Burning sensation

Hi all,

My feet feel like blocks of ice yet on fire at the same time if that makes sense. The burning sensation is up to my hips. I have pain in every single joint.

I am on 900mg Gabapentin10mg of Amitriptyline and 30mg of Cymbalta. I am cracking up with this pain. I just seem to be getting worse all the time.

Does anyone have any ideas or that suffers with this give me any advice please?

Thank you.

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  • how long have you been on those cymbalta? have you read the side effects of this medicine and the withrdrawels.

  • Cymbalta 30 boutique 6 weeks. Was on 60 for 1 week of hell so came back down to 30 bit by bit.

  • I have and sure if you read all of the meds side effects etc you would never take any of them.

  • i only mentioned this because i was on a similar medication and i had burning feet legs and more i could not understant what was causing it. i felt very ill and i answered this in a hurry this morning. trying to be helpful and i dont take medication like this now as i know what the side effects are. so i just suffer the depression. thats my choice.

  • sensible move,I did the same couple of years ago

    so i just suffer 7/24 thats my choice. I did however acquire

    Zimovane 7.5mg (sleeping tablets) from my doctor so that I could get some sleep,

    1/2 tablet was plenty, Whole tablet tends to make you very lethargic

    for the rest of the day

  • The ice/burning feelings go with my peripheral neuropathy. And throw in stabbing needles, weakness, numbness, etc.

  • Yep have all of that all the time. The burning sensation is new this time round.

  • Exactly what I have peripheral neuropathy same symptoms Lorne Doone

  • I have just starting getting those stabbing needles when I turn in bed,not nice at all

    PN sufferer for the last 12 years, awaiting another nerve block or electrical stimulation also just finished chemotherapy which tends, so i've been told, to aggravate peripheral neuropathy ,another winter of discontent and extra high fuel bills because of this debilitating disease

  • Oh no you poor thing. That must be so hard for you. Yes winter is the worst for pain. Heating on timer every couple of hours.

  • Could that be what the old people used to call chilblains or hot aches ? Maybe the elder members of the site have ideas . I remember my mother with them in the 50's and 60s . Hope you get it sorted soon .

  • Hi.

    Have you had spine surgery at all. I did and suffered from burning feet for 1.5 years. I still have it but it's far less thank God. It got better after stopping lyrica. But I'm on cymbalta now and pain meds which help.

  • I had spine surgery 6 years ago which effected my right leg but these left leg symptoms are new. All since I started cymbalta. Could be a coincidence?! Who knows 😊

  • I was in hospital last week getting injections for SI Joint pain and nerve blocker which is very good. Two people were sitting attached to a machine for neuropathy pain, one had MS, the other had operation that left her with so much nerve pain They go every 6 weeks and are on the machine for 90mins. It works, they swear by it. Ask you Doc. about it. Better than drugs, they all have side effects.


  • Do you know what the machine is? This sounds amazing.

  • don't know exactly but I was in Dr Sabu James clinic at

    Wishaw general hospital. Lanarkshire, anaesthetic , chronic

    pain . Try phoning 01698 366133. or website knowledge.scot.nhs.uk/pain....

  • After an operation in 2004 i've had cold feet and numbness sensation from the knee down to toes in my left leg, have tried everthing prescribed even nerve blocks knee replacement to no avail,loved playing golf loved walking loved photography ,CAN'T DO A THING NOW, feet like blocks of ice and my balance is very wobbly they can tell me WHAT ISN'T THE CAUSE but will not to commit to what is the cause? which makes it non repairable, so to honest I came of the medication and just live with the pain rather than live in a Stupor as well as constant pain.

  • That is just the pits. You would think in this day and age that we could all live a relatively pain free life. I know most of us are just existing at this stage. I have pain 24/7 head to toe. Every nerve,muscle and joint is sore.

    If only our docs could step inside our body for 10 mins. They would be crying to get out!

  • Don't think I've been a bad human being,but it certainly looks and feels like I'm going through the cleansing scenario of

    PURGATORY, AND THEN ADVANCING INTO PERDITION LET'S hope the promised afterlife have a Good pharmacist with a cure for pain

    No religious connotation intended

  • Amen to that...

    Again, no religious connotation intended!!

