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Pain in both arms

Hi, I've been experiencing pain from my left elbow downwards for approx. 3 weeks. This seems to now be happening on my right side also. The last two days I have been experiencing the pain travelling up to my shoulder and also along to my neck. At certain times I am getting pins and needles in my fingers too. The pain seems to increase when i try the do different things (opening the toothpaste!). When I first wake my hands feel stiff and I am in agony with my lower arms. Any ideas please as this weekend has been the worst yet? Many thanks

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I experienced the same kind of symptoms and was referred for nerve tests. It transpired I had carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists. I have had both operated on and my symptoms have virtually disappeared. My GP referred me so maybe it's we worth you making GP appointment. Hope this helps x


Thanks for your reply! Glad to hear you are recovered. X


I have a trapped nerve in my right elbow and I get the same types of pain you get so it could be that, I also have carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand


How do they diagnose this? Thanks


I was referred by my gp to orthopaedics at my local hospital, if it is a nerve they will offer pain relief and maybe some Physio to untrap it. A lot of the time the nerve will untrap itself


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