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Pain in left and right side of chest


I’ve been suffering for about two years now with a pain in the left and right side of my chest. It hurts when I press just below the armpit on both sides but is worse on the left. I’ve seen 5 doctors but they haven’t been able to come up with a solution. It does come and go but seems to be worse at the moment. I haven’t done any sport or had any injury. Any ideas?

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Have they looked into costochondritis?

We sometimes think of the rib cage as a solid structure but not only are their joints between each rib and the breastbone and back, there are also many muscles between each rib. All these muscles and joints can get strained and sprained like any other muscle or joint in the body. So that is a possibility.

It could be as simple as your posture causing the problem, or it could be something else. Maybe you could try seeing a physiotherapist? They are often better at diagnosing a muscle or joint problem than a doctor.

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I thought that costochondritis was only pain in the centre but maybe it does affect the side too? I’m seeing an osteopath tomorrow to see what they come up with?


An osteopath is a really good idea. Mine has kept me going for many years. And picked up a problem that a physio missed. Good luck tomorrow!


I was going to suggest costochondritis, too. I have had pain in my back and numbness in my lower ribcage. Prescribed low dosage amitriptyline - worked great for me - 10mg daily. Anywhere you have cartilage you can have pain. So, I support having you look into that. Also, it comes and goes with no particular trigger being identified. Best of luck!



I’ve had pain in the center of my chest and the surrounding area and to the sides of my armpits for a very long time. I’m guessing it’s from my psoriatic arthritis. A lot of times inflammation in my back can cause the chest area to inflame as well. The chest area can a lot of times be too tender to massage, but I’ve found massaging the back & armpit area will get things to relax in the chest area as well. Just an idea. What did your osteopath say?


Osteopath gave me some stretches to do but didn’t really give me any indication to what the problem is? I had some x-rays done last year and they show that my thoracic vertebrae are a bit of a mess so I wonder if it’s a trapped nerve in there that’s causing this pain?


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