Morning all. I have been experiencing such high levels of pain and it seems that the pain is spreading to other parts of my body. Elbows playing up now. Is it normal for the pain to be so high and intense? There are times when I start thinking that there has to be something more serious wrong. The specialist has told me that the " good news" was that there are no signs of cancer. That is brilliant and I am extremely thankful. I just can't help wondering how much pain am I supposed to go through?

I have spondolyarthritis and degenerative arthritis in the spine. Thanks for listening. Ann

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  • Is your GP aware of how much pain you are in? If you are taking pain relief and it is not enough then say so. We all handle pain differently. It is only a best guess when your GP prescribes. Some times they get it too strong and we lay around like zombies. Sometimes GP is reluctant to prescribe the level of analgesia needed so we need to go to the next stage. Is your Consultant aware of how much pain you are in? If he recommends a higher level of relief then your GP is obliged to prescribe it.

    Regards Rib

  • Hi, I have had a chat with my GP and he suggested I carry on as long as I can without going on to stronger medications. His reasoning was that if I start going on to them too soon he will have nothing available for when I really need them. I really have no idea how bad he is expecting this to get? I must just say, I have always told my GP that I would prefer to go without for as long as I can. I have tried a few, tramadol, gabapentin, and others. I can't come on the names at the moment. I had horrible side effects from them. I really think the time has come where I need to start trying something a bit stronger Besides the fact that it is taking over every aspect of my life, it is unfair on my partner to have to see me suffering so much. There is only so much I can keep hidden! Thanks for replying. I shall let you know what the outcome of my Doctors visit is next week. Ann xx

  • I understand your points Ann. I had very much the same issues but there is one left out. The longer you fight without help the more worn out your mind and body get at trying to cope.

    My wife watches my battle daily but ultimately it is my body that got injured and me that is suffering the pain.

    Best of luck. Regards Rib

  • I wonder whether we are doing the right thing holding out and fighting against pain rather than using medication to hit it early enough so it doesn't take hold and grow. My understanding (probably incorrect) is that once the pain gate is open through stimulating the nerves then the pathway grows. Any negative stimulus can widen the gate or keep it open including thoughts/depression/stress. It's really stressful experiencing pain. I know I have very little tolerance for anything other than coping with pain. Do you find you cry more or more often as pain level increases? Not sure the GP is your best port of call as pain management is specialised treatment. Can you get to see a pain consultant. Have a look if you have time as the video I posted about the chemistry of pain. You might choose to try a different approach. Hope you managed to get some sleep.

    Best wishes

  • The pain gate theory can be totally wrong. We respond to pain by muscle behaviour. The muscle behaviour can make the pain worse. This is something that is nothing to do with pain gates. The pain is increasing because inflamed area are have increased pressure applied to them by contracting muscles.

    Medical consultants never study muscle behaviour. Hence the reason medical consultants never look at how the patient is moving their muscles.

  • Thanks for this. Am looking into all aspects of this dreaded affliction! Will get there in the end. Take care. Ann

  • Hi John,

    The chap in the video made sense to me as he described people being locked into pain for 5/10/15 years ++. so that someone starts with a bad knee or back pain caused by a local problem (joint/inflammation/muscle even) which over time starts to affect the brain. His so-called brain pain. Stress, mood, fatigue all 'report' to the same place in the brain and affect each other. There is a cascade of negative stimulus which impairs seratonin or whatever chemicals and pain keeps on keeping on.... Pain is tiring. This affects sleep which creates fatigue which causes low mood which creates more pain and so the cycle continues. Perhaps he should call it drain pain! I know I'm drained after 15 years of never having a day off pain? All I'm saying is that I'm going to give the brain pain treatment a go and see how I get on. What have I got to lose... Best wishes.

  • Hi

    Thanks for the reply.

    I like the expression "drain pain". I am very well familiar with it.

    I am very interested to see how you get on with your new approach.

    All the best.

  • Thanks everyone for your advice. I did have a look at the video you posted and found it made a lot of sense. I do find myself in tears on most days recently. Not at all like me. I just seem to get overwhelmed by the intensity of the pain and then straight away think what on earth is the point of living a life like this. Then it is a battle fighting off depression and so the vicious circle continues. I agree that the pain is mine and only I can deal with it. It's finding the balance between going through it and being my normal self as opposed to the person I have become. Not sure if that makes sense!

    Well onwards and upwards, All will come together in the end. Have a good day all, Ann xx

  • Oh gawd.

