Pain in right side of back yet left leg in pain also.

Has anyone had herniated disc on one side but the opposite leg in pain at same time ive had this bother on and off for over20yrs and only the dr i seen has had back surgery herself referred me for a scan my appointment is on Friday cant wait to get answers &findout if this siatic nerve pain is causing my endometriosis symptoms to.

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  • Hi. I think you will have more answers after your appointment. Maybe post again when you have a bit more information Who will you be seeing ? I hope it goes well.


  • I have had a left-sided disc herniation and although I get raging sciatica in the left leg I also get pain in my right, but it is usually not nerve pain. I'm not saying your pain in the other leg is not caused by a bulging disc; I'm not a doctor. It's just that there are so many numbers of reasons, for example if you have trouble walking the muscles or hamstrings in your other leg can become very tight and cause pain. Also the nervous system is incredibly complex, so sometimes we get pain in other areas of the body from where the problem is.

    You may have noticed already that when your pain flares-up in one area from one thing (over doing activities for example), you get pain in all kinds of different places. This is because your brain becomes more aware that you are in pain and so even the slightest niggle suddenly becomes much worse.

    So try not to worry too much. See what comes of the scan and go back to the same GP that has referred you for the scan. Hopefully she will get to the bottom of it all.

    Good luck and keep us posted :D

  • Thanks for your advice it is nerve pain i know this because i nearly lost the end of 2fingers yrs ago it damaged the nerves the pain used to be in my right leg the most yrs ago then i shoved most my weight onto my left then that became even worse so again i shoved weight onto right side i ended up with a trapped nerve in my right foot the chiropodist explained how that had happened and how i had clearly got used to being in pain ,what a difference after the treatment she gave me i had been going to my gp in new areA ive had a terrible time of it with them untill just recently when my hospital dr contacted them when he got no reply from them he realised it backed up what i had been saying,unfortunately when you live in area where theres alot of amenitie houses the drs are very very busy and chasing thier tails all day as the surgery is in a bungalow house,its a shame for the drs to,anyway i just wanted to post on here for some help&advice as i have no support, so thank you very much.

  • Siatica that caused slipped disc and dr thinks i have a trapped nerve ,scan will be next time he did explain that you can have pain in leg on opposite side of painful back,see that's what seemed to confuse my gp's,oh well just have to see what happens next,im just so glad to be getting to the bottom of these health issues ive had for such a long time. 😉

  • A large herniated disc may give pain in both legs depending where the bulge is! I have had 3 surgeries now in lower back, L4/L5 and L5/S1 and currently waiting to ee Consultant again next week, I sometimes get pain in both legs but not for too long ( a few weeks ). Keep hassling your Doc.?

  • Yes when mines is very bad ,as in at its worst both legs get the pain and also groin area,ive had my mri last Friday so just awaiting doctor requesting me back to the hospital, ive a funny feeling its going to be mainly coming from tailbone area as i had bother with that first and had to adjust my way of sitting even though i was only sized ten the pressure was still painful.

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