  • Hi macey,Increase you gabapentin and Amitriptyline until you get a happy medium,i have severe spinal damage and these pains you describe can be managed. Amitriptyline was at one time an anti depressent ,dosage wise it has quite a range as they used to treat allsorts with it from the nutters to those nervous flyers back in the day lol .. I started on 10mg of amil and i was on 1200mg of gabapentin .. seem to help a little in the daytime as your metabolisms different but night times phew forget it,even having bed covers on my skin at night used to be painfull top that with the numb fingers and toes,not a chance of a decent sleep,booked a doctors appointment with my gp as had enough, i have been with him that long we are like brothers, he is well aware of my problems so we sat down and decided to play it by ear sort of thing,we increased my gabapentin to 900mg 4 times a day and i stepped up my Amitriptyline over a period from night times only doses from 50mg to 150mg depending on pain levels as you no your own body,Not looked back on any evening now sleep like a log with no pains waking me up and the only side effect for me was a drier mouth as i had increased my Amitriptyline, .. read up on these drugs they give you and the amounts to be taken it certainly opened my eyes ,,

    Take Care Of You .... Lou

  • Thank you hon. I increased the amitriptyline and that has helped somewhat. I am due to be taken into hospital this month. So sick of being messed around. Ex limes, mild MS and fibromyalgia. The doctors don't have a clue. If only we could transfer our pain for 5 mins...then they would help properly! Glad you found meds that help. The amitriptyline is amazing for sleep. I only ever got 4 hours and that was broken sleep. Hoping this year is the year I finally get a happy medium and can return to work part time. Getting no help financially and I always worked full time but 4 years now of being off and then part time and long time off now. I realised it doesn't benefit to have ever worked in this country.

  • i no same here love cost me a 13yr marriage as well all this pain and tablets mullarkey,about oh yeah you,ll be fine some paracetamol and a good rest you,l be back on the go ...lol this is my 4th year of this shite .. RANT OVER

  • Hi. I'm new to this Forum and apologise if I repeat what may (no pun intended) have already been said by way of reply. I appreciate you posted your problem several months ago and that your condition may by now have been diagnosed. But if they have not then my comments below may be of assistance to you. Any abbreviations can be googled for full medical terminology.

    I suffer from multiple medical problems, one of which is numbness below the knee down to my feet. I also experience the burning sensation. I describe it as the "Joan of Arc" sensation. I wake up screaming during the night regularly, feeling that I'm being burnt at the stake. I have restricted muscle strength in both arms, numbness in my fingers too These were the main symptoms I suffered from. I always blamed pressure from my degenerating lumbar discs compressing the nerve canal which runs down the spine. But I was wrong.

    My neurologist ran electrical tests and diagnosed C.I.D.P. for which I now receive 12 weekly IVIG treatment. The treatment works. It's very expensive and patients have to have the treatment individually approved by an NHS Quango. The treatment also has potential horrendous side effects. Not always but about 1 in 2 occasions. However the benefits outweigh these short term side effects.

    It seems to me that you suffer from a similar problem. If your quality of life is currently impaired by your symptoms then ask your GP to refer you to a Neurologist. Good luck.

  • Wow! Thank you for that. You sound like you are going through hell. So sorry to hear that. I am still waiting to be admitted to hospital 6 months on. The burning has faded but the weakness, pain and pins and needles are a constant. The burning can flare up at any time and last updated to 2 months. I have seen 2 Neurologists and that is why they want me to be admitted to hospital but 6 months ago...seriously?!

  • Hi. The NHS is a strange animal. My experience with Consultants and the local hospitals where I've been treated has been great. But at the PCT or GPs: absolutely useless. Ours is so budget driven it's unreal. But you are clearly having a problem with the hospital and there is little I suspect that you can do. A diagnosis helps, well it did with me. Psychologically. However I was warned that it was incurable. They could relieve the symptoms though. And they have. An understanding family makes all the difference too. . But with nerve conditions, such as the one I have, painkillers do not work. I suspect you'll be the same. So it's usually steroids or infusions if you're lucky. I understand what you're going through and can only reassure you that you eventually come to accept and live with the strange severe pain and sensations. I hope you hear from the hospital soon. It's a real lottery because speed of treatment varies from area to area. My fingers are crossed for you.

  • I am in Ireland and have spent thousands and each consultant comes back with various diagnosis. Will never again take steroids as I took them orally and my body shut down and then admitted to hospital for iv steroids and sugar levels went through the roof. Ya can't win...

  • Hi Maceymae. I sympathise totally.

    My Neurologist said that my condition could either be treated by steroids or IVIG. And with no hesitation he decided on IVIG. Lately I've heard of numerous bad experiences with steroids. So in respect of CIDP I'm in good hands I feel. Even one of the Doctors in my GP Surgery warned me off taking them. As she did so she signed a prescription for an inhaler for me. And an inhaler is of course a steroid! I thought the irony highly amusing.

    Not till I read postings on Healthunlocked did I realise that there are so many of us who live each day in constant pain. Even after taking every analgesic that forms our Repeat Prescription list. And somehow it helps psychologically to know that there are people out there we can reach out to who understand the true meaning of the word pain (h**l). I'm from Chelmsford, England by the way but a Scot by birth. I wish you a better day today than yesterday. And Easter Greetings.

  • Happy Easter to you and thank you for all your information. This website is a godsend. Look after yourself.

  • Agreed. And the same sentiments to you.

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