    I just wrote a huge reply and pressed the wrong button.

    So sorry to hear you are having a tough time.

    In essence.

    Don't minimise pain when visiting GP.

    We all do.

    And make sure you tell him how low you feel.

    Our ability to view pain as manageable diminishes with depression.

    and here catch have just hurled a ever so pink fluffie fluffle for comforting purposes.

    Keep us posted, and take it easy.


  • Thanks Nedd, Thank goodness for this forum! You guys boost my spirits no end. I am admitting defeat and going to find a medication that at least eases the pain a little. Have caught your fluffie fuffle and am wallowing in it! I have just finished knitting a little Super Hero toy for a five year old child in the USA. He was in remission from brain cancer and has had a relapse. Makes you stop and count your blessings hey. Take care, Ann xx

  • Does make you pause to do a count of the blessings.

    Which may steady the wobble but not stop it.

    Do post a picture of the little super hero.

    Or is he winging his way Stateside.

    Pink fluffle has a tendency to bounce on beds. I find repeats of In The Night Garden has a calming effect. It works on the grandchildren too.


  • Have to learn how to post a picture! One good thing, it will distract me from the pain machine. Have a good evening.xx

  • Sometimes find that when my pain is very bad it spreads to bits of my body that aren't usually painful. I think it is possible to become hypersensitive and the brain gets confused and misinterprets every bit of stimulation as painful. Being depressed (join the club) certainly doesn't help with dealing with pain.

    But hopefully you will get some help from the GP and feel better soon.

  • Thanks for your encouragement. Ann xxx

  • Thanks for your encouragement. Ann xxx

  • Hi superannie..i s that strange or what I too have spondyartriths And 4 level DDD.and started with shouting pains in my elbows..? Been told someone wrong with my hips too..this was frist post I read ..strange? Xxme too in loads of bone pain.if knew what mean xx

  • That is strange. I am always concerned when the pain decides to shift to an new area! xx

  • Hi there, superannie, So sorry you are in increasing pain. I find that keeping my mind focused on something else makes my pain diminish. What you are suffering from sounds quite serious enough to complain about!

    I don't go near the doctor as yet. Am trying to cope with osteoarthritis by myself for as long as possible. This week, however it cropped up in the back part of my right hip for the first time and I found taking a step difficult. I take normal anti-inflamitory pills and painkillers as I've had it in my lower back, wrists fingers and particularly knees for quite some years. I use two sticks and hobble a very short way on the forest each day to let my four large dogs think they have been for a walk. I then play fetch with them to give them some exercise. Of course when I got the dogs as companions, the arthritis was not nearly so bad . I had no idea it would progress so fast. I do sleep a lot! I read all the posts here but don't respond very often as others seem to be so much worse than me and I feel helpless to advise them.

    I am just so thankful for what I can do at present and don't think too much about the future. Reading your post it sounds as if you need stronger painkillers. Is your consultant reassuring? It sounds as if he doesn't know how to help unless you get worse. I would go back and try to describe how much pain you are in now! I trust you will feel better soon.

  • Hi, yes I feel very much like you. I always think other people are a lot worse off than me. I am going to see the GP. It's either get something stronger or take to my bed ( chair) Not something I have any desire to do!

    We also had a very lively fox terrier, we got Max well before either of us ( hubby has his own medical issues) were in the state we are now. He was a handful to say the least. I finally had to get him a new home as I just could'nt take him for the walks he needed. Dogs are the greatest companions, we miss Max a lot but it was only fair to settle him with a very active, loving family.

    Thanks for the chat, will let you know how it goes at the Docs, stay well. Ann

  • Hi there superannie, I am glad you are sounding more assertive with regard to getting help with your pain. Doctors are so rushed these days that sometimes they may be inclined to rush the listening part and to palm you off without suitable treatment.

    I have thought of rehoming my dogs but three of them are getting on in age now and so slowing down somewhat themselves. Also they are so used to my ways and attached to me that they might get depressed if put somewhere strange. The fourth dog was a rescue, anyway and very nervous of everyone except me so would actually find it terrifying to move home. These factors help me to feel less selfish in keeping the status quo. Obviously I will eventually lose them through old age if not before, but at present we suit each other and as I have no one else in my life they are an essential part of maintaining my health and give me a purpose. As you say dogs are wonderful companions and each have their own personality and lovable ways. Good luck with the doc! Be strong! I look forward to hearing from you. K

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