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Unexplained pain in mostly left side


I am a 20 year old male. Since last year (2018) roughly July I've started experiencing slight pain, more discomfort than pain actually, in the area under my bottom ribs, meaning the ones that don't meet at the sternum. Over time it started to radiate to different parts of my body. First it was only on the left side, but recently its been shifting between left and right. now the pain is mostly in and around the ribs, but there have been times that i experienced it in my left shoulder, lower back, neck, sternum and lower arm. best way i can describe the pain, is a type of discomfort-ish sensation that feels like its on top of the ribs, rather than in them. this i am constantly aware of, as it has reached the stage where i can feel my shirts creases when touching it with the rib area. as for the pain in other areas, it comes and goes, and I can't seem to find any causes. most recently I've also started feeling episodes of pressure on the left side of my esophagus, next to my Adams apple.

All of this has caused me a great deal of stress and anxiety, and I've been to countless doctors of which most don't have a clear answer. I have even gone for chest X-rays, which my doc examined and found nothing, except for a slight "darkening" which she explains is because I am a smoker. I would appreciate any opinions and explanations, or even if you have also experienced this, feel free to share.

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I just read this as im up a bit late due to some dude who has a loudn barking dog (moi) ;-) It ha to certainly be related to Fibromyalgia as your description parallels my wifes.I use to think it was only a she problem but ever since a worker for another company told me he WAS diagnosed with it and also stated how painfull it can be some days,I have gained a deeper understanding of all this.I would sugest going to see and internist who specializes in Fybro.. and kn the mean time go to Amazon,get you one of thos TENS units I got on myself 3 weeks ago for omly around $25 .My friend said it really helps him an his thory is the electrical impulses do in fact counter the pain paths and over ride them in which case you feel tingling in areas around where there was that (hard to explain to someone) pain a few mins ago.For I would see about getting on a high dose B12 (B VITAMINS mega dose) combine with the helper vitamins (those compounds which wok togthe to ctually release the B vitamins in one's systm.THE DOSAGE AND VITMAMINS IM MENTIONING HERE HAVE BEEN TESTED SEVERAL YEARS AGO for contoling nerve -ending pain, numbness,diabetic neuropathy, and on chronic Alcoholics in which a large percntage develop the pain /numbness - neuropathic discomfort.I hope thi helps you kn some way my friend.GOD BLESS and if I happen to fknd the web page that shows the vitamins I will provide it to you and all.or try googlin it as reserch showing that vitamins very benefiial for those with neuopathic pain.....Have your self a good day friend!

Have you had an endoscopy to see if you may have a hiatus hernia?

martindkkp in reply to Karjade

someone has told me this could be a possibility, but docs ruled it out... planning on having a full ct scan pretty soon, might show up there.

Karjade in reply to martindkkp

My doctor told me for two years that I did not have a hiatus hernia and then he begrudgingly sent me for an endoscopy and the results were that I had a hiatus hernia and Barrett’s Oesophagus. Insist on having an endoscopy like I had to!

Hey Martin. Are you in the US or the UK? I understand the chasm of difference with health provision between the two countries! However, I may be able to offer some support asI have a number of diagnosed chronic (persistent) pain conditions predominantly on the left side of my body, quite literally from head to pelvis. Also, I'm lucky enough 😲 to have excruciating daily incursions of pain into the right side of my pelvis, with periodic, generous layers of right sided Cluster migraines. I'm from the UK and a former smoker (of tobacco). I'm in my mid forties and have experienced all of the above (and then some) from the age of 18. Life has been a blast 😂!

I could ramble on with a plethora of medical terms. But I'm trying to keep this reply short. So, please don't hesitate to ask any questions. Happy to help!


martindkkp in reply to Chedds

hi chedds. im from south africa, so healthcare benefits arent too great😅 i have also experienced migraine growing up, but havent had one in a few years. could this perhaps be related?

Chedds in reply to martindkkp

Hey Martin. This may sound odd, but, do you experience any form of gastric issues such as; indigestion, acid reflux or trapped wind? You don't have to answer that! I ask because certain elements of your abdominal, lower rib discomfort may possibly point to a simple gastric issue. Pain and discomfort from trapped wind can suprisingly manifest in the areas you describe ( although such discomfort in your arm would not be directly affected, an aggravated shoulder may cause issue with your arm). Trapped wind finds its way into cavities within the torso that can cause massive discomfort for extended periods of time. Gastric issues can be attributed to diet, and the digestives system to regulate gastric acids, amongst a host of other causes.

If nothing of the above applies!

I'd recommend you look into organising, or insisting, an ultrasound through your doctor, if that's possible. Also consider an MRI scan of your abdomen. In both cases the scans 'could' detect areas that would warrant further investigation. The caviat being; they may find nothing.

It is often the case that undiagnosed conditions that are pain based fall between the cracks of available treatment. Subsequently, many of us are left to suffer for many years. My solution to this is; to make a real noise about your condition, and I mean stuff like chasing secretaries for appointments, insisting that you are listened too and that the discomfort is a real issue that affects your 'every day quality of life'. And keep a pain diary to back yourself up!

I used to be a smoker. To replace it, I now vape. It's made a huge difference to life in general. You should try it.

Migraines can come about as a result of long term chronic pain conditions which can ultimately cause a neuropathic condition called, central sensitisation. Here the brain rewires itself because of constant pain alerts which constantly places the body in a threat mode, which produces more pain to try and get you away from what ever is causing you pain in the first place. In my case, that's a severe case of illioguinal neuropathy! So, hopefully your migraines aren't related. However, if they become persistent, always, record a migraine, ie; time started, duration, what you were doing, smelling, eating, before an attack. Information is key!

So, I have banged on for long enough now 😅! Much of what I have said may be completely irrelevant, hopefully some of it has helped.

South Africa eh!? Please send me some good weather mate 😎😉! Cheers. Chedds.

Hi Martin, seems you might need further work-up medically. My daughter has had side pain etc.—she is 35– but had some of what you describe prior to finding out her gallbladder wasn’t working properly. Our excellent gastro ordered tests and determined this. Susequently her gallbladder was removed—might look into this too.

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