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Crushed feet sensation

hi folks, looking for advise on a situation that is becoming more frequent. I have a long history of lower back pain and had the L4/L5 procedure done in 2011, which was a failure. Back in late 2015 I had a car accident and did damage to the S1 disk as well now, spoke to orthopedics and they wont do any further operations after nerve blocker injections could not pinpoint the correct area the pain was coming from. And have been given butrans patches 20mg and venafaxaline 75mg

I have problems walking any distance, also standing and sitting for periods of time are very challenging, my issue is that when I get up from bed or out of a chair both my feet have a painful crushing sensation coming from the top of my foot coming from between the ankle to the start of my toes, does anyone have any Esperance or advice about this.


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I also have problems with L4, 5, S1, with my tailbone completely broken off but still in there. Had lumbar decompression, laminectomy for stenosis, etc. I also have numbness and pain in my feet, toes and ankle on right with pain etc in left. I was told the discs and vertebrae involved and the damage done to same is where foot, ankle and toes pain comes from. Same would go for you.


This is not something I have experienced myself but know that problems with the lower back have a knock on effect right down the hips and legs.

I would suggest a physio or chiropractor mostly to advise you on steps you can take to minimise these referred pain effects.



I experience the same as you. I also sometimes experience a sliding sensation under my left foot too, but have been unable to describe it accurately to my GP. When I tried to explain what was happening, I was told, "it's to be expected" !

I hope you get an answer soon . . . . . .


I can also relate to what your going through I have lower back pain that radiates to my hips and legs . I get a pain in my right calf like a vice and my foot feels like I've twisted it.I've been diagnosed with neuropathy and my GP tells me to accept it ?.Hope you get some answers soon.



I have CRPS which affects the nerves in my feet. I have orthotics from my podiatrist which have helped with my posture and taken the strain off my lower back and hips (I have other related issues). May be something to consider.


Hi Andrew I had an accident last year and broke my sacrum and damaged several nerves. My bones S1 and L5 won't heal. The soles of my feet tingle all the time, I can't walk far, can't carry anything heavier than a kilo. My left lower butt feels like it has a knife stuck in it and my upper thighs often hurt. My vagina feels like i have a bowling ball inside it. My neurosurgeon said I can have surgery if I want, but I can only get 50 percent better, the pain may not go because most of it is nerve pain. I chose not to have the surgery. I can't sit in the same position for long and have to keep changing chairs. This sounds like a lot of the symptoms you have.


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