alexander Teachers are worth contacting as some of them specialise in playing particular muscical instruments and posture.


Hi I've had bad back pain and ended up in hospital for 4 days with it. I originally had it when I was 30 (fainted at home due to it and had to call emergency Dr). Then was rushed to A&E at 37 with loss of bladder control, weak legs, sciatica, pelvic pain - which turned out to be central prolapsed disc. What I have learnt is that my GP missed my symptoms for years and just told me I had muscular pain or CFS (cos I was always tired and achy from it). Complete tosh!

So my tips are:

- consider seeing an osteopath to get them to assess you overall

- ask for a 2nd opinion from the physio (could it be a slipped disc?)

muscle pain is very painful and it can take more than 2 weeks to resolve but it's worth ruling out other causes

- get the physio to give you a programme of stretches

- has your GP prescriped diazepam (valium muscle relaxer v good), naproxen (strong anti-inflammatory), Omneprezole (stomach protector), coedine (painkiller - does constipate so eat more fibre). A good mix of these will help make life more bearable and enable you to do stretches

- once you begin to improve look for 1:1 pilates coaches in your area. They're not cheap around £50 - £60 an hr but they will help improve your muscle strength and stablise your core.

If it's any consolation I slipped my disc on the 1 Sept and I still have pains and am seeing my Physio. Believe me it does get better. But as my physio said to me 'you're going to have to exercise every day for the rest of your life and you need to make some lifestyle changes'

I can highly recommend meditation as well for relaxing muscles and combating any depression you feel. Search for 'Headspace' online or on your phone apps. They have 10 free meditation sessions that really help you get into the swing of relaxing.

Good luck. Don't suffer. See your GP.


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